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1 .Did David Wineland and Serge Haroche Steal Idea For The Nobel Physics Prize? - 68
2 .Michael Oher Interview With Kam Williams - 60
3 .Mandatory Military Service Works in Israel - 39
4 .Tale of Two Gun Bills in Florida: Open Carry and Campus Carry - 39
5 .Florida House of Representatives Passes Handgun Open Carry Bill - 24
6 .Bird Flu Update WARNING New Virus Transmits Human to Human - 25
7 .Hopdoddy Burger Bar Sells Yummy and Organic Burgers in Playa Vista - 19
8 .An Abandoned Luncheonette Inspires a Sequence of Sonnets - 13
9 .Bahrain Opposition on The Mission to Launch 'Day of Rage' on Heart's Day - 18
10.ZIKA - A Cautionary Tale of Recycling, International Trade and Travel - 12
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Krzys Wasilewski

Krzys Wasilewski is a NewsBlaze journalist, particularly interested in history and literature that expands his love of travel and historical curiosity.

While living in Poland, completing his masters degree in International Relations, he was seduced by English Literature. Read more about Krzys at The Student Operated Press.

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How Much Does It Cost to Join The European Union?
Several days ago its foreign affairs minister said in public that his country would agree on Turkey's accession only after it pays Bulgaria 20 billion US dollars.
17:47 Jan 4, 2010 PST
When Miley Cyrus Meets Roman Polanski
In less than a year Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana turned from a Walt Disney icon to a dream girl of teenage and older boys. But her story only slightly resembles the Ugly Duckling.
18:53 Oct 3, 2009 PST
Crisis: America's Secret Success Plan
The current economic crisis has not only undermined America's financial credibility but also put her moral leadership in a serious doubt.
10:00 Dec 20, 2008 PST
United Nations - Silent Accomplice in Genocide
The official history claims that the genocide, like tsunamis or tornadoes, could have neither be predicted nor prevented. The man who led the U.N. contingent in Rwanda disagrees.
12:17 Dec 4, 2008 PST
Religious Wars Still Kill
Toleration has become the religion of modern times. But not everywhere.
12:05 Nov 30, 2008 PST
Al Tukker To Promote His Books
Albert Samuel Tukker, the author of The Rage and From the Attic, will promote his latest work, Pole Shift, on November 16, 2008, at Little King in the Old Market, in Omaha, Nebraska.
09:07 Nov 13, 2008 PST
Vatican Finances Surviving World Financial Crisis
It pales in comparison with almost $14 trillion that constitute the gross domestic product of the United States, but as for an institution dependent on individual donations it cannot be ignored.
04:16 Oct 15, 2008 PST
Meltdown in Iceland
The financial virus developed on Wall Street is spreading. After driving many American banks to bankruptcy or nationalization, it has gone overseas.
13:22 Oct 12, 2008 PST
Will the Crisis Save Our Souls?
Harmful as it appears, the current financial crisis may eventually prove to be a blessing in disguise.
13:27 Oct 8, 2008 PST
Rabbi Teaching Catholic Bishops
It was Pope Benedict XVI who angered Jewish communities by reintroducing to the canon the prayer for the 'conversion of Jews.'
05:22 Oct 8, 2008 PST
Holocaust of Indian Christians
Thousands of men, women, and children dragged from churches and slashed. This has been India's reality for the last four weeks.
10:55 Oct 5, 2008 PST
Heavenly Energy Warms Vatican
Three years in power and Pope Benedict XVI has turned the Vatican into the most environmentally friendly country on earth.
04:32 Oct 1, 2008 PST
Ban Bus Drives Through Europe
The Sofia Conference was held in anticipation of the Oslo agreement which bans cluster munitions and is expected to be signed this December.
09:07 Sep 26, 2008 PST
On the Verge of Socialism
The Bush Administration should be praised for saving the day and bailing out near-bankrupt banks and other financial institutions.
14:03 Sep 20, 2008 PST
The Pope Turns to the Internet
That Pope Benedict XVI is not as withdrawn as the media often portrays him could be seen last July by thousands of young people when they met him in Sydney during World Youth Day.
05:56 Sep 11, 2008 PST
Lessons From the Olympics: The Untold Stories
Such athletes as Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, or Yelena Isinbayeva have already inscribed their names in sports almanacs. But there are other heroes whose achievements deserve even greater applause.
11:25 Aug 25, 2008 PST
Russia Hopes to Build Relationship with Obama
This is the scenario written by the Kremlin which sees in the Democratic senator a guarantee that the United States will not oppose Russia`s imperial foreign policy.
11:15 Aug 23, 2008 PST
Russia and Accusations of War Crimes Mounting
Pictures from embattled Gori and other Georgian cities confirm the reports that the Russian air force had repeatedly targeted non-military sites, killing tens of civilians.
10:41 Aug 13, 2008 PST
Russian Hackers Attacking: Georgia Fighting a Cyber War
In the early hours of Saturday, news websites registered on Georgian servers either stopped working or presented false information.
09:02 Aug 11, 2008 PST
Is the Georgian War as Important to G.W. Bush: No Oil Here
In the last months of his presidency, George W. Bush faces the most serious problem since 9/11 as Georgia becomes a litmus test for America`s resolve to protect the free world.
06:21 Aug 9, 2008 PST
Georgia and Russia on the Brink of War
Georgian forces are reported to have attacked the rebelled province of South Ossetia on Friday.
10:07 Aug 8, 2008 PST
China, a Problematic Partner: Where Does The US Stand?
China has always been a problematic partner for the United States. Where does the incumbent cabinet stand? The problem is that neither President George W. Bush nor his secretaries can answer this question.
10:08 Aug 4, 2008 PST
Internet Can Kill in Iran
In Iran, where the government controls every sphere of life, the Internet is perceived not as something positive, but as a serious danger to the entire system.
09:29 Aug 2, 2008 PST
A Pensioner's Adventure: Stuart Hill is Something of An American Pioneer
The British rule came to the Shetlands in the 15th century, when a Danish king pawned the islands, desperately needing money for his daughter's dowry.
12:31 Jun 28, 2008 PST
Watch Out! Kids Are Attacking!
With school over for summer, hordes of wild and bored teenagers roam the streets of London and other cities, remorselessly hunting down new victims.
12:19 Jun 19, 2008 PST
Facebook For Catholics
The Internet with its hundreds of millions of users is what the tropical jungles of Latin America were for the Church two centuries ago.
11:51 Jun 17, 2008 PST
Ireland Says No To Europe
Ireland rejected the Lisbon Treaty. The first unofficial results show that the Thursday referendum produced a strong 'No' to the document reforming the European Union.
13:06 Jun 13, 2008 PST
Judas Was Really a Bad Guy
Two years later, though, most experts agree that the so-called Gospel of Judas depicts the unfaithful apostle as exactly that: a traitorous, selfish, and fallen human being.
10:10 Jun 12, 2008 PST
America and Europe United Against Iran
Iran must give up its nuclear program and start cooperation with other nations, President Bush said Tuesday during his visit to Slovenia.
11:38 Jun 11, 2008 PST
Who Wants To Adopt a Country?
Most experts say that Kiribati will sooner or later go under water, global warming notwithstanding.
12:56 Jun 10, 2008 PST
America Must Defend Freedom, Says Bush
The United States must remain the leader of the free world, President George W. Bush said Thursday at the ceremonial groundbreaking of United States Institute of Peace.
10:13 Jun 6, 2008 PST
Islam Floods Europe
In England two Christian activists were approached by a Muslim policeman and threatened to be arrested if they did not stop giving away their leaflets.
14:25 Jun 5, 2008 PST
Religion Necessary to Survive Our Century
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair unveiled last Saturday that uniting the world's three largest religions will be his lifetime goal.
14:42 Jun 3, 2008 PST
Chinese Catholics Unable to Practice Their Faith
The prayer was publicly read out on May 24 which, by the papal decision from last year, was the day when Catholics from around the world pray for their brothers and sisters in China.
10:01 May 30, 2008 PST
Terrorist Group Dunkin' Donuts
At first glance the Dunkin' Donuts online commercial looks innocent. Rachael Ray, a television celebrity and an acclaimed writer, drinks an iced coffee and smiles broadly to potential customers.
11:27 May 29, 2008 PST
Titanic Cover up or Nuclear Mystery?
Before he traced the Titanic, Robert Ballard was engaged in a mission that more resembled the gripping plot of the Hunt For Red October than James Cameron's immortal love story.
09:25 May 28, 2008 PST
Either Obama is a Russian or a Liar?
Either Barack Obama's uncle had served in the Soviet Army or the Democratic presidential contender simply lied to people.
05:31 May 28, 2008 PST
Germans Ask For Exorcisms
Exorcists are the most sought after experts in Germany as more and more people believe they have been possessed by evil spirits.
13:39 May 27, 2008 PST
Do You Hate Gas Prices? Blame Yourself!
It seems that nothing can stop the galloping gas prices. Blame the stubborn Congress that refuses to allow the drilling in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Alaska.
08:18 May 27, 2008 PST
Stephen Hawking to Address the University of Leicester
Hardly ever does an academic speech attract so many people that even the University of Leicester's largest lecture hall seems too small to accommodate everyone interested.
08:39 May 25, 2008 PST
Burma Needs Condoms More Than Food, Says UN
UNFPA says that vast access to condoms and other forms of contraception is essential to keep the HIV virus in Burma at the present low level.
10:27 May 23, 2008 PST
Americans May Soon Need Visas to Visit Europe
Soon this futuristic scene may become reality as the European Parliament is growing increasingly irritated with U.S. immigration policies.
13:11 May 22, 2008 PST
Respecting Democratic Rules
Whether the current administration likes it or not, Hamas remains the only political force strong enough to influence Palestine's tumultuous streets.
16:24 May 20, 2008 PST
America Is Racist (According to the United Nations)
The United Nations is launching an investigation into alleged racism in the United States. It is not the United States that is racist; it's the United Nations.
09:05 May 19, 2008 PST
Indiana Jones Makes Archeology Popular Again
If the Jurassic Park series made millions of kids fall in love with ugly and terrifying dinosaurs, then Harrison Ford may turn archeology into the most popular course on college campuses.
15:28 May 16, 2008 PST
Abortion: European Genocide?
Europe is facing extinction, alarms a study prepared by a Spanish nongovernmental organization. Fewer and fewer children are born every year as Europeans focus on their careers and personal benefits.
10:27 May 15, 2008 PST
The Cooling Effect of Sodium
Since the first civilian reactor was built in Russia in 1954, nuclear power plants have undergone several changes. The main technology, however, remained the same.
10:10 May 14, 2008 PST
The Vatican Welcomes Aliens
First and foremost I believe in God as the creator of the world, states Fr. Jose Gabriel Funes who heads the Vatican Observatory.
08:47 May 14, 2008 PST
Irena Sendler, Her Heart Has Rested But Her Spirit Lives On
Irena Sendler, whose bravery and sacrifice saved 2,500 Jewish children from gas chambers, died on Monday in her Warsaw apartment.
11:58 May 13, 2008 PST
Century of Nuclear Energy
As countries drain their natural resources, the only source of power that can save the civilization from total darkness is the atom.
11:30 May 13, 2008 PST
Condoms Rock! But You Should Still Stop
Promote abstinence instead of condoms, encourages a Harvard study. In some African countries where sexual purity was widely advertised, the pandemic of AIDS has significantly decreased.
09:12 May 12, 2008 PST
Parents Fight Over Life of Their Daughter
When does life end and death begin? This difficult question will have to be answered soon by the parents of a 23-year-old girl who has been put on a breathing machine for almost two years.
11:48 May 11, 2008 PST
Geopolitics in Myanmar
What if Myanmar led to World War III? With over 80,000 people killed and almost two million left homeless, Myanmar teeters on the edge of collapse.
20:01 May 9, 2008 PST
Chinese Cyber Army Cocked and Loaded
While Russia and the United States spend billions of dollars on new submarines and air fighters, the Chinese army heavily invests in computer experts.
16:09 May 9, 2008 PST
You Think Gas Is Too Expensive? Visit Europe
Even in poorer European Union countries such as Poland with the average income three times as low as in the United States, one liter - or one fourth of a gallon - of unleaded gas costs over $2.
12:46 May 8, 2008 PST
Amy Winehouse Arrested by London Police, No No No
Amy Winehouse, the 25-year-old British singer and fourth time winner of the 2008 Grammy Awards, was arrested Wednesday by the metropolitan police.
11:43 May 8, 2008 PST
Want To Work in Great Britain? Learn English!
Immigrants who want to work in Great Britain will soon be required to have the basic knowledge of the English language, informs the Guardian newspaper.
09:09 May 7, 2008 PST
Drunk Kuwaiti Threatened To Kill Israeli Teenagers
A man who abducted two Israelis and one Brazilian in a Warsaw hotel on Monday and threatened to detonate explosives is reported to be a son of the Kuwaiti ambassador to Poland, informs the Associated Press.
08:29 May 7, 2008 PST
Art Hurts: Body Carving
To be fashionable means to suffer. But how far can people go in their constant pursuit of trendiness and individuality? The rising popularity of body carving proves that the limits have yet to be set.
08:20 May 6, 2008 PST
Kurds Rebel Against US Forces
Kurdish rebels announced on Monday that they would start attacking U.S. targets in Iraq. It is their response to a Turkish air strike that, with Washington's tacit support, killed over 150 Kurds on Friday.
12:18 May 5, 2008 PST
US Doctors Prescribe Drugs Too Often
American children take anti-psychotic drugs more often than their counterparts in Europe, says a recent British study. The number of juvenile patients using the drugs has doubled in five years.
06:13 May 5, 2008 PST
Germany Fears Renewed Nationalism
Germany is fed up with her troublesome past: more than half of the 83 million Germans do not want special relations with Israel.
10:13 May 4, 2008 PST
Conservatives Sweep to Power in Great Britain
LONDON, England. Great Britain is turning right, with the incumbent left-wing Labor Party losing heavily in the Thursday local elections.
11:13 May 2, 2008 PST
Is Corn Ethanol Production to Blame for Food Crisis in America?
Speaking from the White House, Bush informed he had asked lawmakers to allocate additional $770 billion for various relief programs.
05:50 May 2, 2008 PST
Computer Software Warns: The End of the World Will Come in 2012
The Web Bot Project was established in the early 1990s and has been greatly developed within the rapid spread of the Internet at the onset of the twenty-first century.
08:32 May 1, 2008 PST
American Idol: Paula Abdul Deja Vu
Paula Abdul, a Grammy Award-winning singer and one of American Idol jurors, provoked yesterday a great deal of controversy over how objectively the American Idol final five are judged.
08:42 Apr 30, 2008 PST
Barbie Needs a Burqa in Iran
Innocent as she is, Barbie is regarded more dangerous than Batman and Spiderman put together. The scanty clad doll revered by hundreds of thousands of young girls may give them the wrong impression.
09:25 Apr 29, 2008 PST
Will Hillary Clinton Run As An Independent?
Hillary Clinton is seriously considering running as an independent presidential candidate should she lose the Democratic nomination, say various Internet sources.
10:30 Apr 28, 2008 PST
Hannah Montana Gets Naked?
For many teenagers who know Cyrus from the sugarcoated Disney series, the picture of their favorite actress covered only with a white sheet may be a huge shock.
06:45 Apr 28, 2008 PST
World Food Crisis Comes to America
Some retailers, such as Costco in California, inform their clients that '[d]ue to the limited availability of rice, we are limiting rice purchases based on your prior purchasing history.'
10:38 Apr 27, 2008 PST
OMG! Someone Has Stolen My Penis
But surprisingly, for a country bedraggled by years of wars, life is not the most important thing that a grown-up man can lose. How can you live when your penis has been stolen?
11:15 Apr 26, 2008 PST
FairTax or IRS: The Choice Is Up To You
On April 15, 2008, Rep. John Linder (R-GA) received a list with over 100,000 signatures of people who, like him, think that the fair tax would be the best solution to economic problems of the United States.
04:00 Apr 26, 2008 PST
Clay Shirky Web 2.0 Keynote Says We Have Surplus Time For 2000 Wikipedias
Wikipedia is for online communities what Here Comes Lucy was for the previous generations, said Clay Shirky, a high-tech mogul.
08:09 Apr 24, 2008 PST
Alan Gray, CEO of Newsblaze Tackles the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco
Web 2.0 Expo, an annual event organized by the Internet industry and dedicated to improving the worldwide web, began on Tuesday at Moscone Center in San Francisco.
03:48 Apr 24, 2008 PST
Australian Scientists Prove That Masturbation May Save You From Cancer
Flicking the bean, playing the one-string guitar, kit-kat shuffle - whatever the name, they all mean the same thing: masturbation.
13:30 Apr 22, 2008 PST
Jimmy Carter's Brave New World
Contrary to what most people believe, including presidential contenders, you can achieve more when you are no longer the president of the only world superpower.
11:07 Apr 20, 2008 PST
Youth Uprising in the Ghetto, Warsaw Style
They were young and wanted to die a brave death. Six hundred men was their strength; several revolvers and machine guns made up for their entire arsenal.
13:55 Apr 19, 2008 PST
Transatlantic Cooperation in Space
Cassini-Huygens is not only an example of how the enormousness of the human mind equals that of the cosmos, but also shows that cooperation - not competition - leads to success.
05:07 Apr 19, 2008 PST
Win Oscar With Apple
With the cooperation of another Hollywood celebrity, Baz Luhrmann (the director of Moulin Rouge), Apple takes off with a series of educative podcasts, titled The Set to Screen.
15:13 Apr 16, 2008 PST
Apple Invades Russia
If we are to believe the billboards scattered across Moscow, Apple is to open its first iTunes Store in Russia as early as April 21, 2008.
09:28 Apr 15, 2008 PST
History of Papal: Visits to the US
The United States boasts the third largest Catholic community in the world but it has hardly ever appeared on the map of papal trips.
05:52 Apr 15, 2008 PST
December 21, 2012 Judgment Day Will Arrive
Time is ticking away. If we should believe the Mayan calendar, we only have four years until planet Earth turns into another phase - that is, until the world as we know it now disappears. The deadline is December 21, 2012. Hurry up then!
06:24 Mar 14, 2008 PST
California National Guard: Everywhere but California
The California National Guard's resources have been drained by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The equipment otherwise utilized to protect the border with Mexico, may instead be used to detect the Taliban and Iraqi insurgents.
03:56 Mar 5, 2008 PST
Schwarzenegger to Bush: Leave Guardsmen at the Border
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to keep Californian guardsmen at the border. He wrote the President that the presence of 6,000 troops was essential to maintaining border security.
03:35 Feb 29, 2008 PST

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