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Mahin Saremi

Mahin Saremi is a former political prisoner who escaped prison in March 2011 and came abroad in April. Her husband Ali Saremi was a very well known political prisoner with 27 years of prison under the present regime. Mahin could have also been under torture with charges of Moahrbeh (waging war against god) if she had not escaped.

Mahin escaped Iran, after arranging for her husband's memorial ceremony and seeing her son in Camp Ashraf. She was under surveillance, but escaped before she could be taken to Evin Prison. One of the organisers of the 2009 uprisings, she transferred video clips and news to the outside, avoiding government censorship. Many of her friends are in prison and on trial for Moharebeh. Contact Mahin through NewsBlaze.

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Missiles Hit Dissidents In Camp Liberty
My son and many others were again under live Missile attacks at the behest of the Iranian regime, after Mailki returned from Tehran, where he received new directives
04:55 Dec 27, 2013 PST
Camp Ashraf: An 'Epic Tragedy' That Ties in Who Lost Iraq
Senator Rohrabacher; The mullah dictatorship is not acting in good faith. The government of Iraqi is not acting in good faith. A perpetrator of a massacre is in charge of security.
21:50 Sep 17, 2012 PST
The Iranian People Thank Watergate Journalist, Carl Bernstein
It is indignation to witness original daring journalism slaughtered by journalistic vandalism and hero bashers.
06:57 Sep 2, 2012 PST
Mrs. Clinton: Blacklisting MEK is Illegal; License for Massacre in Iran, Iraq
The NYT article blames the victims for being victimized while whitewashing two bloody massacres by the Maliki government condemned in the Spanish Court of justice as crime against humanity and writes: both American and United Nations officials have
19:56 Aug 16, 2012 PST
Dear Hillary, Please Prevent Stoning of Human Rights: De-List MEK
Impunity breeds more human rights abuse. When human rights violations are ignored, they happen over and over and over again.Mrs Clinton must know that 'impunity' for butchers in Iran will,
07:33 Aug 29, 2011 PST
Former U.S. Officials vs. Mullahs Apologists Over Mujahedin e Khalq
Chiming with Iranian Intelligence 34 year-long motto portraying the PMOI/MEK, which is the only serious threat to the malicious mullahs in Iran, as being anti-democratic and violent is immensely repetitious.
06:29 Aug 10, 2011 PST
Ambassador Butler: Must Apologize to Iranian Political Prisoners and Families
I see much similarity between our values and those of the noble past resistance fighters of the American Independents, and none in common with Mr. Butler.
11:00 Jul 24, 2011 PST
Ex- Iranian Political Prisoner: MEK is the Litmus Test for US State Department
I have recently escaped the mullahs' dungeons to Europe in search of Justice on behalf of political prisoners and their families.
10:24 Jul 18, 2011 PST

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