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Anna-Stina Johansson

Anna-Stina Johansson is an author from Lapland, Sweden. She is a graduate from Long Ridge Writers Group. A publishing house in Sweden published her children's book about animals in 2008 and now she is releasing these animal stories in English via her own firm, "The Storyteller from Lappland".

Anna-Stina lives with her two cats, San & Chewie, and trains Kyokushin Karate. Animals, nature and Kyokushin are three subjects she's really passionate about.

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What is love?
Anna-Stina Johansson presents a poem about what love is, something that you know is there, but you can't actually touch.
18:49 Oct 21, 2013 PST
A Summer Breeze
This is Anna-Stina Johansson's poem about the summer breeze and butterflies.
14:53 Jul 17, 2013 PST
True Friendship
A poem about friendship and the meaning of a true friend...
15:56 Jan 7, 2013 PST
My Beloved Friend
This is me remembering our dog and for all of you who understand what it's like to lose a beloved friend, maybe you will recognize yourself in my words...
08:42 Dec 21, 2012 PST
Ranger Gerbrand - A True Hero
Meet Gerbrand Van Der Merwe, one of the many rangers who risks his own life every day by protecting the wild animals.
15:00 Sep 21, 2012 PST
The 'Demon Theater' Brings Ingmar Bergman's Plays Back to Life
It was kind of like an accident that I ended up in LA. I had got some insurance money from my old job after I broke my leg and I was very much into films at the time.
07:11 May 15, 2012 PST
The Next Greta Garbo
Meet the Swedish-born actress Ottiliana Rolandsson, Ph.D. We're talking about why she moved from Sweden to USA, about her acting career and how she stays fit.
14:28 Apr 19, 2012 PST
Saving The Heifer 'Tru Calling'
One day in the beginning of June, when the birds were singing and the sun was shining, we turned our cows and calves out to pasture.
06:12 Jan 15, 2012 PST
A Poem: The Night
This is a poem about the night.
21:04 Nov 26, 2011 PST
Why are People Afraid of Wolves?
I will always remember a special day when I was 21 years old. I yawned when I opened the door and felt the chilly air against my face. It was quite dark, only the streetlight showed the way to the barn.
05:58 Sep 25, 2011 PST
Kyokushin Karate Teaches Spirit of 'Perseverance'
About training Kyokushin karate - the strongest karate in the world.
13:00 Jul 31, 2011 PST

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