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Kyle Halstead

Kyle Halstead is intrigued by politics and has a thirst for anything related to politics

Egyptian People are Sick and Tired of Mubarak
The media wants to tell you that this is an Islamic movement lead by the Muslim BrotherHood. But from the people whom I have had the pleasure to talk, they tell me that these people are that they are sick and tired of Mubarak. They want him overthr
10:07 Feb 3, 2011 PST
Westboro Baptist Church Calls Me 'Rebel'
This did answer any of my questions as I feel they never took me seriously. I had waited over a month of a follow up e-mail and never received one so I am posting this as is unfinished but maybe with just a little insight to their psychotic minds.
18:11 Dec 20, 2010 PST
Michigan Attorney General Fires His Assistant
Attorney General Mike Cox(R-MI) fires assistant Mike cox over repeatedly violating office policies, engaging in borderline stalking behavior, and inappropriately using state resources.
11:17 Nov 19, 2010 PST

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