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1 .Actress Alysia Rogers Reveals Why She Left Hollywood for Good - 14
2 .Isabella Rossellini The Green Porno Interview - 11
3 .Mandatory Military Service Works in Israel - 9
4 .You Can Turn Back Time - 11
5 .'The Winter of April' Focuses on Mystery of Sexual Crimes - 6
6 .Obama Encouraging Illegal Immigration in America - 7
7 .Interesting Facts About Dogs - 5
8 .Anisha Kapur Replaces Sayantani Ghosh as The New Kakul - 6
9 .What is the 'Real Motive' of Tas and Jas in the Murder of Their Mother, Nikki - 5
10.Is Facebook Now The White House Media BFFN? - 6
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Kam Williams, Movie Critic

Kam Williams is a popular and top NewsBlaze reviewer, who gives his unvarnished opinion on movies, DVDs and books, plus many in-depth and revealing celebrity internviews.

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Kal Penn The 'Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain' Interview
On TV, Kalpen Suresh Modi is Dr. Lawrence Kutner, on the critically-acclaimed series House. He appeared on 24, and guest-starred in Law & Order: SVU.
15:40 Nov 18, 2014 PST
11-18 Top Ten DVD Releases (FEATURE)
For the movie lovers out there who want to start the week in a 'relaxing mode' and stress-free evening, here are the top DVD releases of the week:
18:49 Nov 16, 2014 PST
Cosby Book Review
Born and raised on a rough side of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. William Henry Cosby, Jr. overcame a challenging childhood to enjoy a 50+ year career in show business.
04:25 Nov 16, 2014 PST
Nate Parker 'The Beyond the Lights' Interview
Nate Parker has been busy. He appeared in the action thriller Non-Stop, with Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore. Last year, he starred in Ain't Them Bodies Saints, with Rooney Mara, Casey Affleck, and Ben Foster.
03:31 Nov 16, 2014 PST
Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain Film Review
After 10,000 people were killed in Bhopal, Union Carbide settled a mammoth wrongful death lawsuit for just $300 per corpse without taking responsibility.
03:39 Nov 15, 2014 PST
Isabella Rossellini The Green Porno Interview
Isabella wrote, directed and starred in a series of insightful comical shorts about the reproducing habits of various bugs, insects and other animals.
11:52 Nov 14, 2014 PST
Interstellar Film Review
Movie reviewer Kam Williams gives the film, 'Interstellar' 2 stars. Williams states that he is not too proud to admit that he couldn't follow the convoluted storyline but said at least the panoramic visuals remained absolutely breathtaking.
09:00 Nov 14, 2014 PST
The Justice Imperative Book Review
Brian Moran, a lawyer, contends that the American Dream has been hijacked by what he calls hyper-incarceration, that puts one in three black juveniles into prison.
03:49 Nov 14, 2014 PST
Whiplash Film Review
From the first day of class, a jazz drummer ends up in the hands of a strict music mentor, an impatient perfectionist with a twisted teaching method.
04:09 Nov 11, 2014 PST
11-11 Top Ten DVD Releases
The spirit of yuletide season is edging closer, not far around the corner now. The newly-released DVDs for the week can keep you in tune for the joyful season ahead.
05:25 Nov 10, 2014 PST
Beyond The Lights Film Review
Kam Williams warns us not to confuse Beyond the Lights with The Bodyguard. This tale of female empowerment is more hip-hop performances and soap opera drama.
20:49 Nov 9, 2014 PST
11-7 Kam's Kapsules Post-Halloween Movies For the Week
After the busy week of Halloween, here are must-see movies opening for this week and for a worthwhile relaxing weekend:
15:54 Nov 7, 2014 PST
11-4 Top Ten DVD Releases
Saying goodbye to the thrills and squeals of the Halloween week, gear up for another week-long movie marathon for the hottest DVD releases for the week.
04:21 Nov 7, 2014 PST
Rhythm for Sale Book Review
Kam Williams reviews 'Rhythm for Sale,' featuring the late Leonard Harper, a seminal contributor to the Harlem Renaissance, a chronicle of his fascinating life.
10:45 Nov 2, 2014 PST
The Top Cities for Readers of African American Literature
Some cities lost points for strong negative indicators for African American literacy as reflected on reports like, The Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males 2010.
18:33 Oct 31, 2014 PST
Gugu Mbatha-Raw The Beyond The Lights Interview
Gugu Mbatha-Raw, the emerging star compares her Belle role to her new role in Beyond the Lights, where she plays Noni, a pop star who falls for her hunky, supportive bodyguard.
13:40 Oct 31, 2014 PST
Private Peaceful Film Review
Directed by Pat O'Connor (Sweet November), the screen version is an intriguing romance drama which takes a sharp turn about midway through when Tommo and Charlie enlist in the army and ship off to serve their country in Flanders' fields.
13:00 Oct 30, 2014 PST
Kam's Kapsules: Must See Movies For Halloween
Before the month of October ends, here are the must-see movies to give viewers thrills and chills on the Halloween weekends.
08:39 Oct 29, 2014 PST
Haley Joel Osment Interview: I See Haley, People!
Kam Williams interviews Haley Joel Osment, who played Cole, in The Sixth Sense, as the boy with the iconic line, I see dead people. Now in Sex Ed.
05:24 Oct 29, 2014 PST
10-21 Top Ten DVD Releases
For movie fanatics and couch potatoes, are you ready to relax and indulge in a stress-free weekend? Well, here are top 10 DVD releases for the week!
07:57 Oct 27, 2014 PST
10-24 Kam's Kapsules
It's a movie marathon, and here are some must-see movies to shoo away the boredom and be on trend on what's new and hot flicks for this month!
05:08 Oct 26, 2014 PST
The Best of Me Film Review
Directed by Michael Hoffman, The Best of Me is loosely based on the Nicholas Sparks best seller of the same name published in 2011.
04:39 Oct 26, 2014 PST
Rainbow in The Cloud Book Review
Dr. Maya Angelou was born Marguerite Annie Johnson in St. Louis, Missouri on April 4th, 1928. She overcame a traumatic childhood to blossom into a world-renowned poet, author, educator, actress, historian, filmmaker and civil rights activist.
16:51 Oct 24, 2014 PST
Anthony Bourdain 'The Parts Unknown' Interview
Chef, author, world traveler Anthony Bourdain is an outspoken trailblazer with unique insights talks about his life, career and Peabody and Emmy-winning TV-series, Parts Unknown.
13:09 Oct 22, 2014 PST
Gina Prince-Bythewood: Gina the Dreamer
Kam Williams interviews Gina the Dreamer about Beyond the Lights, a romance drama co-starring Gugu Mbata-Raw and Nate Parker.
03:44 Oct 21, 2014 PST
Michael Pena & David Ayer The 'Fury' Interview
Michael Pena, who first appeared in 'To Sir, with Love' and 'End of Watch' director David Ayer talk to Kam Williams about reuniting to collaborate on Fury.
16:24 Oct 14, 2014 PST
Culture Worrier Book Review
Over the years, Clarence has opined on everything from Thurgood Marshall to Clarence Thomas; from the use of the N-word to political correctness; and from Dr. Martin Luther King to President Barack Obama. Now, he has compiled an opus containing sele
21:51 Oct 8, 2014 PST
Boris Kodjoe The 'Addicted' Interview
Movie reviewer Kam Williams Interviews Boris Kodjoe about his new movie, 'Addicted'.
20:15 Oct 7, 2014 PST
Kill The Messenger Film Review
Kam Williams reviews Kill The Messenger, in which a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter refuses to be intimidated by a CIA operative that wants to suppress the truth.
21:08 Oct 6, 2014 PST
Jeremy Renner The 'Kill the Messenger' Interview
The following year, he was again an Academy Award nominee, this time as Best Supporting Actor for his performance as James Coughlin in The Town, directed by Ben Affleck.
20:35 Oct 6, 2014 PST
Top Ten DVD Releases for Week of September 30, 2014
Our Movie reviewer Kam Williams brings us his top ten DVD releases for September 30, 2014. With titles such as Chef, Ivory Tower and Enemy of the Reich
10:15 Oct 1, 2014 PST
Interview: Laurence Fishburne
Laurence J. Fishburne, III has achieved an impressive body of work as an actor, producer and director. He talks about playing Pops on the new TV sitcom, Black-ish.
08:41 Sep 30, 2014 PST
Film Review: Advanced Style
Flying in the face of this conventional wisdom is Ari Seth Cohen,a street photographer who roams around Manhattan looking for flamboyant elderly females to capture with his camera
06:18 Sep 30, 2014 PST
Film Review: Believe Me
Thought-provoking, faith-based parable asking whether it's ever too late to make a second impression. An intriguing morality play written and directed by Will Bakke
17:14 Sep 29, 2014 PST
Pocono Mountains Film Festival
The Pocono Mountains Film Festival Celebrates its 12th Year in commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of Brown VS. Board 50th Anniversary of the Voters Registration Act
16:23 Sep 29, 2014 PST
Kam's Kapsules Movies Opening October 3, 2014
Our Movie reviewer Kam Williams gives his wekly previews to make choosing a film fun. Including titles such as Annabelle, Gone Girl and the blue room.
04:57 Sep 29, 2014 PST
Plastic Film Review
Plastic may or may not be loosely based on a true story, but it may follow a line we've seen before - gore and sensuality, and not nearly enough of anything else.
17:22 Sep 28, 2014 PST
An Obama's Journey - Book Review
Kam Williams reviews Mark Obama Ndesandjo's book, 'An Obama's Journey,' a jaw-dropping memoir that casts a shadow over Barack, Sr. and Barack junior.
21:47 Sep 24, 2014 PST
American Masters: The Boomer List (PBS-TV)
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, director of a trio of award-winning documentaries, decideding to make a film recognizing the contributions of cultural icons, one born in each year of the Baby Boom.
20:47 Sep 22, 2014 PST
Film Review: Pump
Movie Reviewer Kam Willaims brings Pump, why is price of gasoline in the US so high? Much of the explanation lies in a corporate conspiracy to deny us access to alternative fuel sources.
15:42 Sep 22, 2014 PST
Film Review: The Equalizer
Our Movie Reviewer brings you The Equalizer, a riveting, relatively-gruesome adaptation of the popular, 1980s TV-series, directed by Antoine Fuqua.
13:16 Sep 22, 2014 PST
Take Me to The River Film Review
But what makes the movie worth its while is hearing such soul greats as Booker T., Mavis Staples, David Porter and Charlie Musselwhite wax romantic about the good ole days. We learn that the bands were often integrated at a time the rest of Memphis
13:13 Sep 22, 2014 PST
Hector and the Search for Happiness Film Review
Hector, the eccentric neat freak, is transparent, inauthentic, and just going through the motions with his girlfriend, so he goes on a spiritual quest, alone.
06:47 Sep 21, 2014 PST
Finding Your Roots Book Review
Most black people hit a dead end when trying to trace their lineage, because their ancestors were considered fungible goods during slavery, meaning they were merely personal property to be bought and sold,
13:09 Sep 18, 2014 PST
Denzel Washington & Antoine Fuqua 'The Equalizer' Interview
Here, Denzel and director Antoine Fuqua discuss their reuniting to collaborate again on The Equalizer.
09:26 Sep 18, 2014 PST
The Roosevelts: An Intimate History Film Review
Our Movie Reviewer Kam Williams reviews The Roosevelts: An Intimate History which airs on PBS mid September, with excellent ratings.
18:27 Sep 17, 2014 PST
This Is Where I Leave You Film Review
A sophisticated brand of humor in This Is Where I Leave You, an alternately droll and laugh out loud dramedy directed by Shawn Levy (Date Night).
07:18 Sep 17, 2014 PST
No Good Deed Film Review - A Tautly-Wound Nail-Biter
The theatrical directorial debut of Sam Miller, best known for Luther, the BBC-TV series featuring Idris Elba in the title role for which he won a Golden Globe
18:25 Sep 16, 2014 PST
Top Ten DVD Releases September 16, 2014
Our Movie Reviewer Kam Williams gives us his top ten DVD releases for September 16, 2014 including some well know titles such as Captain America: Winter Soldier, Ilo Ilo and the German Doctor.
07:23 Sep 16, 2014 PST
I Am Eleven Film Review
Wondering what today's kids are thinking as they negotiate their way through that stage of life, you can find out from I Am Eleven, a delightful documentary.
06:59 Sep 16, 2014 PST
Kam's Kapsules: Movies Opening September 19, 2014
Our Movie Reviewer Kam Williams' previews that help choosing a movie fun, including titles such as The Maze Runner, This Is Where I Leave You and Tracks.
08:57 Sep 14, 2014 PST
Book Review: Death of a King
Kam Williams reviews Death of a King, a haunting portrait of the trials and tribulations of an unwavering visionary who held fast to his core beliefs to his dying day.
11:17 Sep 12, 2014 PST
Film Review: The Identical
What if Elvis Presley's stillborn twin had survived his mother's pregnancy? That is the alternate reality contemplated by The Identical, Reviewed by Kam Williams.
18:47 Sep 9, 2014 PST
Film Review: Altina
Movie reviewer Kam Williams gives the film, 'Altina' 3 stars. Williams states that this film is a frustrating tease of a tribute that seems to merely scratch the surface of an overprotected child of privilege-turned-irrepressible bon vivant.
13:05 Sep 8, 2014 PST
Film Review: Rocks in My Pockets
Our Movie Reviewer Kam Williams reviews the upcoming animated misadventure, Rocks in My Pockets, written, directed and narrated by Signe Baumane
06:00 Sep 8, 2014 PST
Top Ten DVD Releases For September 9, 2014
Movie reviewer Kam Williams shares this week's Week's DVD Releases. Some of the titles are Cuba: Worlds Together, The Hornet's Nest, Teenage and more.
16:44 Sep 7, 2014 PST
Kam's Kapsules: Movies opening September 12, 2014
Our movie reviewer Kam Williams shares his weekly previews that make choosing a film fun look for movies being released this week such as No good Deed, Dolphin's Tale 2 and more
11:16 Sep 6, 2014 PST
Top Ten DVD Releases For September 2, 2014
Our movie reviewer Kam William's shares this week's DVD Releases, with titles such as American Promise, Whitewash and more.
15:46 Sep 1, 2014 PST
Anchoring the National Conversation on Race: Don Lemon
Kam Williams interviews CNN's Don Lemon about the racial issues he has covered, and specifically, the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of Michael Brown.
21:09 Aug 31, 2014 PST
Kam's Kapsules Movies Opening September 5, 2014
Our movie reviewer Kam Williams shares his weekly previews that make choosing a movie fun. Look for movies being released this week such as God Help The Girl, But Always and more
16:08 Aug 31, 2014 PST
Kam's Kapsules: Movies Opening August 22, 2014
Movie reviewer Kam Williams shares his weekly previews that make choosing a film fun. Look for films that open this week such as Sin City: A Dame to Kill for, Are you Here and more
15:07 Aug 30, 2014 PST
The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears Film Review
Movie reviewer Kam Williams gives the film, 'The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears' 2 stars. He states that it is difficult to decipher whodunit and it is guaranteed to have you still scratching your head even after its confounding resolution.
12:28 Aug 29, 2014 PST
Second Opinion: Medical Expose Revisits Cover-Up of Promising Cancer Cure
The documentary, Second Opinion investigates what two doctors say was a coverup of a toxic, but promising cancer drug, that may have been an effective cure.
19:27 Aug 28, 2014 PST
The Calling Film Review
Movie reviewer Kam Williams says the film. The Calling is tarnished slightly by periodic displays of grisly crime scenes apt to upset audience members averse to gratuitous gore.
10:12 Aug 26, 2014 PST
Top Ten DVD Releases For Week of August 19th
Movie reviewer Kam Williams shares this week's Week's DVD Releases. Some of the titles are 'The Empty Hours', 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' and 'Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Fourth Season'.
12:44 Aug 19, 2014 PST
Kam Williams Shares Top Ten DVD Releases
Movie reviewer Kam Williams shares his Top Ten DVD List for the week of August 12, 2014
07:14 Aug 19, 2014 PST
Thoughts From a Unicorn Book Review
The only criticism I have of the series is that it didn't devote an episode to the African-American Jews of New York. To get a sense of what life is like for a brother from Brooklyn who is both black and Jewish, check out Thoughts of a Unicorn, a m
18:35 Aug 17, 2014 PST
A Life Hangs in the Balance in Adaptation of Bittersweet Best-Seller
Kam Williams reviews If I Stay, in which a bright 17 year-old cello-playing girl full of the bloom of youth is irreversibly altered by a head-on crash
16:20 Aug 17, 2014 PST
Kam's Kapsules: Movies Opening August 15, 2014
Movie reviewer Kam Williams shares his weekly previews that make choosing a film fun. Look for films that open this week such as The Expendables 3, The Giver and Let's Be Cops.
12:38 Aug 13, 2014 PST
Congressman James Clyburn The 'Blessed Experiences' Interview
Congressman Clyburn has been married to his wife, Emily, since 1961, and they have three daughters, two sons-in-law, and three grandchildren. Here, he talks about his life and career, and about his autobiography, 'Blessed Experiences:
12:14 Aug 13, 2014 PST
The Giver Film Review by Kam Williams
Kam Williams says The Giver is a thought-provoking meditation on mind control, featuring sterling performances by emerging thespians, plus Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift
16:56 Aug 12, 2014 PST
Fifi Howls From Happiness Film Review
Movie reviewer Kam Williams says this film is a poignant tribute proving Iran has definitely had at least one homosexual, in fact, a national icon-turned-persecuted persona non grata who had the good sense to escape before being exterminated for his
14:12 Aug 11, 2014 PST
Into The Storm Film Review
Meanwhile, a team of storm chasers is rushing towards Silverton at the direction of its meteorologist, Allison Stone (Sarah Wayne Callies), since her computer data has predicted that the next funnel cloud is likely to form somewhere in that vicinity
05:58 Aug 11, 2014 PST
Wesley Snipes: 'The Expendables 3' Interview with Kam Williams
Wesley Snipes talks to Kam Williams about The Expendables 3, with him as Doc alongside Sly Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas, Terry Crews, Kelsey Grammer.
14:08 Aug 10, 2014 PST
Best-Selling African-American Books for Summer 2014
Kam Williams says The Power List is compiled by collecting data from online book sellers, random samples on relevant Facebook pages, and a quarterly survey of 1,200 African-American book clubs.
20:40 Aug 7, 2014 PST
Rich Hill Film Review
Movie critic Kam Williams gives Rich Hill 3 stars. He says 15 year-old Harley has a great sense of humor despite the fact that he misses his convict mother imprisoned for the attempted murder of his stepfather
13:57 Aug 7, 2014 PST
Web Junkie Film Review
Movie reviewer Kam Williams says the film 'Web Junkie' is excellent and gives it 4 stars. Williams states that it is a tough love remedy from the Orient designed for impressionable young minds which prefer virtual reality to relating in the flesh
12:50 Aug 6, 2014 PST
Season of the tWitch: Stephen tWitch Boss (Interview)
Kam Williams interviews Stephen tWitch Boss, a So You Think You Can Dance All-Star and fan favorite who continues to make a splash with his talents.
06:52 Aug 6, 2014 PST
Get on Up Film Review
This revisionist fairytale works better as a jukebox musical than as an accurate recitation of the late James Brown's checkered past.
10:15 Aug 5, 2014 PST
Behaving Badly Film Review
Socially-awkward young man tries to summon up the courage to make a play for his cute, high school classmate that he's had a crush on since 6th grade.
18:42 Aug 4, 2014 PST
Dollar Democracy Book Review
Corporations made decisions that led to outsourcing middle-class jobs; dismantling public education systems, deteriorating health care that leaves Americans sick and broke
18:34 Aug 2, 2014 PST
It's Gleeson Season! An Interview With Brendan Gleeson
Brendan Gleeson, the Irish actor who plays Father James Lavelle in the modern morality play, Calvary, is interviewed by Kam Williams.
23:58 Jul 31, 2014 PST
Calvary Film Review
Movie reviewer Kam Williams gives Calvary 4 stars. It is a modern morality play that walks a fine line between playful whodunit and sobering parable.
21:50 Jul 31, 2014 PST
The Almost Man Film Review
Movie reviewer Kam Williams review the film, 'The Almost Man'. Williams gives the film, 3 stars and says it is a droll dramedy that examines the male metamorphosis from bachelor to family man.
11:12 Jul 29, 2014 PST
Top Ten DVD List for July 29, 2014
Kam Williams presents his Top Ten DVD List for July 29, 2014, including Next Goal Wins, Secret State, Noah, D-Day 360, and Half of a Yellow Sun.
07:52 Jul 29, 2014 PST
Keith Robinson 'Get on Up' Interview with Kam Williams
Movie reviewer, Kam Williams interviews actor, songwriter Keith Robinson about his new film, 'Get on Up' for NewsBlaze readers around the world.
09:52 Jul 25, 2014 PST
Zach to the Future!
Wish I Was Here is the culmination of Zach's personal filmmaking at its best. As the movie's co-writer, director, star and producer, he was involved in nearly every aspect of the creative development.
06:34 Jul 24, 2014 PST
Blessed Experiences (BOOK REVIEW)
Besides focusing on family and his considerable achievements in Congress, Clyburn has deep roots in South Carolina. The black Southern experience is deserving of recognition and respect
14:01 Jul 21, 2014 PST
Sucka 4 Luv Film Review
A man with serious anger management issues gets fired for losing his temper on the job, and makes his way to Rittenhouse Square where things go from bad to worse.
13:07 Jul 16, 2014 PST
Rage Film Review
But where Neeson was a retired CIA agent, Cage plays a reformed ex-con. And while the former was frantically searching for his missing daughter, the latter is looking for whoever fired a fatal bullet into the head of his daughter. As for the villain
15:59 Jul 13, 2014 PST
Dinesh D'Souza The 'America: Imagine a World Without Her' Interview
A former White House domestic policy analyst in the Reagan White House, he later served as President of The King's College in New York City, and as a fellow at both the American Enterprise Institute and Hoover Institution. He's also co-written and
05:46 Jul 9, 2014 PST
School Dance Film Review
I suspect that the shocking fare in this film will find a ready audience in a Hip-Hop Generation weaned on a profusion of profanity and fond of the N-word.
06:59 Jul 8, 2014 PST
Tammy Film Review
Movie reviewer Kam Williams gives the film, 'Tammy' only 1 star. Williams says, if only some of their sophomoric antics were witty or amusing it might have been better.
13:02 Jul 3, 2014 PST
Kam's Kapsules: Movies Opening July 4, 2014
Movie reviewer Kam Williams shares his weekly previews that make choosing a film fun for movies opening July 4, 2014
08:06 Jul 3, 2014 PST
Astro 'Stop Looking at My Moms' Interview
Movie reviewer Kam Williams interviews Brian 'Astro' Bradley about his performance, 'Stop Looking at My Moms'.
11:01 Jul 2, 2014 PST
Top Ten DVD List for July 1, 2014
Movie reviewer, Kam Williams shares his top ten DVD List for the week of July 1, 2014
08:34 Jul 2, 2014 PST
Justin Robinson: On His Latest Album 'Alana's Fantasy'
Justin Robinson, a jazz saxophonist and flutist, established himself as a child prodigy when, as a teenager, he began running after-hours jam sessions at the renowned Blue Note Jazz Club in NYC
15:15 Jul 1, 2014 PST
Michael Ealy 'Think Like a Man Too' Interview
Kam Williams interviews the red-hot Michael Ealy, who credits faith and family for getting him through tough times. One of his aims is not to be tweeted about.
07:38 Jun 30, 2014 PST
The Man From Essence Book Review
Book reviewer, Kam Williams reviews the book, 'The Man From Essence' and shares it with NewsBlaze readers around the world.
08:32 Jun 28, 2014 PST
Blind Boys/Taj Majal Concert Review
Despite now being in their 70s and 80s, the hard-working harmonizers maintained their high energy for the duration of the hour-plus set...
18:56 Jun 25, 2014 PST
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