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Clark Isaacs is an accomplished book critic who is published in local newspapers and national book review lists.


SEALS: The US Navy’s Elite Fighting Force Book Review

World War II had Underwater Demolition Technicians (UDT) and these brave men were replaced by inclusion of new duties performed as U S Navy SEALS,
The Zookeeper

The Zookeepers Wife Book Review

Jan and Antonia managed the well-known zoo, which had a reputation of being one of the greatest zoos in Europe. The zoo was bombed during the invasion by the Germans and that created massive destruction.
More Money Please by Scott Gamm April 8 2013

More Money, Please Book Review

This book is an excellent gift for the graduate of college or high school.

‘Dreamlander’ Book Review

She has many followers who listen to her podcasts, take her courses on writing, and faithfully read her blog, 'Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors.'

New Book Gives a Quick Fix to Shed Pounds This Spring!

#1 Diet Plan endorsement by US News & World Report. Lower Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and lose weight.
Picking Cotton by Jennifer Thompson Canningo

Picking Cotton Book Review

The story is very compelling as the victim, Jennifer Thomson-Cannino remained positive in her identification of the rapist. She always felt he was the man and all during this time tried to keep in her memory his features, his actions, because someda

Leading The Learning Revolution Book Review

A dynamic entry into the online business of education using social sites and other hidden tricks to start a profitable business from home.

Give Me Tomorrow by Patrick K. O’Donnell

Give Me Tomorrow. Veteran's Day is November 11th and we remember those who served. A memorial is dedicated to the memory of 150 men of George Company who died in Korea.
The Laws of Charisma by Mortensen

The Laws of Charisma by Kurt W. Mortensen

When thinking of charismatic speakers we recognize they must inspire, captivate, and deliver a message which enthralls their audiences.

Homework Made Simple

The tips, tools, and solutions for Stress-Free Homework. All of the items your child, grandchild, or others who have to do homework from 6 to 18 can every use to make a very comfortable evening out of a stressful situation every night!

Captain Cooked by S. P. Grogan

A romantically seductive tasty novel which incorporates Hawaiian food with a murder mystery. A $5000 reward awaits the reader who finds a shark toothed club on Big Island (This is for real). A foodie reviewer aids in the solving of a murder which

Manifest West by Kenneth D. Jackson

Life in the modern West as seen through the eyes of a devoted doctor who treats those living on the Fort Apache Reservation. Kenneth Jackson brings his medical background to weave a tale of mystery and suspenseful characters who will enchant you.
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Clark’s Eye on Books: The Bourne Objective

Jason Bourne was originally created by Robert Ludlum who died in 2001. Carrying on in the spy-tingling tradition of fast-paced action has been Eric Van Lustbader who has written so many books it is impossible to list them all and have space left ove

Clark’s Eye on Books: First of State

Robert Greer famed author has returned with his C J Floyd mystery series in what has been termed a prequel. He ties together the characters in a chronological order and re-introduces them to his reading audience who can no find why and how things w

Victory Over Your BIG FAT Body

A diet book with humor which can save your life! The author tells his story about conquering his various illnesses by changing his intake of food and doing that dreaded thing called 'exercise'. He considers that after five years on this program

The World According to Monsanto By Marie-Monique Robin Review

Agent Orange was codenamed by the military and resulted in the death or disability of over 400,000 people and was recognized as being instrumental in the on-going problems of our servicemen who served in Vietnam. It was manufactured by Monsanto!

The Exodus Quest by Will Adams

Will Adams has the knack of starting a book and sweeping you into the story as quickly as possible. His main character, Daniel Knox is terrific. Blending historical events with modern day events keep the story fresh and entertaining.

Missions of Fire and Mercy Until Death Do Us Part, Author:...

Recollections of the Vietnam war by a true hero who kept a running dialogue as he fought the war by writing home to his father on an almost daily basis. He came back and took this letters to use as a basis of his book. He has 3 Purple Hearts and 3

Book Review: Drake’s Bay by T. A. Roberts

A modern tale of swashbuckling proportions with an 'Indiana Jones' type character who will surprise with a smash ending and a tale of San Francisco Bay.

The Shipwreck of a Nation by H. Peter Nennhaus

This is a book regarding the German viewpoint of WWII and that of a young man who was a part of the community in Berlin and how he was indoctrinated by 'Hitler Youth'. Many Misconceptions abound in his concept of historical fact.