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9 .ZIKA - A Cautionary Tale of Recycling, International Trade and Travel - 5
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Emmanuel Altenor

Emmanuel Altenor is a freelance journalist and author with interests in historical studies, current events, and pop culture.

He divides his time between his pursuit of a Masters degree and his passion of the written word.

Emmanuel's writings include news stories of various topics, poetry, short stories, reviews and interviews. Contact Emmanuel through NewsBlaze.

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Tragedy of Trayvon Martin and the Life of the Black Man in America- Part II
The tragic death of teenager Trayvon Martin at the hands of Neighborhood Watch captain George Zimmerman has reopened the discussion of race and the perception of blacks in America.
11:26 Apr 14, 2012 PST
Tragedy of Trayvon Martin and Life of the Black Man in America
Trayvon Martin was killed by Neighborhood Watch captain George Zimmerman. This case of apparent racial profiling reopens the race question in America and the condition of the black man.
13:27 Mar 21, 2012 PST
NYPD Spy on Muslim Americans in Newark
The New York Police Department has conducted a spy investigation on Muslim American communities in Newark, New Jersey, leaving both Newark authorities and the community stunned.
18:50 Feb 23, 2012 PST

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