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Anne Howard

Anne Howard is a writer and publicist, who writes about the entertainment and high tech industries.

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Psychic Golden Light Offers Accurate Tarot Readings Online and in Chatroom
Golden Light makes it easy for people in need to obtain an accurate and truthful psychic reading Golden Light psychic reader, Reiki Master and professional tarot card reader now offers chatroom at the same low-rate than her phone reading.
13:21 Dec 2, 2011 PST
FeinSearch Employer Identification Number Portal Makes 1099 & W9 Verification
Federal Tax ID Numbers, or Employer Identification Numbers are required on all Business Tax Forms such as 1099's, W-9, & various Tax Reports.
09:59 Dec 2, 2011 PST
WebVixxen Boutique Design Agency Says Look Good, Speak Up and Be Heard
WebVixxen believes that good design today requires 'more vision, more consistency, and more patience.' Good design displays three
16:20 Sep 8, 2010 PST
World's first $99 laptop goes Android, Cherrypal drops Linux in favor of Android
Palo Alto, CA (RPR) 05/11/10 - After the successful launch of the Cherrypal Africa product line (WinCE and Linux) in December of last year the company announced today the availability of its new sub-100-dollar laptop, the Cherrypal Asia. The 'Asia'
15:02 May 11, 2010 PST
Prescription Drug Abuse in the Sunshine State Affects Entire Nation
The rampant problem of prescription drug abuse in South Florida knows no boundaries, with addicts and pushers crossing state line to fill prescriptions in multiple pain management clinics.
16:46 May 8, 2010 PST
NYC Club Provides Exclusive, Upscale Parties To Spice Up Relationships
When it comes to relationships, honesty is the best policy according to Jasmine S., the founder of the School of Sex and organizer of the Behind Closed Doors monthly sex parties in New York City for couples and single women.
06:44 May 5, 2010 PST
Most Original and Unique Solitaire Card Game in The App Store
Of course there are lots of nice apps on the web, so the obvious question is why my app 'Klondike Battle' should be promoted in any kind of way?
07:17 Apr 23, 2010 PST
Indo-Canadian Author's Debut Joins the Works of Salman Rushdie
In 'That European Summer', a nubile beauty from exotic India and a blue-eyed aristocrat from Imperial Austria travel through 1960's Europe as they live, speak and breathe what love inspires.
19:14 Apr 20, 2010 PST
Science-fiction Fans Can Become a 'Star Pirate'
'It started out as a tongue-in-cheek feature for our players,' says Colin Ferguson, Director of Marketing for Snakehead Games. 'But we think it's something that sci-fi fans in general can have a bit of fun with.'
14:04 Apr 6, 2010 PST
The Latin America Victims Coalition Begs For help to 71 Legislators Of The US
'We know that the political support of these 71 honorable Legislators has been very valuable to the US victims, enabling the prompt recovery of their money. The Latin American victims demand equal treatment'.
21:27 Apr 3, 2010 PST
Wedding Planning - There's an App for That!
iBride Inc. today announced a new mobile edition of their popular wedding planner and guide. iBride is a personal wedding planner and directory that lets brides plan their wedding on the go.
11:32 Apr 1, 2010 PST
Alcoholism and Women - The Hidden Disease
NEW YORK (RPRN) 03/25/10 - On this Mother's Day, ABC News 20/20 interviews The Orchid Recovery Center and looks at the darker side of an illness shrouded in shame and secrecy
06:34 Mar 26, 2010 PST
Seth Firkins From Five by Five Media Group to Fight the Atlanta Beat Battle
The month's lucky winner will get to work with Firkins who will be engineering the 4-hour block for the winning producers' project.
17:43 Mar 16, 2010 PST Presents a Brave New World in Travel hopes that the competition will encourage a friendly rivalry for the best entries in an East vs. West showdown with hopes to tap into resident's sense of pride and love for their city.
09:17 Jan 28, 2010 PST
TDNET Free Web 2.0 Search Engine
'TooLIP is an outstanding application of our sophisticated Searcher Analyzer software. In the near future, we will be adding even more features and information to this portal for the information professional.'
19:21 Jan 12, 2010 PST
Couples Get Erotic Stimulus Package
All of Lee's scripts are women-friendly and empowering, unlike most traditional erotica in which men come first and women have to rely on the trickle-down effect.
06:06 Dec 10, 2009 PST
Facebook Users - Get Talking With Latest babyTEL App: TELEPHONE
babyTEL, the pioneer of Social VoIP recently released the next generation of its Telephone Facebook application, filling a void in voice-driven social networking communication.
10:18 Dec 1, 2009 PST
Ay Papacito! New Spanish Online Dating and Flirting App Generates Large Volume
According to the site, Mexico comes in as the highest number of 'engagements' with over 60,000 members linking up to 'admire and flirt' online.
15:23 Nov 24, 2009 PST
Startup Camp Montreal Brings Together 'The Suits and T-Shirts'
Entrepreneurs and Investors came to hear keynote speakers and companies from as far away as Silicon Valley, Boston, Toronto and Montreal generously shared their stories.
12:50 May 11, 2009 PST
Give a Great Valedictorian Speech -Joey Asher
Great valedictory speeches follow a pattern, says Asher. They offer a fond reflection on the high school years. They connect with audiences using anecdotes and lots of name-dropping. And they offer gratitude.
11:54 May 11, 2009 PST
DC/MD News: Wear Your Seatbelts Awareness Event
Buckle UPLocal DC/MD Event Helps Encourages Families to Value Life by Making Wise Choices and Wearing Seatbelts
09:18 Apr 30, 2009 PST
Key Business Survival Tool in Today's Economy: A Killer Pitch
Veteran business coach Joey Asher maintains that winning new business in today's economy is difficult but not impossible. It takes execution of a few key fundamentals.
06:15 Apr 30, 2009 PST
Brief Intro to Social Media Releases (SMRs)
A traditional press release reveals something new in a 'pitch'. It announces to the public items of interest such as a new product, service, the opening of a new office, a new partnership, or other type of commercial activity.
14:54 Apr 4, 2009 PST
Reality Digital Launches 'Harmony' Social Media Platform
'Reality Digital Harmony was the only solution that delivered a rich set of tools that could help our members to connect, share content, and invite members from other social networks.
05:21 Feb 27, 2009 PST
Quik Pod(R) DSLR Handheld Camera System For The Pro in All
Attach your camera or camcorder to the quick release camera mount and extend the sectional rods to touch the ground for support.
05:23 Nov 30, 2007 PST
Oxford Researchers Report on Stock Touting Campaigns
The folly of investing your hard earned dollars into penny stocks discovered thanks to e-mail spam campaigns grows apparent with new information.
18:11 Aug 3, 2007 PST
Friends Beyond Borders Offers Free Live Look Into Exotic Lives
The founders were intrigued by the explosion of webcams worldwide, and the latest technological improvements that make live streaming video available even in hostile environments like the Arctic and Papua New Guinea.
15:30 May 28, 2007 PST
Film Director Gregory Puts Bounty Monies on Rosie
Film director of The Kentucky Fried Horror Show, offers Rosie O'Donnell one million dollars to keep silent until the end of her contract with ABC on The View.
05:04 May 12, 2007 PST
Jolie and Pitt to Adopt Vietnamese Boy
A Vietnamese adoption agency reports that actress Angelina Jolie and husband Brad Pitt are adopting a boy between the age of three and four years old.
04:45 Mar 7, 2007 PST
Academy Winner of 'Titanic' James Cameron Navigates 'The Lost Tomb of Jesus'
Titanic director and Academy winner James Cameron Sinking Christianity as we know it - at the very least shaking its foundation.
15:58 Feb 25, 2007 PST
Hot Not So Hour Film Stew
With the astronomical cost of shooting a film in Hollywood continuing to rise, more and more film production companies are looking for new destinations to cut down on expenses.
14:31 Feb 19, 2007 PST
Chinawood- Hot but not so Sour Shooting Destination
Since 1996, the Studios have built hundreds of sets, which include a replica of the Forbidden City (100 acres) and are home to the production of some 50 films/TV dramas every year.
05:57 Feb 19, 2007 PST

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