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James Cook

James Cook, hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, where he is a writer for many sites,( and right here on and an aspiring Sports Broadcaster. He is currently still in school, where he is color analyst for boys and girls basketball, and a sports writer for the newspaper. He loves Butler Bulldogs Basketball, Notre Dame Football, the New York Yankees, and the Kansas City Chiefs. He hopes to one day work for ESPN.

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'Why Strasburg Will Be a New York Yankee'
The New York Yankees have money, Stephen Strasburg has talent. Am I the only one that thinks he will end up in the pinstripes by the end of his contract with the Washington Nationals. Read on to find out the whole story. ~James Cook
05:25 Aug 12, 2010 PST
Butler, Baylor, Among Top Teams In Diamond Head Classic
Preview of the Diamond Head Classic in Hawaii, featuring Butler and Baylor/ others.
14:30 Aug 11, 2010 PST
Why Cody Zeller Can Put Butler On The Map... Again!
Key Points for why Cody Zeller should go to Butler, and what kind of impact the decision would make.
14:14 Aug 11, 2010 PST

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