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Sheila Bautz-Mumby

Sheila Bautz-Mumby is a diverse, energetic, artistic, flexible, writer who multi-tasks through her day, paying attention to detail.

A member of the International Golden Key Society, Sheila loves writing projects. Contact her at NewsBlaze.

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Saskatchewan Still Suffer From Livestock Loss Due to Coyote Over-Population
In 2010, the Saskatchewan Government created a bounty on coyotes, paying $20.00 per coyote. A total of 71,000 coyotes were turned in, making the payout reach nearly 1.5 million dollars.
06:26 Mar 6, 2011 PST
Democratic Justice Department Oversees U.S. Redistricting for the First Time
After a US Census is released to the President every ten years, who then reports the numbers to Congress, the process of redistricting begins.
16:41 Mar 3, 2011 PST
New Software for Redistricting Promotes Public Participation and Transparency
A public mapping project has been launched, inviting public participation during the redistricting process - an important foundational element for elections. In the past, decisions about redistricting were made with very little, if any, public parti
18:48 Feb 25, 2011 PST

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