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Denis Gorce-Bourge Personal Development Writer

Denis Gorce-Bourge is an Executive Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Psychotherapist and Author.

With 18 years experience, he helped hundreds of people, and many international organisations around the world.

He gives workshops and conferences and is specialised in the impact of consciousness and limiting beliefs on achievements and success.

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Change Your Life! The Key: Effortlessness
What would it mean for each of us to stop making an effort? It would mean that we understand that having to make an effort is not natural and brings us away from our true self.
13:55 Jul 29, 2013 PST
Should We Keep Fighting Cancer?
My goal here is just to motivate people to think out of the box. Cancer is not the problem but our mindset and response to it.
20:03 Mar 25, 2013 PST
Relationships At Work, The True Key for Success
In a financial crisis, companies spend lots of money and many hours trying new ways to reduce costs. Oftentimes they tend to follow conventional economic prescriptions such as budget reductions, redundancy, reorganisation, new strategies,
20:31 May 29, 2012 PST
Being Gay in The Corporate World... Piece of Cake or Broken Peace?
There are still far too many complaints from Gay people about bullying at work. Is it that the society is still giving a hard time to Gay people?
06:45 May 19, 2012 PST
Do You Believe in 'Karma'?
I created a group on Facebook recently called 'The Team Relationship Clinic'. It is about sharing experiences and understanding how we can improve the crucial point of relationships at work and how this can improve performance and the financial bo
06:51 May 7, 2012 PST
'Life in The Universe' Book Review - God of Fear or Love?
There is perhaps a nice message, or perhaps a nice intention, behind this entire book, but so drowned in an ocean of negative words and concepts that it has a really hard time to step up.
00:07 May 3, 2012 PST
Karma: Do We Reap What We Sow?
Someone contributed with a really interesting story which I chose to include just below.
09:03 Apr 28, 2012 PST
What Happened To 'From Russia with Love'?
In early March 2012, an opportunity raised for me to go to Moscow to deliver a few workshops on Management skills. I was very excited and after the difficult process of getting a visa, I went there a few days ago.
08:20 Apr 21, 2012 PST
Are You Scared to Believe in Yourself?
Beliefs are like doors opening or closing down possibilities. The day you stopped believing in Father Christmas for example, you closed a door which was opening on a vast territory of magic and fantasy.
12:15 Apr 7, 2012 PST
Impact of Thoughts on Water
For decades, Masaru took pictures of frozen crystals of water and tested the direct influence of the environment on the quality of those crystals.
10:57 Mar 31, 2012 PST
The Law of Attraction, Or How to Change The Cause and Effects in Your Life
We hear a lot about the Law of Attraction since the worldwide success of the book The Secret from Rhonda Byrne. This concept has been around for a very long time.
08:27 Mar 18, 2012 PST
Be Yourself, No Matter What They Say
Like Sting said in his famous song Englishman in New York in 1987, 'It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile, be yourself no matter what they say...'
16:18 Mar 11, 2012 PST
The Art of Simplicity
The Art of Simplicity. Life can become a sacred Yoga and we can change the entire feel of life. How can we do this? Just by slowing down and focusing on the moment.
16:30 Mar 3, 2012 PST
Are You in Touch With The Magic of Life?
James Cameron on his famous film Avatar in 2009 was passing on this message that we are all connected, including to mother Earth.
05:49 Feb 20, 2012 PST
Now Is The Perfect Time To Change Life
The actual economic climate can be an opportunity to fulfill your dream. If you stop being scared, the system loses power over you.
16:54 Feb 17, 2012 PST
The World Turns a Deaf Ear on Tibet
What is the UN doing? In 2008, Louise Harbour, UN High Commissioner for Human rights voiced concerns about tensions in Tibet but what is happening now? Can we not do anything to protect a population against torture, repression and violence?
19:24 Feb 11, 2012 PST

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