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Bob Trieger, Boxing Writer

Bob Trieger is a Boxing and MMA Writer and promoter, born and raised in Boston. Bob started as a sportswriter in 1968, and now runs the sports public relations agency, Full Court Press. Bob provides sports public relations and publicity consulting for businesses, clubs, organizations and athletes in New England.

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Powerhouse Concept for Pay-Per-View
So you're Juan Manuel Marquez, you just beat Juan Diaz again in rematch, but your right eye is swollen so big you can put 'Good Year' on it and you want to fight a rematch with the man who has had the most incredible rise in weight and success in
16:54 Aug 5, 2010 PST
'Butterbean' Vs. Pudzianowski War of Words Continues Across Atlantic
Recent critical quotes by former Pride FC fighter Eric 'Butterbean' Esch regarding Mariusz Pudzianowski have initiated a terse response from the 5-time World's Strongest Man's promoter in Poland, KSAW Federation.
18:40 Jul 20, 2010 PST
'The World's Greatest Ever' Heavyweight Boxers
The weekend event is being presented by Greatest Ever Enterprises, which already has done 'world's greatest' tributes on two continents in the sports of soccer and rugby.
19:34 Nov 19, 2009 PST

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