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A former Chemical Engineer, Kevin Roeten enjoys riding the third rail of journalism: politics and religion. He is a Guest Columnist for the Asheville Citizen-Times, and the Independent (Ohio), writes for numerous blogs, is an amateur astronomer, and delves into scientific topics.

Lava Photographer On Fire

Pro-Life Senators May Rule Next US Senate

North Carolina Democrat, Kay Hagan beginning to wave mercilously in the breeze, after six years of pro-abortion voting.

Is Obama Aligning Himself with Muslim Theology?

Kevin Roeten says Obama looks like he converted to the 'Dark Side' a while ago, actively working to change the form of government towards socialism.

Are US and Russia Fighting Over Wrangel Island?

The claim on any land should reside on who found it first.
USS Pargo North Pole

Sea Ice Not Measurement Of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’

One cannot measure Anthropogenic Global Warming by ice in the Arctic Ocean, because measurements have only been made in the last 30 years.
Brazuca Ball

Brazuca Ball Changes Tactics At World Cup

Little nubs all over Brazuca soccer ball changes everything, Kevin Roeten says - it is a high-tech innovation for an old sport.

Evidence Says Dark Energy Exists in Galaxy

Dark matter can't be seen, says Kevin Roeten, but the evidence says it is there, according to researchers using data from the orbiting Fermi Telescope.

Iron Dome May Be Terrorist Insurmountable

Can terrorists take the statement of loss of rockets to Iron Dome?

Fracking Better Than Sliced Bread

Fracking makes America totally energy independent, but serious chemophobes warn against the supposed hidden dangers, pushing other people's chemophobia past the limit.

Asheville Seems To Love Chemophobes

Irrationality is now the name of the game. Chemophobia is the irrational fear of chemicals. The word itself creates more irrational fear.
Door To Hell

Satan Jumps On Any Advantage

Has Satan started to claim conservative pundits, including Joseph Farah, of World Net Daily, and conservative radio talk show host, Michael Savage?
Dark matter filaments detected for the first time

Dark Matter Really Exists

Dark matter plays off of dark energy. Did you know our universe is made up of 27 percent of 'Dark Matter?'

Illegals Play Around With Voter ID

Obama prefers to take in illegals to gain a Democrat re-election.
Seasonal changes in UV index

Is The ‘Ozone Depletion Theory’ Just a Scientific Heresy?

The books were cooked without any real science. German scientists told the press the models behind the ozone depletion scare were completely wrong.
national popular vote

Democrats Attempting to ‘Fix Presidential Elections’

Kevin Roeten reports that even the 2012 election was heavily tainted with voter fraud. America no longer looks like the Shining City on the Hill
Cosmic Rays Hitting Earth

CO2 Has Nothing to Do With Global Warming

Earth's recycled carbon amount so big it has to be measured in gigatons/year.
abortion rate since 1973

Abortion Clinic In Asheville One Of Many To Fall

Kevin Roeten reports that Femcare in downtown Asheville, North Carolina, the last remaining abortion clinic there, bites the dust.
Galactic Quadrant Star Trek.

Star Trek Puts Face On Space-Time Continuum

Kevin Roeten writes about spacetime and life, in which the galaxy housed seven completely different races per Star Trek lore.
Arizona Barringer Crater

Rogue Asteroid Coming To Town

Every close flyby alters an asteroid's orbit for a closer flyby or collision.

A ‘Save the Stork’ Van Does Wonders

Stork Buses may be coming to a town near you, a fleet of mobile crisis pregnancy centers to give women an alternative when considering abortion.
Site of the Tunguska explosion in Siberia

Obama’s Giveaways Insure Democrat Control

Obama looks to concrete liberal policies with a Democrat re-election.