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Waliullah Ahmed Laskar

Waliullah Ahmed Laskar is an Independent Journalist and Human Rights Defender, and Director of Law and Legal Affairs at Barak Human Rights Protection Committee in Guwahati, Assam.

Waliullah writes about issues that are important to people in his home state, exposing government and other corruption, and supporting the people.

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Arunachal Pradesh Fails to Ensure Transparency in Land Acquisition for Airport
The proposed airport will totally uproot 237 families from five Chakma Blocks No. 2, 3, 5, 6 and 10. Therefore, the airport would lead to mass displacement of already impoverished Chakmas.
06:42 Oct 7, 2012 PST
Manipur Student Body Condemns Racism and Calls for Peace in Delhi
MSAD condoled the untimely demise of Dolaipabam Mohammad Sharif Ahamed of Manipur, a student of Cotton College in Assam, who was allegedly thrown out of a running train and killed in West Bengal on 19 August 2012.
11:32 Aug 23, 2012 PST
NHRC Moved Over Custodial Death and Communal Clash in Assam
The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has been moved over custodial death of Ajijur Rahman of Kalain in the district of Cachar in Assam.
05:41 Jul 21, 2012 PST
NHRC Takes Up Case of Intimidation of Assam Activists
The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has taken up the case of intimidation of, and police high-handedness on, the members of the Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) and other organisations
05:41 Jun 21, 2012 PST
India Fails to Protect Human Rights While Deporting Foreign Nationals
Attitude of both the central and state governments is indifferent to both the questions of deportation and deportation under due process and approach of the judiciary is also deplorable
11:49 Jun 20, 2012 PST
People's Union For Democratic Rights Condemns Arrest of Assam Activist
Activist Mr Pallab Barbora was arrested from his home in Merapani of Golaghat district in Assam on 3 June 2012 and has been remanded to ten days custody of National Investigative Agency (NIA) on 6 June.
10:29 Jun 10, 2012 PST
NHRC Seeks Report on Extra-Judicial Killings in Manipur
The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) issued notices to the secretary, ministry of home affairs of the government of India, district magistrate and district superintendent of police of Ukhrul district of North East Indian state Manipur.
18:06 Jun 6, 2012 PST
Flesh Trade Flourishes in Assam
The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) taking strong exception at the flourishing flesh trade in red light area in Silchar, Assam which was started for British soldiers during the World War-II
10:39 Jun 4, 2012 PST
NHRC Scrutinizes Assam Over Hunger Deaths and Rights Violations
The NHRC ordered Assam government to pay 1.8 million Indian currency to the kin of tea labourers of Assam who died due to starvation rejecting the plea of the government that the deaths were not caused by starvation.
10:41 May 29, 2012 PST
NHRC Hears Cases of Starvation Deaths and Right Violation in North East India
The NHRC will hear cases of human rights violations concerning Assam and Meghalaya including the cases of starvation deaths of the tea workers in Cachar district in camp sitting in Guwahati and Shillong from 28 May to 30 May 2012.
17:50 May 26, 2012 PST
AHRC Voices Concern Over Case of Police Brutality in India
The AHRC has expressed concern over case of illegal arrest, detention and police brutality against Mr Golam Kibria from Murshidabad district, West Bengal, India.
07:04 May 25, 2012 PST
Assam Doctor Charged with Rape
When the AHRC asked the BHRPC for its comments on the report of the SP the latter submitted a detailed response pointing out why the medical report can not be relied upon.
12:47 May 13, 2012 PST
Inquiry Ordered Into Death of New Born Baby, Over Alleged Doctor Negligence
The nation's child rights watchdog moved into action after receiving a complaint from the Barak Human Rights Protection Committee (BHRPC) on 11 April.
09:58 May 11, 2012 PST
Another Assam Tea Garden Worker Dies Of Malnutrition
Tea garden worker died in India at the age of 38. He was Mr. Lakhi Prasad Dushad, a resident of North bank division of the Bhuvan valley tea estate in Assam
07:09 May 9, 2012 PST
New Born Baby Dies Due to Doctors' Negligence in Assam
The conditions of both the mother and child started to worsen soon thereafter. Still no doctors in the hospital saw them. They then went to the Silchar Medical College and Hospital, Silchar (SMCH) and the baby died there at about 6pm on 1 April.
06:18 Apr 11, 2012 PST
Reporter Assaulted in Assam for Exposing Corruption in Government
The BHRPC received a written communication from the victim Mr Sibir Ahmed Barbhuiyan on 7 April 2012 giving details of the incident and other relevant information.
07:58 Apr 10, 2012 PST

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