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Dwight L. Schwab Jr.

Dwight L. Schwab Jr. is a moderate conservative who looks at all sides of a story, then speaks his mind. His BS in journalism from University of Oregon, with minors in political science and American history stands him in good stead for his writing.

Dwight has 30 years in the publishing industry, including ABC/Cap Cities and International Thomson.

A native of Portland, Oregon, and now a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, he is the San Francisco Bay Area Moderate Conservative Examiner.

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Obama's Outright Firing of America's Military
The White House has undertaken a concerted effort to purge the military of its top brass, and you have to wonder who is leading the men and women of our military now.
05:41 Jan 16, 2015 PST
Obama's Executive Ordered Amnesty Will Cost American Taxpayers Millions
It is noted by the Washington Times that hiring for the new positions was posted just 10 days after Nov. 20. That's a full two weeks after the midterm elections where the president obviously tried to conceal his intent.
22:17 Jan 12, 2015 PST
Ukraine Accelerates Bid to Join NATO
Ukraine leadership are eager to distance themselves from the Russian annexation of Crimea, and are working on conforming with NATO membership requirements.
13:50 Jan 2, 2015 PST
New York Police Boo Mayor At NYPD Graduation
The mayor addressed the some 900 graduating cadets saying, You will confront all manner of problems. Problems that you didn't create. It was a mixed message from the mayor
05:50 Jan 1, 2015 PST
Ukraine Ready to Join NATO
This is not Ukraine's first attempt to join NATO. They attempted the move in 2010, but were dissuaded by their Russian counterparts. Russia threatened to cut off their energy lifeline of natural gas, which is plentiful within that country. The blata
14:06 Dec 29, 2014 PST
Obamacare Enrollees Face New Restrictions and Regulations
The current, or latest wording of the law, states most exchange enrollees who do not revisit the exchange website are automatically re-enrolled in their current plans when their coverage expires.
03:04 Dec 28, 2014 PST
US Offers $5M Bounty for Recapture of Ex-Guantanamo Detainee
The jihadi was released to a Saudi rehabilitation program to reform violent jihadists who they said were misinterpreting Islamic law. It didn't work.
22:45 Dec 26, 2014 PST
Obama Turns a Deaf Ear on North Korean Cyber-Attack
Rogers sees repercussions for future cyber-attacks against other American interests that could widen in scope.
04:50 Dec 26, 2014 PST
New Obamacare Enrollment Plans Creating More Chaos
Automatic renewal of health insurance presents several potential problems, and a majority of enrollees will pay more on automatic renewal.
12:39 Dec 25, 2014 PST
Obama Facing Widespread Criticism on Lifting Cuban Embargo
The suggested lifting of the embargo on Cuba has been likened to past presidential actions such as Obama's executive order for amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and efforts to appease Iran.
16:15 Dec 23, 2014 PST
Obama's Cuban Embargo Decision Causing Clamor in US Senate
Obama announced on this week he is re-establishing an embassy in Havana. The initial sound of his words sounded like progress, but it is not possible without senate approval, which will have to come from a majority of Senate Republicans next month.
12:27 Dec 22, 2014 PST
Washington DC Lawmakers Slam Obama's Policy to Lift Cuban Embargo
Obama again took action without congressional approval. It may be a tough climb to solidify his decision with the Republicans becoming in the majority party in the U.S. Senate this January.
14:18 Dec 21, 2014 PST
Seven States 'Unhappy' on Obama's Immigration Amnesty
Experts predict a sharp increase virtually across the board if the president's executive order is followed through barring congressional and/or court opposition, which is predicted. There are approximately 8 million illegal immigrants now employed o
18:07 Dec 19, 2014 PST
Republicans on Missio to Block Obama's Immigration Order
On Saturday, the Senate approved, by a clear majority, a $1.1 trillion spending bill to fund the government. That was the last chance for the Democrats to take the high ground with a threatened government shutdown with their mainstream media allies
13:05 Dec 19, 2014 PST
'Dubious' Job Statiscs Under Scrutiny
But is that the real truth? Many economists taking a closer look at the dubious figures see serious problems in the job market remain. A presidential address will not change what is the true reality in the statistics they have gathered.
12:58 Dec 19, 2014 PST
Democratic Party Predicted to Enter 2016 as Underdog
David Wasserman of The Cook Report says, if Democrats were to get neutral maps drawn by God in all 50 states, they would still fall well short of winning back the House.
06:53 Dec 19, 2014 PST
Professor Jonathan Gruber Denies 'Architect Role' in Obama's Healthcare Plan
Gruber's telling of his role before a House Oversight Committee on Tuesday was far different from his previous public remarks, in which he explained his efforts.
15:12 Dec 14, 2014 PST
Democrats Losing Their Loyalty To Obama
With their thumping in the midterm elections, surviving Democratic lawmakers are looking to the future of their own careers and they are criticizing Obamacare.
15:07 Dec 13, 2014 PST
Obama Holds Record for Most Midterm Defeats
With the loss of Senator Mary Landrieu in Louisiana, Barack Obama beats Harry Truman's record midterm losses by one, but there is a chance for one more.
13:48 Dec 10, 2014 PST
Hostage Rescue Attempt Fails in Yemen: Two Hostages Killed
Two hostages, Luke Somers and Pierre Korkie, were killed by AQAP terrorists in a compound in Yemen, as U.S. Special Operations commandos attempted a rescue.
19:07 Dec 7, 2014 PST
More Americans Politically Aligning with Republican Party Than Democratic Party
It has been called a shift in the 'bandwagon' effect enjoyed by the winning party. It should be noted that the GOP have benefited after the 1994 and 2002 midterm elections. The Democrats benefited after the 2006 election.
15:43 Dec 7, 2014 PST
Democrats Mutiny Over Obama's Healthcare Law
Senator Schumer laid out a list of White House errors including the insurance marketplace rollout, fixing veterans hospital wait lists, dealing with Ebola.
04:36 Nov 30, 2014 PST
The Real Facts of Ferguson Case
The question should be, as with the grand jury, what would you do as a police officer dealing with an intimidating suspect close to 300 pounds?
14:19 Nov 29, 2014 PST
Obama Wasting Taxpayer Dollars In Lavish Spending
The president began last Labor Day weekend flying to to Westchester, N.Y., on Friday, for his usual DNC fundraisers that included two stopovers.
16:19 Nov 27, 2014 PST
States Underfunded By $4.73 Billion
One reason for the huge unfunded liability numbers is that officials rely on overly optimistic returns on the investment of assets.
16:40 Nov 26, 2014 PST
Obama Unstoppable to Grant Amnesty for Five Million Illegal Immigrants
Back in 2011, the president made it clear he was 'prohibited to act' which makes the scenario all the more strange. In an interview that year he said, 'This notion that somehow I can just change the laws unilaterally is just not true.
17:35 Nov 24, 2014 PST
Harry Reid is Republican Number One Target in 2016
Senator Roger Wicker, immediately after winning chairmanship of the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, said Harry Reid is their big target.
14:49 Nov 21, 2014 PST
Obama Tugs on Superman's Cape, Messes Around With Ginsburg
To say that Ginsburg was unhappy about the call to resign is putting it mildly according to the Los Angeles Times. It was reported that Ginsburg was under strong pressure to retire and questioning why some liberals want her to leave.
04:58 Nov 21, 2014 PST
Survey Shows Majority of Americans Disapprove of Obamacare
There may be light at the end of the tunnel for the White House according to a Gallup survey released Friday. It showed that seven of ten Americans who signed up for their healthcare in the new system rated the coverage as 'good' or 'excellent.'
05:04 Nov 19, 2014 PST
Obama Knowingly Lied About The Affordable Care Act
A newly uncovered video shows MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber places Barack Obama in the room discussing the deception of Obamacare cost savings.
17:00 Nov 16, 2014 PST
MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber exposes the fraud of Obamacare
MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber - random, poorly trained speaker - truth teller - or master of foot-in-mouth disease, called the Americans stupid on several occasions.
03:31 Nov 16, 2014 PST
Obama Starts Personal War With Americans and Congress
Barack Obama insists he will create his own immigration laws, no matter what Congress or the American people want, flooding the country with more illegal immigrants.
19:00 Nov 12, 2014 PST
Putin Getting More Aggressive Against Obama and NATO
Is Russia Testing the West? Relations between the US and Russia are strained over Crimea, the infiltration of eastern Ukraine and the Middle East situation.
14:17 Nov 10, 2014 PST
President Obama Finds 'Refuge' in The Arms of Al Sharpton
Yes, she's black and she is a woman, but Sharpton's race-baiting fingerprints are all over a job that literally hundreds of qualified candidates could have been discussed.
05:31 Nov 10, 2014 PST
Obamacare and Keystone Pipeline At Top of Republican Agenda
A dramatic change in the American political landscape resulted in a show of defiance by Barack Obama at a hastily-called press conference.
04:53 Nov 7, 2014 PST
'Hope and Change' Will Not Favor Obama November 4th
The Obama administration didn't deliver their own October Surprise, but voters will, thanks to Ebola, ISIS and the economy, after Democrat mismanagement.
05:13 Nov 4, 2014 PST
Democats Brace for Historic Slaughter in Tuesday Elections
Barry Goldwater's defeat may look miniscule compared to this election. Polls are looking bad for Democrats, but some people obviously think differently.
12:35 Nov 2, 2014 PST
Democrats in state of panic over Tuesday's election
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says things are looking good for Republicans in the 2014 midterm elections, and at the same time, very bad for Democrats. He even mentions the word panic.
03:21 Nov 2, 2014 PST
John Wayne Couldn't Save Democrats Now
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says the desperation of Democrats is showing, with just a few days to go before the election, and not even John Wayne could save them.
05:04 Nov 1, 2014 PST
Democrats Face Massive Defeat November 4th
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will be joining former House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi on the political junk pile come November 4th.
13:47 Oct 31, 2014 PST
Is IRS Seizing Money from Individual Bank Accounts?
More questionable IRS practices! The IRS has had its fingers in our bank accounts as well. Banks filed 700,000 suspicious reports last year and the IRS has been bankrupting people.
05:57 Oct 28, 2014 PST
A few minutes with Professor Alan Dershowitz: Part 2
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. talks to Professor Alan Dershowitz about colleges, politics and politicians, Eric Holder, Executive Privilege, his parents and more.
19:14 Oct 26, 2014 PST
Up Close and Personal With Prolific Lawyer and Professor Alan Dershowitz
Born in Brooklyn, he was appointed to the Harvard Law School faculty at age 25 and became a full professor at age 28, the youngest in the school's history. He has been a consultant to several presidential commissions, and has advised presidents.
05:24 Oct 26, 2014 PST
Terror Strikes Canadian Parliament
A Canadian convert to Islam, carrying a loaded long weapon, entered the parliament and began firing, a very unusual thing for an unprepared Canada.
19:27 Oct 23, 2014 PST
Chief Justice John Roberts Finds New Comfort With Liberals
John Roberts has been making leaps of judgement calls that don't fit the arguments put to him. Is he making it up as he goes along or just leaning left.
05:44 Oct 23, 2014 PST
Afghan Women Facing Danger With US Withdrawal
The real War on Women is in the middle east, but progressive women in the US don't care about those women. They only care about voting for their democrat candidate.
15:29 Oct 20, 2014 PST
Obama Kissing Ass of Left Wing Nut Base Over Ebola Travel Restictions
By bringing Ebola into the country, Barack Obama appears to have little regard for the safety of Americans and no regard for the national security of the country he swore to protect.
15:59 Oct 19, 2014 PST
Democrats Facing Downfall in November Poll
There is no doubt that President Obama's unpopularity will play a key role in several Senate races including North Carolina, Louisiana, Colorado and Arkansas. It will undoubtedly show up at the ballot box. Obama is producing the lowest approval rati
04:30 Oct 19, 2014 PST
Ebola Virus Enters America
The U.S. government has awarded nearly 13,500 visas to people in three of the Ebola-afflicted countries, and 190,000 people from the 16 countries experiencing the Ebola outbreak visit the US each year.
20:31 Oct 17, 2014 PST
Obama Losing Influence This November Election
There is a frightful future for this country. Obama is a far-left ideologue who feels deeply that America's colonial past and its superpower status are the real problem
05:36 Oct 16, 2014 PST
White House 'Not Afraid' of Ebola
The Ebola scare is just a scare, according to the White House and the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. Really? The latest incident has many in Texas, and the entire country, very scared
04:24 Oct 16, 2014 PST
Jimmy Carter Criticizes Obama's Strategy Against ISIS
Jimmy Carter, the president who sat on his hands for over a year while US embassy staff in Tehran, Iran were held hostage is now an expert on terrorists?
04:28 Oct 13, 2014 PST
Illegal Immigrants Receiving Obamacare By The Thousands At Taxpayer Expense
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says Democrats have so many things to hide from, that Obamacare isn't the only string in the bow for Republicans.
19:55 Oct 11, 2014 PST
Secret Service Columbia Prostitute Scandal Cover-Up
The Obama White House throws Secret Service agents under the bus, to protect one of their insiders, promoting the staffer out of harm's way.
14:15 Oct 10, 2014 PST
Showdown With Liberal Journalists Will Begin November 4th
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. rails against the massive left-bias in what passes for journalism these days, a left bias that does not reflect the makeup of the people.
16:58 Oct 8, 2014 PST
Has Someone Shut Al Gore's Opportunistic Mouth
News from NASA will not please climate change activists, the deep ocean may not be hiding heat after all. A whole new set of questions were raised by the US space agency Monday.
03:58 Oct 8, 2014 PST
Obama's Invitation To Illegal Immigrants Has Created Chaos on US-Mexico Border
American mayors want the Congress to wake up and take control of immigration, because the White House and Obama's administration have sold us out.
18:56 Jun 25, 2014 PST
Hillary Hasn't Won The Nomination Yet
Hillary Rodham Clinton is still a contender for the Democratic Party nomination for president, but there is a long way to go, and there are potholes in her path.
17:59 Jun 25, 2014 PST
The IRS Lying Through Its Teeth and Everyone Knows It
The IRS has lost the incriminating Lois Lerner emails, at least all of the important ones involving people outside the IRS. Richard Nixon would be angry!
17:32 Jun 21, 2014 PST
Obama's Polls Show His Lack of Experience Is Impacting Voters
Although hardcore Obama partisans would vote for him no matter what he does, even if the rest of the country is against him, his numbers are still going down.
12:54 Jun 19, 2014 PST
Obama Energy Policy Will Hurt Many Americans
The policy aims to cripple coal-fired plants, the lowest cost power producers, raising the price of power, and affecting lower-income Americans the most.
12:40 Jun 16, 2014 PST
Bowe Bergdahl Drama Widens By The Day
Bowe Bergdahl may have been better off with the Taliban. If he was in a fragile mental state before, president Obama has made it much worse for him.
07:59 Jun 11, 2014 PST
Obamacare, The Money Pit Continues
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says the Big Government answer to failure is to pour more money into the black hole - lots of it - and the government is good at that.
15:43 Jun 10, 2014 PST
D-Day Plus 70 years
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. remembers his father, a marine who fought at Guadalcanal and Okinawa, and was awarded the Bronze Star. He was quite a guy.
15:03 Jun 10, 2014 PST
Five Taliban Terrorists Swapped for Army Deserter
Swapping five senior Taliban commanders for a deserter makes no sense at all, and it was done without advising Congress first - is that a surprise?
08:49 Jun 8, 2014 PST
Goodbye Jay Carney, The Man Who Knew Nothing, Nothing
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says goodbye to Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary who lasted a long time, but finally gave in.
13:14 Jun 2, 2014 PST
Scandals Begin to Show in Obama's Enthusiasm for The Job
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says even Obama's own party sees he is more interested in a round of golf than running the country, which is out of control, not even on autopilot.
23:06 Jun 1, 2014 PST
Lame Duck Obama Urges Democrat Candidates to Back Obamacare
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says the lame duck president wants Democrats to back his signature policy disaster, but the politicians are busy ducking and weaving.
07:26 May 30, 2014 PST
Almost Half of Unemployed Have Stopped Looking
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. looks at the newest Harris Poll on unemployment and the long term unemployed, and notes that almost half the long-term unemployed have given up.
14:11 May 28, 2014 PST
Obama Team First Denies, Then Admits VA Problems: Beaver Caught Out Again
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. sees that The White House is up to its old tricks again - Step 1. Deny Everything Step 2. Deny All Knowledge Step 3. Say sorry.
13:15 May 26, 2014 PST
6 Reasons America Is A Bad Place That Needs Fundamental Change
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says there are at least six reasons the current congress needs to be replaced this November. Remember to vote, because you get the government you deserve.
01:32 May 26, 2014 PST
RNC Chairman Brings Up Hillary's Age, Health And Recent Failures
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says the RNC chairman with a funny name, Reince Priebus, has been taking shots at Hillary Clinton, adding fuel to the fire against her POTUS ambitions.
13:41 May 21, 2014 PST
Time for The Muslims to Shut Up and Mourn 9/11 With Us
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. looks at how the CAIR organization wants to smother the truth and free speech, rewrite history, and squeeze out islamic reformers.
12:04 May 20, 2014 PST
Obamacare Workers a Drag on American Taxpayers
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says the St. Louis Post-Dispatch discovered Obamacare workers were being paid to sleep on the job, read books, and do nothing.
15:20 May 18, 2014 PST
Hillary's Worst Nightmare - Dr. Ben Carson for GOP Nomination
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. looks at the possibility of Dr. Clean - Ben Carson entering the race for the GOP presidential nomination.
10:14 May 18, 2014 PST
Where is American Anger Over Bankrupt Obamacare Exchanges?
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. notes that four blue states have non-functional health exchange websites after spending $474 million. Does anyone care?
13:58 May 16, 2014 PST
Establishment Republicans Scorn Incumbent Tea Party Candidate in Michigan
In a recent poll commissioned by one of Amash's supporters, Club for Growth, The Hill reported the incumbent had a comfortable lead.
12:37 May 13, 2014 PST
Obama and Saul Alinsky - Terrifying Comparisons
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. asks if Barack Obama is a carbon copy of Saul Alinsky, the Marxist who wrote the books Reveille for Radicals and Rules For Radicals.
14:12 May 9, 2014 PST
Rep. Trey Gowdy To Lead Committee to Unearth 'Truth' on Benghazi Tragedy
The attacks killed four Americans including our ambassador, and Trey Gowdy says he has evidence that the administration hiding, and there is intent to hide it
05:59 May 9, 2014 PST
Hillary May Not Win The Next Presidential Election
There will be someone who does not consider 2016 a 'Hillary coronation.' From newly elected liberal Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, it's hard to imagine all the liberals to the left of Hillary
09:47 May 6, 2014 PST
Liberals Tired of Obama's Complaints and Whining
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. notes that even the usually supportive liberal media that fiercely defended Obama for over five years are tired of his complaining
16:21 May 5, 2014 PST
Is White House Guilty of Massive Cover-Up on Benghazi?
Appearing on Fox News' 'Special Report with Brett Baier,' Tuesday, Krauthammer specifically mentioned the email sent from deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes to then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and White House press secretary Jay Carney.
04:56 May 5, 2014 PST
Liberals Bully Gay Republican Candidate
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. tracks what supposedly gay-friendly democrats and LGBT groups are doing to trash a gay republican candidate.
04:43 May 2, 2014 PST
No Exact Time-Line for Attorney General Holder's Exit
Holder, 63, has held the post since Barack Obama became president in 2009. His exit will be hastened if the Republicans take control of the senate while retaining their House majority.
06:37 May 1, 2014 PST
Obama Administration Knew The Truth About Benghazi Attack
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says it has taken a long time, but the truth about the Benghazi debacle is coming out, thanks to Judicial Watch, but no thanks to the media.
13:39 Apr 30, 2014 PST
Criticisms Tarnish 9/11 Museum Opening
There was one iman included on the advisory group to the National September 11 Memorial Museum. He resigned his post because of his anger over the seven-minute documentary.
09:00 Apr 29, 2014 PST
UAW Facing Defeat With Their 'Southern Strategy'
Apparently the power structure of the UAW saw the writing on the wall with their government ally, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), as they prepared to begin their hearing on the appeal.
07:11 Apr 26, 2014 PST
Obama No Jack Kennedy, Fails to Inspire Young Adults Into Public Service
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. reports that am apologist for Obama blames the lack of millennial interest in political service, on the young people themselves - and social media.
05:32 Apr 26, 2014 PST
IRS Scandal Out-Of-Control, With A Watergate Linkage
This week may be the turning point of the long-stalled IRS inquiry. New documents show Lois Lerner publicly told the Justice Department the agency was singling out conservatives
05:09 Apr 25, 2014 PST
Obama Administration Rephrases Census Questions on Obamacare
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. reports that a new census bureau survey has new questions that have made it impossible to compare this year's health data with previous years.
17:35 Apr 23, 2014 PST
Retired Col Martha McSally is Nobody's Victim Running for Congress
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. reports that Retired Col. Martha McSally, is standing as a Republican against Democrat Ron Barber, and against the democrat war on women.
15:53 Apr 23, 2014 PST
Nancy Pelosi Starting An Ugly Race War in Congress
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. reports that Nancy Polisi was accused by a leading black Republican strategist of attempting to start 'an ugly race war' in Congress. Ron Christie, a former member of Vice President Dick Cheney's staff, writing in The Daily
08:12 Apr 23, 2014 PST
White House Loose Lips Empowering Al-Qaeda
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says loose lips in the White House gave away the secrets that would have allowed the termination of a lot of al-Qaeda leaders.
06:52 Apr 23, 2014 PST
U.S. Houses 12 Million Illegals As Lawmakers Advocate More Immigration
As we have seen this year - and for the past few years - Congress seems intent on an amnesty and also opening up the floodgates to allow two million legal immigrants per year.
16:27 Apr 21, 2014 PST
Blue States Enjoy Less Government Freedoms Than Their Red Counterparts
Blue state liberals voted away their freedoms, handing them over to smiling democrat politicians who told them what they wanted to hear.
11:48 Apr 19, 2014 PST
Sen. Diane Feinstein Suddenly Turns on Her Old Friends At The CIA
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. reports that Democrat Senator Feinstein appears to be attacking the CIA for political purposes, knowing they cannot respond.
07:19 Apr 19, 2014 PST
Nancy Pelosi - In Washington to Spend Other People's Money
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says Nancy Pelosi is so good at spending other peoples' money, that she wants to bring more illegals into the country so she can have more money.
13:31 Apr 16, 2014 PST
Harry Reid Can't Keep His Mouth Shut - Angering Democratic Candidates
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says As the November election nears, Harry Reid seems to be doing all he can to guarantee that he will not be the leader of his party come January.
11:33 Apr 16, 2014 PST
Kathleeen Sebelius Resigns as Health Secretary
Since that time, the administration has claimed to have enrolled seven million Americans. Those numbers have many in Washington skeptical since there is no verifiable statistics or the ongoing questionable track record of administration promises.
07:09 Apr 15, 2014 PST
Is Reverend Al Sharpton A Civil Rights Activist, Drug Buyer Or Both?
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. reports that Sharpton turned FBI informant after being caught on camera attempting to buy cocaine. A 1983 video, first shown on HBO, shows him buying kilos of drugs
13:48 Apr 13, 2014 PST
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