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Denise Kaminsky is established in Media/News freelancing in stage productions for Brooks & Dunn, Willie Nelson, Clint Black, Roger Waters, Sting, Alice Cooper and musicals Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats and Les Miserables.


NYC Horrorfestival Director Talks About ‘Red Hook’

Michael fell in love with horror films at 11 years old when he saw a double feature of George Romero's 'Creepshow' and 'Dawn of the Dead' in the summer of 1982.

Premiere of Grazia (The Movie) An Independent Feature Film

Grazia is the first love story to be set and filmed in this wonderful, quaint, and romantic city of the state of Florida.

Master William Mayhem – Pirate Magician

Pirate magazine this past summer put the call out to pirate groups around the country to nominate their captains, which would then be voted on for a final selection of the Devil's Dozen, Pirate Lords of the United States.

Interview With Sara Karloff, Daughter of Hollywood Legend Boris Karloff

The sole purpose of Karloff Enterprises is to protect and perpetuate the legacy both, personal and professional, that my father left to my 2 sons and myself, and more importantly, left to his fans. Karloff Enterprises through the licensing proc

Florida Ghost Chasers Presents FGC Paragon 2009

I am speaking with the Florida Ghost Chaser's about their upcoming event, FGC Paragon which will be held on September 26th at the COMMUNITY CENTER 60 ORANGE ST, ST. AUGUSTINE, FL 32084.

Brooks and Dunn’s Background Vocalist ‘Julie Downs’

I grew up performing in church. It's crazy how much you learn from your choir teacher and don't even realize.

Gunnar Hansen on ‘Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre’

It wasn't Gunnar's plan to become an actor or to even become involved with films, but during the summer of 1973 some filmmakers in Austin asked him to try out for a role as a killer in a horror film they were producing.

Denise Kaminsky Interviews ‘Rocket Boy’ Homer Hickam

I loved growing up in Coalwood, West Virginia. For one thing, it would ultimately provide me a rich heritage and some very interesting people to write about. I go back once a year to support the annual October Sky Festival.

Las Vegas: ‘The Mac King Comedy Magic Show’

Today I am talking with Comedian/Magician Mac King who has performed on several television specials and has his own show at Harrah's Las Vegas called 'The Mac King Comedy Magic Show.'

Actress Kimberly Amato the ‘Party Girl’

I play Jenna Bradley. She's first generation off the boat from Germany who really has everyone's best interests at heart, but is a total ditz.
michael goudeau

Las Vegas Comedian and Juggler Michael Goudeau Entertains

I`m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. That`s French for 'red stick.' When I was a kid in elementary school we made dioramas of Indians and French trappers standing next to a red stick.
Charlie Crowe

Musician/Songwriter Charlie Crowe

My information and music is pretty much available for free on the web. I`m currently polishing a guitar show that I hope to debut late fall or at least by early 2009.

Up Close and Personal with Rocco ‘Boss Hog’ Loosbrock

Everybody that tried it absolutely freaked (Thus the name: Bacon Freak was born) and they all insisted that I go back as soon as possible and get a bunch more.
Bob Calvert, COL Michael R. Aberle and Jim Martin.

‘Talking With Heroes’ Bob Calvert, Talks With Us

Hello Denise. First thank you for talking with me and giving us an opportunity to share about what we have been doing with the 'Talking With Heroes' Talk Show Program.

Interview With Filmmaker Zachary Denman

My name is Zachary Denman, I am 28 years old and live in London City. I was brought up in Kent, then moved to London at the age of 16 to pursue my art career.
Carson Grant looking out from the Staten Island Ferry. Photo Denise Kaminsky.

Audition ABC’s with Carson Grant

On a winter Sunday afternoon boarding the Staten Island Ferry, the weather was unseasonable warm with the effects of El Nino on the northeastern waters of the Hudson Bay.
Emad Beshay

Denise Kaminsky interviews director Emad Beshay

I recently attended the International Independent Film Festival in NYC and I had the opportunity to meet Emad Beshay who was one of the many filmmaker,s there.