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A former Chemical Engineer, Kevin Roeten enjoys riding the third rail of journalism: politics and religion. He is a Guest Columnist for the Asheville Citizen-Times, and the Independent (Ohio), writes for numerous blogs, is an amateur astronomer, and delves into scientific topics.

pointing to planet x.

Solar System Has Possible Ten Planets Now

Several months ago, Konstanin Batygin assistant professor of planetary science, and Mike Brown, Professor of Planetary Astronomy, announced they found evidence of a giant...
border fence - border wall.

The Border Wall Will Be Erected, Thanks To Donald Trump

On Wednesday this week, the House Homeland Security Committee finally approved a border security bill. This bill allocates $15 billion in funding. $10 billion...
Milky Way NASA

Dark Matter Invisibility

Dark matter has not been explained by modern physics - yet. Researchers know dark matter exists because it bends light from distant galaxies and...
sanctuary cities map.

Trump Releases Sanctuary City List: Liberals Release Criminal Aliens

Liberals Release The Criminals The federal government has revealed liberals in Boulder County, Colorado, released three illegal aliens with assault convictions. That includes one burglar...
oroville dam spillway failure.

Oroville Dam Comes Close To Folding

Scientists Are Asking if Rapidly Filling the Reservoir Can Produce a Damaging Earthquake Despite years of warnings, nothing was ever done ... Californians dodged a...
unnamed planet

Can A Rogue Planet Really Exist In The Solar System?

A rogue planet is on a course that places it within earth's vicinity. Planet Nine has been on the 'horizon' for several years. Astrophysicists...

A Wormhole In Your Backyard

Diagram of A Wormhole The diagram sketched below is a highly simplified version of what scientists call a "wormhole." A wormhole is a passage through...
Sheriff David Clarke Blames Obama For Racial Division.

Sheriff David Clarke Blames Obama For Nation’s Racial Division

Michael Haverluck, OneNewsNow, says Sheriff Clarke believes Black Lives Matter is all politics. And yes, he's Black through, and through. Clark unceremoniously slammed Obama...
hillary clinton being helped up a short staircase. Lucky Hillary Clinton lost the presidency

Shocking Results If Hillary Elected

Bringing Up Benghazi Report This presidential election is by far the most important in our lifetimes. It features Hillary - one of the worst candidates...
Large Hadron Collider.

Large Hadron Collider Watches Multiple Dimensions

Big Bang Machine A story at WND reported "Before being put into operation, the Large Hadron Collider was nicknamed the 'Big Bang Machine' because of...
The Benghazi Report by Roger Stone.

Voting For Hillary Is Already Dead Meat

Remembering all the lies you've told over the course of two years must be difficult. Even if you're successful in perpetrating lies and deceit,...
frilled shark

Silent Predator Of Muslims Waiting

Another Crusade Erupting? Crusades again. But Muslims are taking a completely different tact of battle. They are taking over lands by simple emigration and usurpation....
Galactic Quadrant Star Trek.

New Data: Dark Matter And Dark Energy

New data from the Hubble space telescope shows that Dark Matter And Dark Energy and responsible for the expanding universe. Where's The Dark Matter? So many...
grunge flag of confederacy by evmir1

Civil War Reasons Different Than Once Thought

Repubs And Dems Worlds Apart In retrospect, Republicans were the anti-slavery party, believing in a colorblind society, while Democrats supported slavery and turned water hoses...
Goliat oil platform in a fjord, Norway.

Scientific Abiotic Oil The Buzzword

No Dinosaurs In Abiotic Oil Abiotic Oil is ridiculed as a 'conspiracy theory' by the major scientific community. Abiotic is lifeless, nonliving matter. They believed...
rick monday snatches the US flag from protesters at dodger stadium.

Rick Monday Makes A Huge Statement At Dodger Stadium

Rick Monday put the pedal to the metal at Dodger Stadium. He ran right by the flag desecraters, swiping the flag as he passed...
planet nine orbit.

A Ninth Planet Exists!

Past Kuiper Belt We know something big lurks out in the far ends of this solar system. It appears to be a new ninth planet....

Scientists Say CO2 Not Responsible for Global Warming

The closed-system that is earth, prevents any external factors from increasing global warming.
Ceres Southern Pyramid Mountain

New NASA Video Unravels Mysterious Spots in Ceres

Ceres, the largest planet/asteroid in the Asteroid Belt, shows some major surprises, Kevin Roeten says, after reviewing NASA data.
officer drags girl out of her seat

Video of Violent Take-down of Student By Police Goes viral

A student refused to move out from her desk, and that caused the policeman to act. The viral video may not have shown the whole scene.