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1 .Why California's Waiting Period to Purchase a Firearm Will Be Upheld - 18
2 .Florida Governor Rick Scott on Open Carry and Campus Carry bills - Where is He? - 12
3 .Mandatory Military Service Works in Israel - 9
4 .Defining Critical Difference Between Market Research And Marketing Research - 5
5 .Actress Alysia Rogers Reveals Why She Left Hollywood for Good - 4
6 .Karbi Thai (Arrow) Short Film Goes International - 7
7 .I Read Back to Front and Bottom Up, Says Prize-Winning Poet Djelloul Marbrook - 4
8 .Assad - ISIS Collusion: The Human Monster and His Satanic Band - 3
9 .2016 Predictions by World Renowned Medium and Psychic Lindy Baker - 4
10.Vehicle Rollover in Flash Flood, Al Anbar Province - Five Marines Dead - 2
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Kam Williams, Movie Critic

Kam Williams is a popular and top NewsBlaze reviewer, who gives his unvarnished opinion on movies, DVDs and books, plus many in-depth and revealing celebrity internviews.

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Pan Film Review
Created by Sir James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan was first produced as a play in 1904 and adapted into an illustrated novel seven years thereafter. The enchanting fairy tale made its screen debut as a silent movie in 1924, with assorted remakes, seque
03:50 Nov 26, 2015 PST
Dr. Ben Carson 'A More Perfect Union' Interview
Dr. Carson retired after a groundbreaking 35-year career as director of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins hospital. He received a Presidential Medal of Freedom.
15:22 Nov 11, 2015 PST
Welcome to Leith Film Review
This race hate documentary chronicles neo-Nazi relocation to Leith, a small town in North Dakota, and what the locals did to get rid of the supremacists.
19:32 Oct 1, 2015 PST
Black Mass Film Review
A power-hungry ruthless assassin mobster wants to muscle-in on illegal Mafia rackets in the Italian North End. An intimidating, monster with no conscience.
06:44 Sep 15, 2015 PST
Hot Pursuit Film Review
Directed by Anne Fletcher, Hot Pursuit is a mindless diversion chock-full of the staples of the unlikely-buddies genre, like car chases, and accidental drug use.
21:55 Aug 20, 2015 PST
Three Big Budget Films Save The Day
Three big budget films. Paper Towns, Pixels and Southpaw. Teens saving a neighbor, retro-gamers saving the planet and a southpaw boxer saving himself.
05:28 Aug 19, 2015 PST
Tango Negro Film Review
A post-slavery purge of blacks resulted in a whitening of the Argentine population, as immigrants from Italy, France, Lebanon and Syria were welcomed.
05:08 Aug 19, 2015 PST
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Film Review
The Man from U.N.C.L.E., directed by Guy Ritchie is relatively tame, compared to his usual work, such as Snatch (2000) and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)
05:29 Aug 17, 2015 PST
Brandi Maxiell The Basketball Wives LA Interview
Brandi had her dream wedding when she and Jason married. They wanted to start a family right away. but Brandi soon discovered that she had fertility issues.
06:13 Jul 29, 2015 PST
Web Junkie (PBS-TV) Review
Three Chinese boys undergo 90 days of rehab to cure their addiction for computer games and the Internet rather that prevents them connecting with others.
23:09 Jul 19, 2015 PST
Magic Mike XXL Film Review
Channing Tatum returns in the title role, but legendary director, Steven Soderbergh and several actors critical to the success of the original are missing.
05:56 Jul 4, 2015 PST
Stephen 'tWitch' Boss The Magic Mike XXLA Interview
Stephen Boss parlayed television success into a film career, appearing in Hairspray, Blades of Glory, Stomp the Yard 2 and, most notably, several installments of the Step Up franchise.
16:38 Jul 3, 2015 PST
6-30-2015 Top Ten DVD Releases
Top Ten DVD List for June 30, 2015, including Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter, While We're Young, and The Decline of Western Civilization.
05:52 Jul 2, 2015 PST
Faith of Our Fathers Film Review
A gulf in the attitudes of two men had a profound effect on the orphans' fortunes. One is stable and successful and the other had many scrapes with the law.
19:48 Jun 27, 2015 PST
Lucy McBath '3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets' Interview
Lucy McBath reminisces about Jordan while discussing 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets, a documentary chronicling the trial of her son's killer.
06:38 Jun 19, 2015 PST
Spy Film Review
A desk-bound CIA analyst acts as the ears and eyes of Bradley Fine, a veteran spy. Used to seeing action through hidden cameras and listening devices, when the spy is killed, she takes over his job.
06:49 Jun 13, 2015 PST
Travaris Spears The 'Freedom' Interview
Since 2007, Travaris has been busy at work while simultaneously maintaining excellent grades in school; something upon which his mother insists. he is in the ninth grade.
01:56 Jun 12, 2015 PST
Movies to Watch Opening June 5, 2015
Movies opening June 5, 2015 include Entourage, rated R, Insidious: Chapter 3, rated PG-13 and not as terrifying as the original.
06:31 Jun 8, 2015 PST
Entourage Film Review
Entourage is like an extended rap music video. A decadent celebration of materialism and conspicuous consumption shot against lavish backdrops with a smorgasbord of scantily-clad, fantasy babes
18:15 Jun 5, 2015 PST
Lin Shaye The 'Insidious: Chapter 3' Interview
Lin has almost 200 screen credits to her name, including Snakes on a Plane, Nightmare on Elm Street. Here, she talks about reprising the role of Elise Rainier
07:40 Jun 5, 2015 PST
May 2015 Kam's Kapsules: Movies to Check Out
Interesting movies for May 2015, opened May 15. They include the two big budget films, Max Max: Road Fury and Pitch Perfect 2. Remakes are still in vogue.
06:30 May 28, 2015 PST
Vivica A. Fox, Tyson Beckford and Robert Ri'chard The 'Chocolate City' Interview
Vivica A. Fox, Tyson Beckford and Robert Ri'chard talk about a remake of Magic Mike in which a cash-strapped college kid hides his job as an exotic dancer.
05:33 May 26, 2015 PST
5-22 Kam's Kapsules
Watch these movies before the end of May, especially Chocolate City, the remake of the 1982 Poltergeist and the sci-fi flick, Tomorrowland.
04:18 May 26, 2015 PST
The Hand That Feeds Film Review
The documentary film focuses on the lives of underpaid workers at Manhattan's Hot & Crusty (H&C) bakery where the Latino staff members are underpaid and their complaints are not heard.
09:53 May 25, 2015 PST
Zoe Kravitz 'The Mad Max: Fury Road/Good Kill' Interview
This spring alone, Zoe has a half-dozen films released in theaters, including the blockbusters Insurgent and Mad Max: Fury Road, as well as Good Kill, The Road Within, Dope and Treading Water. Here, she talks about life and about her latest movies.
16:52 May 18, 2015 PST
Welcome to Me Film Review
Alice, a manic depressive bipolar diehard Oprah fan becomes rich, and creates a TV series about herself, an emotional exhibitionist who couch potatoes love.
06:24 May 4, 2015 PST
My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me Book Review
Jennifer's emotional tailspin made sense seeing how her bubble was burst, given how orphans are more inclined to fantasize that they're descended from royalty than the scum of the Earth.
16:47 Apr 19, 2015 PST
Kevin James The 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2' Interview
Kevin James talks to Kam Williams about his role in the Paul Blart: Mall Cop sequel
04:37 Apr 17, 2015 PST
Freida Pinto The 'Desert Dancer' Interview
Freida Pinto, born in Mumbai, India, showed an interest in acting early on, participating in community theater and school productions.
20:54 Apr 16, 2015 PST
Spring Top Ten DVD Releases for April 14, 2015
Romance, war, adventure, vengeance are some of the common themes for the new DVD releases of the week. The King of Masks and Like Sunday, Like Rain are two.
16:12 Apr 16, 2015 PST
The Sisterhood of Night Film Review
A schoolgirl humiliated by a classmate takes a humiliating revenge in return, then comes up with the idea of forming The Sisterhood, secret society for girls.
15:51 Apr 16, 2015 PST
The Girl is in Trouble Film Review
When August asks Signe if the slaying on a video is real, she says, None of your business! That piques his curiosity, and he slowly sinks deeper into a quagmire.
06:09 Apr 14, 2015 PST
4-10-2015 Kam's Kapsules (FEATURE)
Spring is finally here and time to say goodbye to the winter blues. Watch the hottest thrilling movies opening this Friday, April 10, 2015!
06:18 Apr 9, 2015 PST
Man From Reno Film Review
To prevent herself from being lonely, a Japanese crime writer takes off from Tokyo to San Francisco where she meets a mysterious Japanese guy from Reno.
00:11 Apr 3, 2015 PST
4-3-2015 Kam's Kapsules for Good Friday
Lent season is here! Unfortunately, most of the movies are full of violence, profanity, drugs and nudity. Thanks, Hollywood, but check Boychoir.
16:17 Apr 2, 2015 PST
Do You Believe? Film Review
Do You Believe? is a timely movie as Lent approached. Directed by Jonathan M. Gunn, this faith-based film chronicles the religious experiences of characters in the story.
15:04 Mar 31, 2015 PST
Rising Up From The Blood Book Review
Prior to the reunion, I was going in the wrong direction ... I didn't realize from whence I came ... By the time I was 16, I had become a lost soul, confused about life.
14:38 Mar 29, 2015 PST
Growing Up and Other Lies Film Review
Kam Williams reviews an awful film that is a misogynistic dramedy, with four, obnoxious, testosterone-fueled slackers venting their bile on unsuspecting victims.
13:00 Mar 29, 2015 PST
Secret of Water Documentary Review
Potable water is becoming increasingly scarce. Water is life, but human misuse of water is causing big problems, according to the Secret of Water documentary.
12:54 Mar 26, 2015 PST
3-24-2015 Top Ten DVD Releases (FEATURE)
The top DVD releases for this week starts with the final movie based on the final J.R.R. Tolkien novel: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
15:25 Mar 25, 2015 PST
Kam's Kapsules Introduces Cinderella and Run All Night
Don't miss these opening movies of the week including Cinderella, starring Lily James, a live-action version of the classic fairytale.
04:28 Mar 25, 2015 PST
Get Hard Film Review
Working man Darnell Lewis is stuck on the wrong side of the tracks in South Central L.A., living the opposite life to Mr. King who has money all around him.
13:05 Mar 23, 2015 PST
Kam's Kapsules For March 20 2015
High-action movies, starting with The Gunman, with Sean Penn, directed by Pierre Morel, plus the sci-fi Insurgent, with Shailene Woodley and Taylor Lautner in Tracers.
05:36 Mar 23, 2015 PST
The Gunman Film Review
Sean Penn showcases his abilities in drama and action, as an assassin who leaves the scene of the crime only to return years later, expecting his girlfriend to be still waiting.
05:17 Mar 23, 2015 PST
April Ryan 'The Presidency in Black and White' Interview
Besides covering the Obama administration, April's responsibilities include hosting 'The White House Report,' a syndicated show airing on about 300 radio stations around the country. The Morgan State grad still lives in her native Baltimore which is
04:26 Mar 23, 2015 PST
Praedamus: Let US Prey Book Review
Why have Christian churches kept members in the dark for over 2,000 years? What did the church hierarchy know that wasn't being shared? Why the secrets?
15:55 Mar 19, 2015 PST
Shailene Woodley The 'Insurgent' Interview
Kam Williams chats to Shailene Woodley, who starred in the drama White Bird in a Blizzard, and solidified her stature as a versatile actress in The Fault in Our Stars.
05:34 Mar 18, 2015 PST
It Follows Film Review
Oblivious to everything and overwhelmed with passion, Hugh sneaks up from behind and knocks out the girl he's just made love to by covering her face with a cloth dipped in chloroform.
16:06 Mar 17, 2015 PST
Ben Crump 'The Ferguson' Interview
Ben Crump is the attorney of record in many high-profile, civil rights cases, most notably representing the families of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice.
03:46 Mar 14, 2015 PST
Treading Water Film Review
An aloof boy with a stinky medical problem was raised by his eccentric mother in a house converted into a museum dedicated to the memory of an obscure Mexican musician.
03:26 Mar 14, 2015 PST
Midnight: Run All Night Film Review
Jimmy warns his son. Mike calls the cops, ignoring his father's advice to avoid the local police since they're bought and likely in cahoots with the Maguire crime family.
20:32 Mar 13, 2015 PST
Like Sunday, Like Rain Film Review
Written and directed by Frank Whaley, the character-driven coming-of-age flick is very dependent on the generation of chemistry between the leads.
06:11 Mar 13, 2015 PST
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Film Review
That is only one of several storylines in a romance-driven sequel which unfolds more like a daytime soap opera than a fully fleshed-out feature film. Scene after scene is simply a setup for another transparent love triangle.
20:05 Mar 11, 2015 PST
The Cobbler Film Review
Written and directed by Thomas McCarthy, The Cobbler has to be considered a big disappointment, given the high expectations set by his impressive earlier offerings.
05:04 Mar 11, 2015 PST
Clarence Page: The 'Culture Worrier' Interview
Clarence Page, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and TV political pundit talks with Kam Williams about his life, career and his Culture Worrier essays.
16:19 Mar 10, 2015 PST
Faults Film Review
The plot thickens as it becomes clear that the exasperated shrink isn't up to the task, and the subject gets the better of their intense sessions.
22:50 Mar 9, 2015 PST
Black Republican Book Review
Eddie Murphy made his Saturday Night Live debut back in November of 1980 in a spoof of the TV show Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom entitled In Search of the Negro Republican.
15:21 Mar 9, 2015 PST
McFarland, USA Film Review
After settling on seven promising proteges, Coach White doesn't know whether their cash-strapped families can afford to let them run track in lieu of laboring as farm workers
05:26 Mar 9, 2015 PST
Black Male Frames Book Review
In the antebellum era, when minstrel shows took the US by storm as the country's first popular form of entertainment, African-American males were portrayed by white men in blackface as servile or surly.
17:24 Mar 8, 2015 PST
Wild Canaries Film Review
The coroner quickly concludes an old lady died of natural causes, but her young neighbor suspects otherwise, much to the frustration of her fiance.
03:42 Mar 4, 2015 PST
3-6-2015 Kam's Movies For the Month of March
Here are three not-to-miss big budget films for this week that will bring delight and color to your hectic days ahead, starting with Chappie, and The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel followed by independent and foreign films.
17:13 Mar 3, 2015 PST
Jake Tapper 'The Lead' Interview
Jake Tapper has been a widely-respected reporter in Washington for more than 14 years. Kam Williams asks how the son of a pediatrician and a psychiatric nurse got into journalism.
14:17 Feb 28, 2015 PST
Oscar Recap: Birdman Reigns Supreme!
There were no upsets in terms of the major categories, with Julianne Moore (Still Alice) and Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything) prevailing in the lead acting categories, as expected
03:55 Feb 28, 2015 PST
Kung Fu Elliot Film Review
Kung Fu Elliot is a kickboxer on a desperate quest to be star. He ropes his girlfriend in to his delusional scheme and the question is, can the relationship last longer than the dream.
13:07 Feb 26, 2015 PST
Love Month 2-24-2015 Top Ten DVD Releases
Here are the top DVD releases for this week, starting with Whiplash, and just the right time for a fond farewell to the love month of February 2015!
16:23 Feb 23, 2015 PST
Reach Book Review
Role models serve a critical function. In the Introduction to the inspirational book Reach, Editor Ben Jealous says We cannot imitate that which we have never seen, heard, or read about.
04:32 Feb 21, 2015 PST
Craig Robinson The 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' Interview
While Craig Robinson was studying Education, he discovered his love of acting and comedy when he joined the famed Second City Theatre.
04:19 Feb 21, 2015 PST
Oscar Predictions 2015: Kam Williams' Official Picks
The only other multiple winners will likely be Boyhood, Whiplash and The Theory of Everything, at 2 each.
14:11 Feb 20, 2015 PST
The Business of Disease Film Review
Concerned about your health and inclined to question authority, check out The Business of Disease, a damning documentary written, directed, produced and narrated by Sonia Barrett.
20:22 Feb 19, 2015 PST
Chinese New Year 2-20 Kam's Kapsules
Add delight to the Chinese Lunar New Year - watch The DUFF, the crude humored Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and McFarland, USA, with Kevin Costner.
20:17 Feb 19, 2015 PST
Post Valentine 2-17-2015 Top Ten DVD Releases And Honorable Mentions
These not-to-missed DVD releases for this week add delight to your weekend activities. In the lead are Life Itself, Birdman and The Theory of Everything.
15:36 Feb 16, 2015 PST
50 Shades of Grey Film Review
estal virgin Anastasia Steele drives from Vancouver to Seattle to the corporate headquarters of Grey Enterprises to interview CEO Christian Grey...
13:30 Feb 16, 2015 PST
1971 Film Review
1971 is a whistleblower documentary directed by Johanna Hamilton. The participants in the theft eluded capture by the authorities for decades.
12:10 Feb 16, 2015 PST
The Rewrite Film Review
The Rewrite is a delightful romantic romp written and directed by Marc Lawrence (Miss Congeniality). It is the fourth collaboration between Lawrence and Hugh Grant
02:22 Feb 16, 2015 PST
Old Fashioned Film Review
Clay Walsh, an unassuming gentleman retreats to a quiet Midwestern town to run his Aunt Zella's antique store, and finds an attractive free-spirit in Amber Hewson.
13:58 Feb 15, 2015 PST
Kingsman: The Secret Service Film Review
A boy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, could use a few lessons in etiquette, ala My Fair Lady's Eliza Doolittle.
04:03 Feb 15, 2015 PST
Eye on The Struggle Book Review
President Lyndon B. Johnson recognized Payne's seminal role by presenting her with pens used in the signing of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act.
14:27 Feb 12, 2015 PST
Sharon Leal The 'Addicted' Interview
Prior to that, she starred opposite Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac in the comedy Soul Men as well as in This Christmas, opposite Regina King and Mekhi Phifer. Her performance in the latter project won her an Asian Excellence Award for outstanding
12:25 Feb 12, 2015 PST
Pre-Valentines Movies for 2-13-2015 Kam's Kapsules
Watching movies is one romantic way to spend the special day with someone we love. Kam Williams starts the list with Fifty Shades of Grey and Kingsman: The Secret Service.
20:58 Feb 11, 2015 PST
F.B. Eyes Book Review
These ghostreaders knew enough to simulate a sinister black literature of their own. The official aim... was to anticipate political unrest. Yet, FBI surveillance came to influence the creation and public reception of African American literature in
17:10 Feb 11, 2015 PST
3 Nights in The Desert Film Review
Travis forgot about the unresolved romantic tensions which contributed to the breakup, given how Barry had an unrequited crush on Anna
13:57 Feb 11, 2015 PST
Girlhood Film Review
An estrogen-fueled sepia posse of Marieme (Karidja Toure), Lady (Assa Sylla), Adiatou (Lindsay Karamoh) and Fily (Marietou Toure), are rudderless rebels without a clue.
04:06 Feb 9, 2015 PST
Jupiter Ascending Film Review
This epic unfolds like a classic origins tale by introducing a plethora of characters and filling in their back stories. A housekeeper in Chicago discovers she is to inherit the earth.
04:10 Feb 8, 2015 PST
Pre-Valentine 2-6-2015 Kam's Kapsules
These are the must-see movies before everybody else join the bandwagon of love stuff before the Valentine's celebration!
19:31 Feb 7, 2015 PST
Top 9 Books Read By African Americans
These 9 top titles, all of which were released in 2014, experienced strong sales both prior to and after their nominations were announced in December.
17:46 Feb 6, 2015 PST
Tasha Smith The 'Addicted' Interview
Tasha's memorable portrayal of Angela in Why Did I Get Married? and Why Did I Get Married, Too? sparked the spin-off series focused around her relationship with her husband.
05:28 Feb 6, 2015 PST
Supremacy Film Review
Garrett is a white supremacist with tattoos of swastikas, a Confederate flag, an Iron Cross and the word HATE adorning his face, arms, fingers and chest.
16:16 Feb 3, 2015 PST
Above and Beyond Film Review
In 1948, Israel was losing its War of Independence without fighter planes to respond to air attacks, but WWII fighter pilots from half a world away answered the call.
16:54 Feb 1, 2015 PST
1-30-2015 Kam's Kapsules
There's no better and exciting way to unwind this 'Thank God It's Friday' day and the rest of the week than to spend with friends and loved-ones by watching movies!
05:04 Jan 31, 2015 PST
Dark Girls Book Review
Movie and book reviewer, Kam Williams states the book. 'Dark Girls' is an uplifting collection capturing both the intelligence and elegance of darker-skinned sisters.
07:14 Jan 29, 2015 PST
Voices of Auschwitz TV Review
Movie reviewer, Kam Williams sums up this moving memoir as a remarkable testament to the indomitability of the human spirit as well as a mighty reminder why the evils of the Holocaust must never be forgotten.
09:05 Jan 28, 2015 PST
Black Or White Film Review
Movie reviewer Kam Williams reviews the film, 'White or Blace' 3 stars and says it is very good. To sum it up, he says the film is about White and Black grandparents clash in a courtroom drama.
10:00 Jan 27, 2015 PST
Kevin Costner 'The Black or White' Interview
Movie and celebrity interviewer Kam Williams chats with Kevin Costner about his new film, 'The Black or White' and shares it with NewsBlaze readers around the world.
13:03 Jan 26, 2015 PST
The Imitation Game Film Review
Movie reviewer Kam Williams reviews the film, 'The Imitation Game' which is a life story of unsung hero for cracking Nazi Code.
16:04 Jan 25, 2015 PST
Americons Film Review
Movie reviewer Kam Williams reviews the new film, Americons. This movie is a fact-based cautionary tale that revisits the Sub-Prime mortgage crisis.
12:24 Jan 25, 2015 PST
Big Muddy Film Review
Movie reviewer Kam Williams unfolds his take of Big Muddy, an intriguing neo noir marking the impressive directorial debut of Jefferson Moneo.
17:20 Jan 24, 2015 PST
1-23 Kam's Kapsules
Movie reviewer Kam Williams shares movies opening January 23, 2015 with NewsBlaze readers around the world. As the Chinese new year is fast approaching, it is exciting to jumpstart with the latest and must-see movies opening this Friday!
13:08 Jan 24, 2015 PST
2015 Academy Award Nominations: Full List Here!
Movie reviewer Kam Williams shares his full list of nominations for 2015 Academy Awards with NewsBlaze readers around the globe.
12:28 Jan 24, 2015 PST
1-20 Top Ten DVD Releases
Don't miss the hottest movies in DVD this week that will surely make your day stress-free!
07:41 Jan 24, 2015 PST
Turning 15 on The Road to Freedom Book Review
Lynda's story of overcoming terror and winning one of our nation's most important battles is eye-opening and inspiring memoir that brings us into the heart of the civil rights movement to offer compelling proof that young people can be heroes.'
14:30 Jan 23, 2015 PST
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