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Miv Evans is a British writer who relocated to Los Angeles in 2005. She has written 300+ film reviews and her debut novel was published in 2014.

Björn Andrésen dans Mort à Venise

The Most Beautiful Boy in the World – a Scandinavian Tragedy

This is the story of an impoverished Swedish boy and an Italian of noble birth. They become indelibly linked when the Italian catapults the...
Tale of the Unexpected

WORKING MAN – Tale of the Unexpected

Working Man at first seems to be yet another David and Goliath fable. Corporate America closes the last factory in a Midwest town and...

COUP 53 – an Iranian Secret Revealed

This documentary has everything. An oil-rich kingdom. International espionage. A downtrodden, Middle Eastern populace. Riches stolen by a historical master. A treasonous monarch and...
the girl who wore freedom

THE GIRL WHO WORE FREEDOM – a Franco-American Romance

This is a documentary about a group of French citizens who, decades earlier, were freed from German occupation by US soldiers. On every anniversary...
troopship feature

TROOPSHIP TRAGEDY – an Ancient South African Tale

This is a startling documentary which catalogues the events surrounding South Africa's worst ever maritime disaster. It's a story about hope and loyalty. It...
Wade In the Water poster

WADE IN THE WATER – When Anti-Heroes Collide

This is a tale that's crammed with fatalistic charm. It's about victimhood and human connection but, most of all, it's about doing the right...
denis goldberg

SENTENCED WITH MANDELA – a White Anti-Apartheid Story

When the South African activist Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison in 1983, there were six others with him. Only one of...
The Unlit

THE UNLIT – a Smart Aussie Horror

If you like your 'Going- Into-the-Woods' tales with a touch of blood, this film is for you. It's The Wicker Man meets Blood...
bohemian rhapsody the story of queen

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY – The Story of Queen

This is a dramatization of Freddy Mercury's life. His journey is propelled by the rock and roll staples of gargantuan talent, a modicum of...
Mister America

Mister America – En Route to the White House

Mister America is a mockumentary that satirizes an aspiring politician. A very rich vein to tap. Unfortunately, however, the politician is hopelessly inadequate, and...
always in season

Always In Season

Documentaries generally inform, shine a light or launch a crusade. Always in Season does the first two with aplomb so hopefully a march for...
Where's My Roy Cohn

Where’s My Roy Cohn? – Ask Trump

Where's My Roy Cohn is a documentary about a genius lawyer and power broker who reached giddy heights before overplaying his hand and crashing...
girls of the sun

Girls of the Sun

This is a dramatization of a true story about a group of women who are captured by ISIS. They eventually escape and take up...
quincy jones

QUINCY – the Jones Kid

This is a documentary about Quincy Jones, the iconic American musician, composer and producer. His career spans decades. Emmys are still dropping in his...
a private war trailer


This biopic follows the path of veteran war correspondent Marie Colvin. It swoops from one front line to the next, fighting its way past...

THE BLEEDING EDGE – Shocking Netflix Documentary

This is a compelling insight into the world of medical devices. It's scary stuff but, as the narrative peels back the facts, fear is...
ANON - Withholding the Future.

ANON – Withholding the Future

The citizens in 'Anon' have been implanted with a chip that records all their actions. Every byte of this intel is on a display...
Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace – An All Around Wilderness

This is a story about a father and daughter who have rejected society and everything else the world has to offer. It's an intriguing...
abacus poster.

ABACUS: Small Enough To Jail (Documentary)

All the banks involved in the 2008 financial crisis were given fines and a slap on the wrist - except for one. The family...
the escape poster.

THE ESCAPE – With a Soft Landing

This is a story about a woman who can't enjoy anyone or anything. But instead of pulling on her heroine boots and fighting for...