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1 .Actress Alysia Rogers Reveals Why She Left Hollywood for Good - 26
2 .Smoking Gun Found in Newly Released Clinton Email Documents - 26
3 .Mandatory Military Service Works in Israel - 14
4 .Assad - ISIS Collusion: The Human Monster and His Satanic Band - 11
5 .Communism and Its Impact in the World - 11
6 .Critics Call The Lesbian Bible 'Literary Terrorism' - 11
7 .The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution (PBS-TV REVIEW) - 11
8 .Bahrain Gears Up for Possible Disruption on February 14th - 9
9 .An Abandoned Luncheonette Inspires a Sequence of Sonnets - 8
10.2016 Predictions by World Renowned Medium and Psychic Lindy Baker - 8
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John Danz Jr

John Danz Jr is a serious writer with a penchant for poetry and building a foundation in every form of writing. He is motivated by a never-ending thirst for informed knowledge and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with every completed poem or story.

A drummer drawn to classic and modern rock/metal music, John is deeply interested in meteorology, psychology, sociology and philosophy. Weather has always fascinated him, he wants to know why people do what they do, understand the cultures of the world, reflect on great minds and gain a better understanding of this world and our place in it.

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Christians Say The World Ends This Year - Can I Have Your Stuff?
When I think religion, I begin to think about everything in this world in history that has gone wrong and completely failed. I don't know why - I'm sure religion isn't the reason for the utter failure of everything over time, but I can't quite a
16:36 May 6, 2011 PST
Congresswoman Giffords, Numerous Others Shot in Arizona
Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head at point-blank range and is now in surgery at University Medical Center.
12:17 Jan 8, 2011 PST
Hairstylist Daniel DiCriscio and the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial
Daniel DiCriscio, a celebrity hairstylist, takes a look back at his now infamous clients - major role players in the highly publicized O.J. Simpson murder trial.
16:46 Dec 24, 2010 PST
Facebook Cartoon Characters and Secret Games: Useless
Since the inception of Facebook, people have been using its unique features for so-called noble causes. While the idea behind some of these causes is nice, the fact remains that many of these acts are nothing more than 'I saw you do it, I may as we
06:49 Dec 6, 2010 PST
Airport Pat Down Leaves Man Soaked in Urine
Something tells me that if your average TSA agent were to walk through an x-ray machine, it would confirm what we already knew: They are brainless imbeciles.
14:18 Nov 21, 2010 PST
What Do Tiger Woods and Tony Parker Have in Common?
It may not be what you think. These two have become scum to the public eye, an eye that should be blind and careless. So, other than the obvious, what have these two in common that bonds them so closely? Find out here.
07:19 Nov 18, 2010 PST
If a Terrorist Doesn't Kill You, Someone Else Will
With the advent of full-body scanners at airports, people are becoming increasingly annoyed with the TSA and airport security. It was bad enough when these pseudo-criminal interrogators started confiscating little bottles of hand sanitizer and nail
08:47 Nov 16, 2010 PST
Missile Launch Hysteria Makes the Media Happy
This missile story reminds me of another gross over-exaggeration by the media in recent history - the late February Chile earthquake that was supposed to bring a massive tsunami to Hawaii.
09:40 Nov 11, 2010 PST
EPA Subpoenas Halliburton For Negligence
Halliburton is coming under scrutiny by the Environmental Protection Agency for neglecting to provide them with information and data on a procedure known as hydraulic fracturing, or 'fracking.' For this, the EPA has issued the oil company a subpoe
09:02 Nov 11, 2010 PST
Your Vote Doesn't Count, and You Aren't in a Democracy
We all love elections, don't we? We love the constant media coverage of the unfolding story, seeing results of what we already knew was going to happen months ago, and the inevitable back-and-forth debates with friends and coworkers who accuse each
07:43 Nov 5, 2010 PST
What's Next For WWE and the PG Rating?
Now that former WWE CEO Linda McMahon has lost miserably in the Connecticut Senate race - what's next for WWE? Is the PG era over? I wish we were so lucky. First, there's something I need to get off my chest, seeing as how Vince wants to hear the
07:14 Nov 3, 2010 PST
WWE Wants You to Stand Up For The Company!
Vince launched a 'Stand Up For WWE' campaign on Monday to attempt to take some of the political heat off of WWE. He is calling on the fans to help stop biased and inaccurate attacks against the company that come as a result of his wife, former WWE
14:01 Oct 19, 2010 PST
Did God Really Save the Chilean Miners?
When the last of the doomed Chilean miners met the fresh, clean air of the surface, many people worldwide breathed a sigh of relief and rejoiced in the miracle they witnessed. CNN's Facebook page was overrun with comments regarding the ordeal...
09:03 Oct 15, 2010 PST
Woman Sues Government After Being Humiliated in Strip Search
Well, what do you expect from government employees, tact and politeness? If these alleged statements are true, then I for one wouldn't be shocked.
09:16 Oct 11, 2010 PST
'Twilight' Obsessed Man Stabs Friend to Drink His Blood
In this depraved culture laden with crazes such as Twilight, it's best to keep an eye on the news for good entertainment value stemming from people who take it just a little too far. This holds true for a local Chandler, AZ man, who was shanked
13:26 Oct 9, 2010 PST
Abercrombie Model Fired for Eating a Pastry
A male Abercrombie model was fired was fired immediately in Montauk yesterday. Was he making some obscene gesture? Did he call his boss a defamatory name? Was he posing the wrong way? None of that - the guy was fired for eating a croissant. Yes,
10:38 Oct 7, 2010 PST
Careless Fire Crews Watch Home Burn Due to Unpaid Fee
Sometimes, you read a news story and you immediately become somber, sickened and irate - any good story should elicit such a response. Well, maybe you don't, but a man of my convictions and personality tends to be passionate about things others
07:22 Oct 6, 2010 PST
UCLA Blows 800K in Stimulus Money on Penis Washing
Think every penny of stimulus money is going towards a benevolent, necessary cause? Read here to be amazed.
15:45 Sep 17, 2010 PST
The Time is Now to Turn John Cena Heel
I've tried to defend John Cena through his many criticisms and antagonists. I've tried almost as hard as I've tried to believe in God. And as with my attempts to believe in God, my attempts to defend John Cena have officially failed.
14:38 Sep 14, 2010 PST
Twelve Recent Fads and Trends That Need to Die a Quick Death
With each new generation comes a new fad and a new chance to be trendy, hip and cool. Unfortunately, many of them are atrocious and moronic.
12:21 Sep 13, 2010 PST
Rich Cronin of LFO Fame Dies At Age 36
Rich Cronin, former member of the pop band LFO who spawned the mega-hit 'Summer Girls,' has succumbed to leukemia at age 36. This is my personal recollection of LFO as a 90's kid, plus a little history of his struggle.
11:04 Sep 9, 2010 PST
The Koran Burning Pastor - From an Atheist's Perspective
As an atheist, I get pegged as someone who doesn't respect religion, a heathen, a sinner, and a plethora of other unsavory things that religious people hurl at me while they ignore that good Christian moral of not judging people.
13:49 Sep 8, 2010 PST
Craigslist Gets Rid of Adult Services Category for Enabling Prostitution
Craigslist (, known for its' shady dealers, scams, ripoffs and the occasional good deal, is officially doing away with the 'Adult Services' category on the site amidst claims that it enabled and accepted prostitution.
14:17 Sep 4, 2010 PST
Man is Holding Hostages in Discovery TV Building, Police May Have ID
A man possibly strapped with explosives has taken over the Discovery Communications building in Silver Springs, MD and has taken a small number of hostages.
14:13 Sep 1, 2010 PST
Radical Christian Author Says Teens Are Becoming Fake Christians
Author Kendra Creasy Dean has warned parents of teenagers that their teens are following a watered down, ineffective form of Christianity, and you're to blame.
13:49 Aug 29, 2010 PST
Racist Idiots in MS School District Segregate Student Government
I was completely unaware that there is a school district in Mississippi that still determines class elections by race. Now that I'm aware of this, I can't say that I'm shocked in the least.
15:25 Aug 27, 2010 PST
After Elin, Tiger Woods is Winning and Putting Media Idiocy Behind Him
Tiger Woods is now tied for the lead at The Barclays in New Jersey after shooting a true-to-old-form 65 today. Sadly, that's not the top story concerning Tiger.
14:56 Aug 26, 2010 PST
Lady Gaga, The Twitter Queen: Celeb Worship at its Worst
Let's face it, with this new trend of following celebrities on social networking sites, the collective intelligence level of the Internet has dropped substantially. People are infatuated with updates, blogs and self-aggrandizing musings from their
12:01 Aug 24, 2010 PST
Dr. Laura is Not Racist - You're Just Stupid
Due to our inability to examine the context in which a word is used, Dr. Laura became another scapegoat for civil rights activists and left her show. Fascinating stuff, yes?
13:01 Aug 22, 2010 PST
Web Bot Predicts Over One Billion to Die Starting Nov. 2010
The Web Bot strikes again, predicting over a billion deaths due to nuclear warfare starting this November. I examine the Web Bot in detail, and pose the question: Is this thing just a bunch of nonsense?
12:09 Aug 10, 2010 PST
A Personal Tale of Murder, Depression and Deprivation in Flint, MI
A cynic's personal take on the state of affairs of the depressing city of Flint, Michigan.
15:20 Aug 7, 2010 PST
Corporal Punishment is Stupid and Ineffective
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-New York, introduced a piece of legislation to Congress entitled the 'Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act.'
15:33 Aug 6, 2010 PST
The Ground Zero Mosque Should Be Allowed to be Built
We are a nation that is supposedly tolerant of people of all faiths. You know, that whole 'freedom of religion' thing, a platitude of which is at best negotiable in this nation when it comes to Christians and more specifically, followers of Islam.
14:03 Aug 5, 2010 PST
Beavis and Butt-Head Return to Kill Reality TV and Save MTV
Beavis and Butt-Head, the creation of venerable animator and director Mike Judge, are being brought back as a means for MTV to breathe a breath of fresh 90's air back in to the sinking network.
06:02 Aug 2, 2010 PST
For My Generation, 2012 Looks Like a Welcome Prophecy
should I be complacent with idiocy, inaction and doubt? Or, at the risk of being a preachy loser, should I stand up and raise my voice?
18:22 Jul 31, 2010 PST
BP's Dispersants Are Only Worsening the Effects of the Spill
A look into the dispersants BP have employed to clean up the oil spill that they are responsible for. It all sounds promising, but could these chemicals do more harm than good?
14:55 Jun 5, 2010 PST
Facebook and Twitter: Losing Jobs, One Idiot at a Time
I'm sure many of us have been there before. What's my point? You're an idiot. Unless you don't need your job and couldn't care less if you got axed. If not, then you are an idiot. And as usual, I have my reasons.
07:22 May 16, 2010 PST
New Poll Shows 14 Percent Believe Obama Was Born Outside the U.S.
It's no surprise that the most scrutinized position in this nation is the job of President of the United States - it's axiomatic. Some people think you set yourself up for the scrutiny; some think it's just the way things are.
16:18 May 7, 2010 PST
WWE and the PG Rating: Alienating Fans for McMahon's Agenda
WWE always strives to keep up with the times in this ever-changing society, and they have habitually been successful in doing so.
06:17 May 6, 2010 PST
Rep. Eric Cantor's Office Shot At, the Congressional Blame Game Ensues
Virginia Representative Eric Cantor reported that someone shot a bullet through his office window some time this week. Cantor, a Republican, has used this event to curtail claims from Democrats that the GOP is to blame for the threats of violenc
12:58 Mar 25, 2010 PST
Ashley Judd and Lawmakers Support International Violence Against Women Bill
I recently was a participant in a conference call regarding the International Violence Against Women act, which is sponsored by 53 congressmen and is backed by
09:33 Mar 24, 2010 PST
Supporters of the Healthcare Bill Are Going to Hell?
Bush also said atheists should not be considered American citizens - maybe they got on him for a deeper reason other than merely being a religious man.
11:08 Mar 23, 2010 PST
The Tea Party Movement Reaches a New Low
Detractors of the proposed health care bill stood outside the Capitol Saturday doing their usual protest. However, this movement reached a climax of idiocy.
06:23 Mar 21, 2010 PST
Texas Schools are Depriving Students of Quality Education
For starters, they are removing Thomas Jefferson from textbooks and replacing him with... JOHN CALVIN. The influential right-wing religious leader is being chosen over the writer of our Declaration of Independence.
16:01 Mar 19, 2010 PST
Big Pharma Pushes Biologic Drugs, Stifling Affordable Generics
Biotechnology drugs, or 'biologics,' are drugs made from living matter, as opposed to chemicals. These drugs currently make up about 20 percent of the pharmaceutical market, but are predicted to make up half in 2015. They are regarded at the futur
13:06 Mar 18, 2010 PST
WWE Superstar John Cena: Enduring Illogical Criticism
John Cena is one of the most picked on and defamed WWE Superstars of our time. The main point that his detractors use against him is his repetitious 'Five Moves of Doom' routine.
07:19 Mar 16, 2010 PST
Roy Ashburn, Gay Hypocrite, Must Be Forced Out of Office
Politicians of both sides of the spectrum carry the stigma of being self-serving liars - but how is being gay and voting against gay rights self-serving? I think it's just stunningly moronic.
05:23 Mar 10, 2010 PST
Earthquake Impacts Turkey, 51 Confirmed Dead
There has been another deadly earthquake to add to the growing list, this time in Turkey. A magnitude 5.8 tremor hit southeastern Turkey early this morning, so far killing 51 people and injuring 71. Aftershocks of up to magnitude 5.5 would follow
04:14 Mar 8, 2010 PST
The 2010 Oscars - Most Pirated 'Best Picture' Nominees
BitTorrents have become increasingly popular over the last decade. With the Oscars fast approaching, one site did a little research to find the most frequently pirated movies in the Best Picture list.
15:43 Mar 7, 2010 PST
Internet Explorer 6 Gets a Proper Funeral
Internet Explorer 6 - R.I.P. Google's decision to phase out the usage of their apps on IE6 prompted Aten Design Group, a design firm in Denver, Colorado, to hold a parody 'funeral' for the antiquated web browser.
12:17 Mar 7, 2010 PST
Karl Rove Tells the Same Lies in New Book, Defends Bush
Karl Rove, long known as George W. Bush's puppet master, has a new book coming out entitled 'Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight.'
16:16 Mar 6, 2010 PST
2009 Economic Report Released - Get Your Alcohol Ready
Do you all want a good, heartwarming news story? Then don't look at the newly released 2009 Financial Report Of The U.S. Government.
13:37 Mar 5, 2010 PST
The McStays Need to McStay Out of the News
Why does America act so surprised that a family of four just vanishes into thin air? I'm not surprised in the least. I have this really stupid thing I do - it's called caring about news stories that actually amount to something and can get me
09:30 Mar 4, 2010 PST
Gay Marriage Finally Becomes Legal in Washington D.C.
Gay marriage is now legal in Washington D.C. They now join Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont as the sixth place to allow same-sex unions.
12:30 Mar 3, 2010 PST
California Racism Protests Are a Waste of Time, Energy and Logic
Hey, UC. Not everything is a racist act, OK? Do you want to know how I know that the noose planted wasn't an act of racism? Well, other than the public apology which stated it was an act of boredom.
10:56 Mar 3, 2010 PST
102 Year Old Kansas Judge is Still Going Strong
Wesley Brown was appointed by JFK in 1962 and has served as a federal judge through 10 presidents. Born in 1907, he has seen the advent of radio, television and internet - he was born just two months after the first musical radio broadcast.
08:20 Mar 3, 2010 PST
Barack Obama Smokes - Prepare Yourselves, Republicans!
Now, I'm going to get this out of the way before Republicans have a field day, that way those that read this story (or already know he smokes) won't be surprised when the GOP blows this trivial story out of proportion: BARACK OBAMA SMOKES CIGAR
11:48 Mar 1, 2010 PST
The Hawaii 'Tsunami' Was a Lame Media Scheme
A magnitude 8.8 earthquake hit near Chile and brought insurmountable death and destruction to the nation. However, what was 'supposed' to have spawned off of the massive quake was scrutinized heavily today - the tsunami.
11:34 Feb 28, 2010 PST
Breaking News: Teacher Fatally Shot Outside of School
In the latest of a string of public shootings, KIRO 7 News reports that a teacher has been fatally shot at a Tacoma, Washington elementary school.
10:27 Feb 26, 2010 PST
Petulant Sen. Jim Bunning Blocks Bill for Missing a Game
However, the real story here isn't the fact that Bunning is blocking the bill because he doesn't want the cost to add to our deficit. Bunning, the lone purveyor of obstruction to this bill, reportedly complained that the big bad Democrats ambush
09:19 Feb 26, 2010 PST
Andrew Koenig Killed Himself?
The father of Andrew Koenig said the man killed himself. Koenig's body was found in a Vancouver park after disappearing without a trace on Feb. 14.
06:11 Feb 26, 2010 PST
Obama Hated Because He's Black? No Way
Someone needs to tell me how exactly Obama is doing a crappy job. I have heard the opinions, I have heard the hyperbole-laden stories, I've heard the constant complaining - now I want to know what he's doing that's so bad.
08:48 Feb 24, 2010 PST
Joran van der Sloot Lies About Holloway Case Again?
Joran van der Sloot, one of the prime suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in 2005, told a Dutch TV station that he dumped the girl's body in a swamp somewhere.
17:41 Feb 23, 2010 PST
Ryan Sorba: Anti-Gay Tough Guy
Ryan Sorba had his minute of fame at CPAC, giving a speech condemning the convention for having a gay rights group there. So what REALLY makes him weak? Read on.
11:21 Feb 22, 2010 PST
Tiger Woods is Truly Sorry
Tiger Woods took to a lone podium, addressed his sins to the entire world and made it look very convincing. Would you like to know why I think he was sincere? Of course you would.
07:11 Feb 20, 2010 PST
Suicide & Redemption: Joe Stack's Last Words
'If you're reading this, you're no doubt asking yourself, 'Why did this have to happen?'' We would all like to know, and you can be enlightened here.
23:50 Feb 18, 2010 PST
More Journalists Killed in 2009 Than Ever Before
According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 70 journalists were killed in 2009 - the worst year since record keeping began 30 years ago.
02:58 Feb 17, 2010 PST
American Justice: My Proof That Justice is a Lie
This is my personal story of the events that made me realize that justice isn't colorblind - it's completely blind.
15:02 Feb 16, 2010 PST
Oil Executive Found Dead in Avalanche, One Still Missing
ConocoPhillips president Jim Bowles perished in an avalanche Saturday, according to Alaska State Troopers. Another from his snowmobiling party is still missing, and weather conditions have made the search difficult.
04:28 Feb 15, 2010 PST
Two Injured in Cali. Church Shooting
This new year has seen a shooting at a courthouse, a factory and a school - this time it gets even more shocking.
03:41 Feb 15, 2010 PST
Alleged U. of Alabama Shooter Revealed - With Possible Motive?
The revelation comes, or should come, as a great shock - Amy Bishop, an assistant professor of biological sciences, has been revealed as the assailant.
04:21 Feb 13, 2010 PST
Deadly University of Alabama Shooting Details Revealed
More details have been released about the deadly, tragic shooting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.
00:04 Feb 13, 2010 PST
Michael Jackson's Autopsy - New Revelations
In the wake of Dr. Conrad Murray's plea of not guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges stemming from Michael Jackson's death, new revelations have come from the Los Angeles coroner.
15:21 Feb 10, 2010 PST
Danica Patrick Avoids Trouble, Finishes Sixth in First Stock Car Race
Danica Patrick took 6th place in her first ever stock car race, the ARCA Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200. The 80-lap race was held at Daytona International Speedway. Patrick finished 6th despite making contact with another car and spinning out into the gra
22:19 Feb 6, 2010 PST
Rip-offs and Scams in America: Ridiculous and Insidious
CNN recently published a report on the biggest ripoffs in America. The items businesses peddle as 'necessary' and charge you dearly for.
10:02 Feb 6, 2010 PST
Howard Stern to Judge American Idol?
According to USA Today, Howard Stern has been offered Simon Cowell's seat as a judge for next season. Cowell, of course, is leaving Idol to be a judge on X Factor.
14:56 Feb 5, 2010 PST
Actress Brittany Murphy's Death Officially Deemed Accidental
Actress Brittany Murphy's death has been ruled as accidental by the L.A. county coroner, according to the L.A. Times.
13:57 Feb 4, 2010 PST
Toyota Under Scrutiny For Brake, Accelerator Faults
The government has begun an investigation into complaints about faulty brakes on the Toyota Prius, said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood according to the L.A. Times.
12:40 Feb 3, 2010 PST
We Are The World to Be Revisited For Haiti Relief
'We Are the World' was an awe-inspiring collaborative anthem put together in 1985 by some of the most popular singers of the time to aid Africa. Now, it is being re-recorded for Haiti relief
11:23 Feb 3, 2010 PST
US Anti-Missile Test Gets a Failing Grade
A recent test of the US Missile Defense System failed, according to the Missile Defense Agency, a branch of the US Department of Defense.
10:49 Feb 2, 2010 PST
US to Attempt to Avert Chinese Sanctions After Arms Sale to Taiwan
China has given a livid reaction to the US' announcement that they are selling 6.4 billion dollars worth of weapons to Taiwan, according to The Times of India.
16:51 Feb 1, 2010 PST
Prince Harry Launched Off of Horse in Charity Polo Game
A royal pain. Prince Harry was thrown from his horse in the midst of a polo game for charity in Barbados.
15:39 Feb 1, 2010 PST
At Least 16 Dead in Juarez AK-47 Attack
Sixteen victims have been counted in a deadly shooting in Ciuadad Juarez, a Mexican town across the border of Texas. The shooting took place at a party and was perpetuated by at least 12 gunmen, claiming young victims between the ages of 14 and 19.
13:03 Feb 1, 2010 PST
Morgan Harrington's Remains Found in Va. Field
The search is over for the missing Metallica fan who mysteriously disappeared last October.
13:50 Jan 29, 2010 PST
Four Men Arrested for Tampering With Politician's Phone
Four men were arrested for trying to tamper with a Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu's phone on Tuesday.
14:31 Jan 28, 2010 PST
Apple Unveils Newest Creation, the 'iPad'
Apple is doing it again. Today they announced the release of the iPad - said to be better than the iPhone or a netbook for browsing the web.
11:42 Jan 27, 2010 PST
Tensions Flare Between North and South Korea, Artillery Fired
A border dispute led to North and South Korea firing artillery at each other on Wednesday, according to various news reports.
09:34 Jan 27, 2010 PST
Update on Nigeria: Text Messages Instigated Deadly Riots
Text messaging - it's getting holy. According to BBC News, last week's deadly violence in Nigeria was instigated by defamatory text messages.
07:10 Jan 27, 2010 PST
Texting While Driving Buses, Commercial Trucks to be Penalized
In a story that should be targeted towards drivers of all cars, federal guidelines now make it illegal for truck and bus drivers to text while driving. If caught in the act, the drivers could face a $2,750 fine.
14:22 Jan 26, 2010 PST
Censorship in America
When you censor someone, you potentially censor their ability to freely express themselves. However, there are many who take it upon themselves to incessantly scrutinize and block that which doesn't appeal to them. It may be for religious, moral, o
12:53 Jan 25, 2010 PST
Unruly Man Causes Plane to Make Emergency Landing in Denver
I know that in an earlier story, I compared the movie Groundhog Day to the multiple mass shootings in the US. However, now it seems that airline disturbances are striving for that stigma.
05:19 Jan 24, 2010 PST
More Religious Conflict in Nigeria, 150 Reported Dead
In another example of religion gone too far - as it has been taken too far for centuries - 150 Muslims have been reported killed in Christian crusades in Nigeria.
16:18 Jan 23, 2010 PST
Eliminating Truancy, or Indoctrinating Kids?
A program that aims to keep kids in school is fitting truant students with GPS monitoring devices and rigidly scrutinizing them. Is that really the way to motivate them?
14:29 Jan 23, 2010 PST
NASCAR More Lenient in 2010
NASCAR is loosening some of its rules and restrictions for the 2010 season. Fans and drivers alike should be pleased, as the sport will become much more competitive and exciting.
20:43 Jan 21, 2010 PST
John Edwards and the Scandals That Intrigue Us
John Edwards finally admitted to being the father of a child that he had with a mistress. Wipe that drool off your mouth, political gossip lovers - I'm going a different direction.
15:14 Jan 21, 2010 PST
Obesity in America
Obesity has become an epidemic. According to the CDC, the percentage of non-institutionalized Americans over 20 who were overweight was 67 percent in 2005-2006. With the staggering increase in obesity in this nation, some people are calling it a dis
12:00 Jan 20, 2010 PST
Twenty Years Later, Exxon Valdez Oil Remains
The Exxon Valdez was one of the worst environmental disasters in history - twenty years later, the effects still remain, according to scientists.
22:11 Jan 18, 2010 PST
Doctors Leave Battered Patients in Haiti Hospital
Due to the UN's failure to provide adequate security, a team of Belgian doctors left a group of battered earthquake victims with one attending doctor Friday night. The doctor was CNN's Sanjay Gupta.
19:08 Jan 17, 2010 PST
Technology Aids Haiti Disaster Relief
Social media has undoubtedly played a large role in the relief process for Haiti in the wake of the disaster.
05:47 Jan 17, 2010 PST
Suicide: Revelation and Hope
Suicide is a very controversial topic, yet crosses the mind of thousands every day. I share my story, and attempt to solidify the statement 'you are not alone.' Sometimes, all it takes is a helpful hand, and I'd like to offer mine.
17:24 Jan 16, 2010 PST
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