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Nava Thakuria is a Guwahati (Northeast India) based journalist, who contributes to NewsBlaze and various media outlets throughout the world.

final phase Lok Sabha polling. Photo: Nava Thakuria.

NE India Final Phase Lok Sabha Polling Sees 81.61% Voter Turnout

Voter turnout in Assam and the Northeast surpassed 80% in the final phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, defying national trends and demonstrating strong democratic engagement.
female one horned rhinoceros killed 2021. photo: kaziranga national park forestry service.

Assam Efforts to Protect One-Horned Rhinoceros Show Positive Results: Poaching Incidents...

Assam has strict laws against poaching and the state has strengthened efforts to protect the one-horned rhinoceros. In the past few years, Assam's forest reserves have witnessed a marked reduction in poaching incidents. Unlike many other places in the world, the people of Assam have united to save the majestic animals, this has played a vital role in this success. Kaziranga National Park & Tiger Reserve has not seen a poaching incident since December 2021, and authorities are determined to keep it that way.
Man paying respects to dead elephants. Photo c/o Nava Thakuria

Foul Play Suspected in Assam Elephant Deaths

Elephant Deaths and a Solar Project Assam's Forest Department is in the hot-seat over what locals say are suspicious elephant deaths, as 18 wild Asiatic...
walking in dehing patkai forest. Photo by Nava Thakuria.

Public Uproar for Amazon of the East

A public uprising in social media has arisen throughout northeast India over safeguarding a sanctuary from rampant opencut mining for coal. Campaigners argued that...

No Revolutionary Change Expected In Myanmar Polls

The ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party is projected to hold power at NayPieTaw again, and President Thein Sein is expected to be elected for a second term.

Bloggers Facing Danger in Bangladesh

A young blogger, a member of Ganajagaran Mancha - a social organization, was hacked to death by machete-wielding killers in front of his wife Asha Moni.
Jagendra Singh

India: Where Goons Target The Media: Two Killed

After several months of peace, assaults on media persons were reported in various parts of India in June 2015. Two journalists were killed and one escaped death.
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Northeast India Deserves a Paid News Channel

Is it time to have few more credible, paid news channels in various regional languages, that can survive with contributions from subscribers across the populous country?

India: Journalists Demand Laws to Protect Media Personnel on Duty

According to the FIR, the lady scribe lodged in Latashil PS, she was targeted by both OC Bora and SI Ahmed (who was present there) and even touched her private parts. The police men snatched the camera, where the footage relating to news story was r

Low-Carbon Development Vital to Counter Effects of Climate Change

As the seminar Cleaner Green: Understanding Low Carbon Development in India - was over on 16 September, I returned to my home city Guwahati to a massive flood in Assam and neighboring Meghalaya days after.
hakha post

Journalists’ Forum Assam Decries Burma Authorities’ Ban on Newspaper

The Chin State government in Burma has temporarily forbidden publication of the Chin (Lai) language newspaper the Hakha Post, Nava Thakuria reports.
Assam floods

Early Flood Warning System Necessary to Prevent Casualties in Asia-Pac Region

Arunachal faced a severe flood in August losing 56 people to the disaster, Meghalaya witnessed unprecedented rainfall and floods in the Garo hills that killed 55.
news live mockup

Media Group Launches Massive Protest After Scribe’s Arrest In Assam

Assam police claimed Brahma, who was arrested on September 2 evening, was providing information about the movement of security personnel engaged in counter-insurgency operations

JFA Condemns Scribe’s Beheading in Syria

The Journalists' Forum Assam expressed shock at the murder of James W. Foley, an American photo-journalist who was abducted in November 2012 in Syria.
sai reddy

Death Leads To Condemnation of Maoist Brutality To Journalists

The voice of protests against the brutal killing of a dedicated journalist from Chhattisgarh in central India, by the Maoist Communists, is slowly increasing.

Rising Doubts Over Peace Process in Burma

The guns of the Burma Army are far from silent, and the ethnic people, particularly in Kachin and northern Shan States, are suffering more under Thein Sein than the previous Than Shwe military regime

No Let Up In Rights Violations In Burma: Campaign UK

The British government gives Thein Sein red carpet treatment in the UK, but after two years of his reforms, Burma still has one of the world's worst human rights records.

Tibetans Show Strength for a Free Tibet

Hundreds of Tibetans living in northeast India assembled in Guwahati on the international human rights day to raise their voices against the rampant violation of rights in Tibet by Chinese authority.

India’s Press Club Becoming a Place of Recreation for Journalists

So ethically speaking a journalist trade union body should not pursue for recreational activities and it must not own a liquor license (meant for a bar in its office).

Remembering The Great Artisan Gopinath Talukdar

Remembering a thinker & artisan Gopinath Talukdar Nava Thakuria He was an appreciator of folk art, classical music & theatre and also a thinker.