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Djelloul Marbrook

Djelloul (jeh-lool) Marbrook, born in Algiers to a Bedouin father and an American painter grew up New York, served in the US Navy.

His book of poems, Far From Algiers, won the Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize from Kent State University. His story, Artists Hill, won the Literal Latte first prize in fiction.

He worked as a reporter for The Providence Journal and as an editor for The Elmira (NY) Star-Gazette, The Baltimore Sun, The Winston-Salem Journal & Sentinel and The Washington Star. Later he worked as executive editor of four small dailies in northeast Ohio and two medium-size dailies in northern New Jersey.

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How The Consolidated American Press Favors The Political Right
The American media is sick. Its invisible bacteria are infecting American politics in destructive ways, diverting attention from hometown and state corruption to Washington and instilling in the public mind the myth that Washington is the root
14:55 Jan 30, 2012 PST
Poet-Photographer Conjures a Ghostly New York Rail Line of The Past
A poet-photographer, he frames and shoots these rotting ties, trestles, and rusting bridges with the patience and love of a poet listening to his muse, capturing the haunted quality of this New York river valley.
12:50 Jan 29, 2012 PST
Insistence on Self-Righteous Ideology Creates Insiders and Outsiders
Djelloul Marbrook says the best thing we can do for yourselves and our society is to admit how much we don't know-and then proceed to explore the unknown in our personal journeys as well as our national journey.
09:12 Jan 6, 2012 PST
Shameless is The Alpha Wolf of Television Wolf Shows
The estimable 'Homeland' notwithstanding, 'Shameless' is the best show on television today. It has no stars because the pack is the star.
13:40 Dec 25, 2011 PST
Our Corporados Aren't Leaving Iraq, They're Carting Money to The Bank
These politicians sending us e-mails asking for another contribution: who do they think they're kidding? They've already been bought and paid for by money most of us can only dream about.
05:45 Dec 24, 2011 PST
Iraq War Accomplishments: A Great Heist for Corporate Bandits
As we withdraw from our Iraq misadventure after nine years, prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook, who has studied the Arab World for more than 50 years, reviews our 'accomplishments.'
14:07 Dec 20, 2011 PST
Campaigning Around The Clock Leaves Little Time for Policy Or Compromise
How can there be enough time to make policy, to govern and to negotiate the compromises needed to govern when politics 24/7 is driving America around the bend? The boom-box buzz is deafening us to ourselves. It's creating a high-stress environment.
11:27 Dec 18, 2011 PST
A Wiser, More Beautiful Death:Miklos Radnoti's Sad Farewell to a Murderous World
The Hungarian poet Miklos Radnoti was murdered by Nazi collaborators. His body was later found in a mass grave with 10 final poems in his raincoat.
10:55 Dec 15, 2011 PST
NY Press Had to Be Pushed to Cover Occupy Wall Street, Now Pretends Otherwise
The New York City press and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have been treating us to an elaborate charade. It goes like this: the press complains that the cops have prevented it from covering Occupy Wall Street and the mayor claims that's not true.
06:52 Dec 13, 2011 PST
How American Society Ignores The Elephant in The Room
The politicians manage to conduct political campaigns totally devoid of the real issue-the huge and growing gap between the rich few and the impoverished many.
11:42 Dec 3, 2011 PST
This is a Good Time to Re-Examine Book Publishing Assumptions
Does the best-seller list reflect the best books? Are all the books that deserve to be published being published? Who decides what books deserve to be published? What is the role of big publishing houses in this fast-evolving technology era?
09:19 Nov 24, 2011 PST
Watch New York State to See The Outlines of a Big Republican Con Job
By blaming Washington the Republicans have diverted attention from widespread local corruption, nepotism, duplication, overlap and inefficiency that has saddled homeowners with confiscatory property taxes.
12:56 Nov 3, 2011 PST
Protests Show Just How Endangered The First Amendment Really Is
Reports about the protests are burying a story every bit as big as the protests-the plain fact is that the Internet has freed people all over the world from the fetters of a captive press that serves the interests of a corporatized world, not the in
15:33 Oct 26, 2011 PST
The Press is Changing Under Our Noses
Djelloul Marbrook, a prize-winning poet and professional newspaper editor, says the term 'mainstream media' has become tricky. He says the alternative press, thanks to the social media, is rapidly going mainstream.
16:17 Oct 21, 2011 PST
How The Press Maintains The Myth of Freedom of The Press
The New York Times diligently reported on October 13th that the publisher of the European edition of its competitor, *The Wall Street Journal,* had stepped down because the traditional barrier between newsroom and business office...
09:26 Oct 20, 2011 PST
Poet and Journalist Says The Press Fogs Up The Harm of Politics 24/7
Djelloul Marbrook says the press lays down a blanket of fog over the essential issues of high unemployment, widespread poverty and foreclosures, economic misery, foreign wars that have bankrupted us, government paralyzed by partisan bickering
13:26 Oct 15, 2011 PST
Do The Rich Owe The Have-Nots Anything?
Our current Congress, Alan Greenspan, Ron and Rand Paul and much of our right wing say the rich owe us nothing. Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, says nobody- nobody!- gets rich entirely on his own.
06:21 Oct 11, 2011 PST
Poet Asks for Evidence That Poetry Has Small Audience
Djelloul Marbrook, while admiring David Orr's story, takes him to task for not questioning the validity of this notion. Poetry, Marbrook, says, is alive and flourishing in spite of widespread reports that it is on its death bed.
07:04 Oct 10, 2011 PST
Christianity is Risky Business: Will The Church Finally Embrace It?
Will the church move out of its brick and mortar bastions into the streets to stand four-square with the oppressed? Prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook asks these questions in a new essay.
06:48 Sep 9, 2011 PST
Our Vigor as a Country is Being Destroyed By Media and Politicians
Political opportunists who make hay out of our differences and stonewall their adversaries are spitting on the offices to which their adversaries are elected and spitting on us and the country.
12:07 Aug 30, 2011 PST
An Optimistic View of The Media Revolution
Prize-winning poet and journalist Djelloul Marbrook examines the claim that Internet news is less reliable than the newspapers it is supplanting and finds the claim bogus.
14:08 Aug 21, 2011 PST
To Make Progress We Must Think More Holistically
Our Aristotelian world view served us well for centuries, but it should no longer stand in the way of a more holistic view that would better serve us in a more connected world.
18:56 Aug 10, 2011 PST
What Happens When Nobody Coordinates a Patient's Care?
A medical horror story about a patient who is struggling to take 17 different prescriptions from five different specialists, he can't keep them down-and nobody is coordinating his health care.
15:45 Jul 31, 2011 PST
Are We Hapless Consumers Or Sovereign Citizens?
In 1932 a British writer, Aldous Huxley, published a book called 'Brave New World.' It foresaw a dysfunctional Western society that had turned its citizens into consumer bots drugged on trivia. Sound familiar?
18:28 Jul 28, 2011 PST
Six Long Poems of Grandeur and Oceanic Sweep
American poetry tends to commemorate the ordinary, striving to use plain language and to avoid references to things readers may not know. Gjertrud Schnackenberg's 'Heavenly Questions' breaks out of this mold with breathtaking grandeur and breadth
14:47 Jul 26, 2011 PST
The Pilgrim Fathers Had a Message of Charity for Today's Congress
Follow the Sermon on the Mount, feed the poor, he implored his Pilgrims, but today in Congress our leaders are busy whittling away at the meager gains the needy have made in America instead of attacking the real causes
05:44 Jul 23, 2011 PST
How The Arrogance of Ideologues is Destroying The U.S.
A new form of wage slavery is clamping down on America, while the political stooges of global corporations try to scare us with terrorist threats and lies about the nature of the federal debt and how much taxes we pay compared to other developed nat
13:27 Jul 18, 2011 PST
Empire of Sleaze Points to The Failures of American Journalism
Here prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook, who spent a lifetime as a working newspaperman, suggests the relevant failures in the light of the Murdoch kerfuffle.
11:40 Jul 16, 2011 PST
Algerians Clamor for The Paintings a Young American Made There in The 30s
The paintings arrived in Algeria in 2004 and seemingly vanished in the bowels of the country's energy company, which acquired them. But now the Algerian press has clamored for an accounting and a petition is circulating in Bou Saada, 'City of Happ
15:14 Jul 4, 2011 PST
New Social Websites Function as Virtual Newspapers
Millions of Americans, and people all over the world, own a newspaper. They just don't realize it. Operating Facebook pages is very much like operating a newspaper. The Facebook template is essentially a newspaper template.
07:16 Jun 29, 2011 PST
Are We Applying Outworn Ideas to Literary Criticism?
Is the Internet changing the way we think about literature? Can it help separate money from merit and create a more egalitarian environment for literature? Is the Internet calling into question our taste-making establishment for better or worse?
12:57 Jun 28, 2011 PST
Corporate Stooges in Congress Undermine and Defeat Democracy
The spectacle of the opposition party's refusal to approve the President's nominations is all the proof we need. Instead of a government that works we have 24/7 politics, like cable news, with around-the-clock trivia, lunacy and fear-mongering.
17:24 Jun 26, 2011 PST
George The Incurious as Hero of An Intellectually Arthritic Nation
In some ways George W. Bush as president was emblematic of an incurious nation that gathers around a bunch of received ideas and clings to them instead of challenging them
12:34 Jun 21, 2011 PST
Do Poets Write for Fame, Recognition Or Something More Elusive?
Why does a poet write poetry? For recognition, the praise of contemporaries, the money [just kidding here], or something else? Djelloul Marbrook, a prize-winning poet, says it's for something else as far as he's concerned.
13:45 Jun 18, 2011 PST
Facebook Groups Provide a Kind of Cliffsnotes on How Society Operates
Facebook groups provide young people with a good luck of what they will contend with in the world-groups that are snarky and inhospitable to newcomers and groups that are inclusive and welcoming.
17:37 Jun 12, 2011 PST
When Patriotism is Used to Bully Fellow Americans and Silence Dissent
Prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook says that in the midst of all the patriotism after the 9/11 terrorist attacks something ugly happened in American culture-the flag and yellow ribbons to support the troops
15:27 Jun 5, 2011 PST
Books Cost Too Much to Ship: It Impedes Global Cultural Exchange
India publishes more books in English than the rest of the Anglophone world together, but shipping costs are high. Such costs fragment communications between large language groups speaking not only English but also French, Spanish, and Arabic.
06:38 May 31, 2011 PST
Nothing New About Terrorism Except Names, Places and Attackers
Now that Osama bin Laden has been killed it might be a good time to recall the Baltimore incident, a 9/11 in 1631 Ireland. There is nothing new about terrorist attacks. Irish web sites and literature are full of accounts of an infamous 1631 pirate r
17:23 May 29, 2011 PST
How The Media Polarize Society to Boost Sales and Ratings
Too many people insisting on being right is a formula for disaster in a republic, and American media with their jousting pundits have played a shameful role in polarizing our society. Requiring teachers to teach to the test raises the question: what
16:31 May 27, 2011 PST
A Modest Book Fair Reveals America's Half-Seen Literary Renaissance
A stroll down the main street of Hudson, New York, prompts prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook to meditate on our culture's values. Here in the midst of this famous antique venue a book fair was also underway.
17:38 May 23, 2011 PST
A Long-Dead Laborer-Poet Speaks Truth to Power in Our Own Time
Today we witness a similar situation. Greed is good, society says. This is a madhouse, our poets respond. Greed is Christian, our society says. Didn't you hear what the man said? our poets ask.
06:29 May 22, 2011 PST
Prize-Winning Writer Says Writing for Money Gives Him The Willies
Call me crazy, but writing for money has never sat well with me. I joined the American Newspaper Guild to fight for better wages and conditions, and I worked most of my adult life as a newspaper reporter and editor, but in my old age my native crazi
18:49 May 20, 2011 PST
Film Industry, Like Terrorists, Fears Women, Prize-Winning Poet Says
The film industry is like the church in its devotion to making women second class. Djelloul Marbrook, a prize-winning poet, deplores new television series that he says depict women unfavorably
15:29 May 13, 2011 PST
Travolta's Famous Walk Reflects a Lost Society of Optimism and Exuberance
Fewer opportunities, war, unemployment, unobtainable higher education. Those were the days when we had a growing middle class. Now we have a growing gap between rich and poor.
16:47 May 9, 2011 PST
German POWs Made This Prize-Winning Poet a Model Messerschmitt 109
At boarding school every Sunday he encountered a banner saying, 'Suffer the little children to come unto me,' but he never thought that meant him, and here he tells why.
18:47 May 7, 2011 PST
Sometimes The Most Restrained Poetry is Also The Most Telling
One of the beauties of the Internet is that it encourages writers to retrieve works of literature that have blossomed for a season and then fallen into neglect. Here poet Djelloul Marbrook revisits an exquisite chapbook of poems by Gretchen Primack
12:34 May 5, 2011 PST
While Yakking About The Debt, The Politicians Move on The Internet
We're just where our corporate elite want us, in love with our abusers. And while we pay attention to the birth certificate red herring and Donald Trump's hair and the royal wedding, the House of Representatives tries to hand the internet over to
14:39 May 2, 2011 PST
Is Hemingway's 'The Killers' Prose Poetry? Or 'The Red Badge of Courage'?
When another author, Dan Baum, called Djelloul Marbrook's novel, 'Saraceno,' a prose poem, Marbrook began meditating on the nature of prose and poetry and arrived at some provocative conclusions, expressed here.
12:01 Apr 30, 2011 PST
The Corporados Haul The American Dream of Decent Wages to The Dump
First it was disposable products, now it's the Disposable American. Slashing Medicare and Social Security, as Tea Party Republicans are fixing to do, will complete the destruction of the middle class, multiply the numbers of poor Americans
20:21 Apr 27, 2011 PST
Artemisia, a Young Artist Betrayed By a Friend
Good fiction, says prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook, is about creating that one character without whom your world mcan no longer exist, a person indispensable to your imagination. That's what he tried to do in 'Artemisia's Wolf,'
06:05 Apr 26, 2011 PST
Social Networks Threaten Media Corpocracy
We are seeing each other across the globe, not as the press portrays us but as we portray ourselves, and the political and cultural consequences are greater than those brought about by the Gutenberg press.
10:54 Apr 21, 2011 PST
National Poetry Month is a Good Time to Ask Questions
National Poetry Month offers a moment to ask ourselves whether we're also celebrating dangerous, subversive, ball-breaking poetry. Or are we just celebrating safe, anecdotal, 'accessible' poetry?
08:20 Apr 17, 2011 PST
'Artemisia's Wolf': Novel About a Young Woman Who Rocks Her World
When lightning strikes Artemisia Cavelli it illuminates her world and its inhabitants in strange new ways. Prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook has written a novel in honor of some of the world's most memorable women-Artemisia Gentileschi
06:49 Apr 16, 2011 PST
Pascale Petit Channels Frida Kahlo in Poems
Frida Kahlo painted with a unique brush. Now British poet Pascale Petit gives the great Mexican painter a unique voice in 52 poems that eerily resonate with Kahlo's vivid way of painting.
13:52 Apr 15, 2011 PST
Sometimes Facebook is Like a Party: Too Loud, Too Big, Too Bright, Too Close
(07, April is the birthday of the Internet. On this day in 1969, a Defense Department agency sent out a Request for Comments to scientists -RFCs as they are known-asking for ideas and methods that would eventually lead to the Internet.)
05:51 Apr 11, 2011 PST
Violent TV Images Won't Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Films and particularly the 8-11 prime-time television shows batter us with violent images that rile us up, trading on a horrid fascination with violence that for some of us is like the Stockholm Syndrome...
08:31 Apr 10, 2011 PST
Ever Wonder Why The Jesse James Story is Always Modern?
Why is the Jesse James legend so enduring? Could it be because it speaks indelibly to our sense of being swindled? The press is part of this sense of being swindled because it hides the most important stories in plain sight.
16:34 Apr 9, 2011 PST
New York Politicians Join The National Scam, Scapegoating Washington
It could have passed a sales tax on Wall Street transactions and the speculators who screwed the nation, but instead it set the stage for even higher property taxes and cut schools and Medicaid, stabbing already stressed homeowners in the back and p
15:46 Apr 8, 2011 PST
An Abandoned Luncheonette Inspires a Sequence of Sonnets
Poetry isn't about recognition and the praise of readers, it's about saying one thing so essential that the world can no longer be imagined in its absence.Here are two poets whose work illustrates the point: Environmental scientist Paul Clemente a
16:12 Apr 4, 2011 PST
You Won't Forget 'Nazareth, North Dakota,' Any Time Soon
'Nazareth, North Dakota,' is a memorable story about unforgettable characters, from Roxy in a hopeless marriage to Dill, just out of prison and about to go in again, to the baby boy Sam a teenage beauty pageant winner leaves at Roxy's motel door.
05:11 Apr 1, 2011 PST
What We Don't Know About The Arabs is Killing Us
Here's another instance of what our fabulously expensive intelligence community doesn't know and can't illuminate. And the press seems just as clueless, giving us events without context and background...
12:56 Mar 28, 2011 PST
Some Bright Exceptions to The Dreary Run of Local American Media
Most local American newspapers are shams. In their obsession with politics they fail to reflect our culture. To them the arts, humanities and sciences are feature stories, slight respites from the political torrent.
14:19 Mar 27, 2011 PST
A New Wave of Juvenile Delinquency is Sweeping Across The Country
Peter T. King, the New York congressman conducting a hearing on the radicalization of American Muslims, is a radicalized Irishman, but he thinks he's a real American and he's not sure about 'them.'
16:21 Mar 21, 2011 PST
Prices At The Pump are Nothing Compared to Our Education Crisis
To spend only 5.7 percent of our gross domestic product on education is just about as criminal as rape. With test scores plummeting all over America, how do we expect to compete in the world if we do not produce the graduates...
14:24 Mar 12, 2011 PST
Here Comes Rep. Peter King: Another Budget-Busting Witch Hunt
Rep. Peter King of New York, a deficit hawk, plans to spend a boodle of taxpayer money on a bogus inquiry into the radicalization of American Muslims.
10:23 Mar 10, 2011 PST
Why Does Having to Think About Foreigners Annoy Americans?
The American press has reduced its foreign coverage and uses more and more second-hand reports. The American publishing industry publishes fewer translations than any developed country.
06:31 Mar 7, 2011 PST
Bookstores Seem to Be Saying That Capitalism is Essentially Anti-Cultural
Most of the big chain booksellers are kitsch barns decorated with books. If they ever had any sense of responsibility to empower the country's many small poetry presses they're not showing it now.
06:06 Mar 6, 2011 PST
Arab Revolts Show Bedouin Distrust of Government
The revolts sweeping North Africa and the Middle East are imbued with a kind of Bedouin spirit, an irreverence toward central authority and invisible government. Arab culture has always had two faces, urban and Bedouin.
06:51 Mar 4, 2011 PST
Bees are Dying, Famine is Looming, But The Press is Obsessed With Oil
The worldwide collapse of honey bee colonies threatens famine and yet the press pays it scant attention, treating it as an exotic feature story.
12:17 Mar 1, 2011 PST
The Right-Wing Race Card is Destroying Our Domestic Tranquillity
The problem Hispanic immigrants pose to these Republicans is not that some of them are here illegally, it's that they're here at all.
06:29 Feb 27, 2011 PST
I Read Back to Front and Bottom Up, Says Prize-Winning Poet Djelloul Marbrook
'I just don't trust the authorized version of anything,' he says, and reading the wrong way strips out whatever sanctimony there is in a piece of writing.
12:32 Feb 24, 2011 PST
The Gun Control Debate is a Sham on Both Sides
Filmmakers, including the pornographers, bathe us in violence and yet we persist in debating gun control as if violent imagery had nothing to do with it. Has filmed violence made us peace-proof? What's up with this?
14:46 Feb 20, 2011 PST
The Press Slept as Speculators Went Wild
The Associated Press offers its members an index of stressed counties-counties where over-building, job losses and foreclosures have devastated the economy.
08:13 Feb 18, 2011 PST
The Literary Tastemakers are Being Challenged By The Power of The Web
The debate has been framed by people with a vested interest in gatekeeping, people who don't want to lose their power to say which books deserve attention. The worldwide web is challenging all this, and we should welcome the challenge.
07:43 Feb 16, 2011 PST
Here is a Book About Making Poems That Every Library Should Have
Why does a poet do what he does, and how does he do it? These questions are explored. No self-respecting library should be without 'Poetry In Person,' edited by Alexander Neubauer.
08:20 Feb 12, 2011 PST
Our Way of Looking At The Arabs is Skewed and Dangerously Prejudiced
Our view of the Arabs is historically skewed. While we see Israel as admirably like us, we see the Arabs as deplorably unlike us. And yet the truth is we have inherited a civilization that is deeply indebted to them.
05:01 Feb 11, 2011 PST
Our Obsession With Winning and Losing Obscures Any Measure of Excellence
Must our culture be rooted in adversarialism? Isn't our booming contest industry a primitive measure of merit, more a celebration of our obsession with winning and losing than of excellence?
17:42 Feb 6, 2011 PST
Local Government Isn't Getting The Scrutiny It Needs-Here's a Start
With the collapse of a vigilant local American press it's essential for citizens to exercise their right to know-and this handbook tells us exactly what we need to know and the questions we need to ask.
07:43 Feb 5, 2011 PST
Nietzsche and Michael Jackson Have a Connection, as These Acute Essays Show
The essays characteristically say exactly what the media fail to say. They explore where the media leave off. And they show us why we can't depend on the mainstream media for our understanding of our own collective life.
11:36 Feb 1, 2011 PST
Television News is as Phony as The Politicians It Nurtures
All good reporters know or learn sooner or later learn that their ignorance, far from being a shameful handicap, is in fact a great strength.
05:32 Jan 29, 2011 PST
Why Have We Consented to Such a Limited Gun Rights Debate?
Why is the gun rights debate limited like a redacted intelligence document? Why is our discourse limited to the right to bear arms and under what circumstances? Why isn't it about the broad causes of violence?
12:22 Jan 27, 2011 PST
What World is Hollywood Living In? It Sure Ain't The America That's Got Us Down
In this America newscasters tell us the stock market is doing well and everything would be great if we'd just start building houses again. They know perfectly well we can't afford to buy them.
05:22 Jan 24, 2011 PST
Poet Baudelaire and General Sherman: Their Faces Shared a Bond of Grief
I was still in high school when I noticed, or thought I noticed, a similarity between photographs of the Parisian poet and the Ohio soldier.
13:14 Jan 19, 2011 PST
Publishers Pursue Celebrities in Their Quest for Quick Profit
Publishers may like us to think they are publishing the best writing they can find, but the truth is that they increasingly publish the work of already famous people to capitalize on their fame.
11:27 Jan 18, 2011 PST
Unfair Property Taxes Cannot Be Lowered in Washington
Politicians who, with the complicity of the media, blame the federal government for high taxes take attention away from local corruption that drives up the cost of government and imposes unfair property taxes.
10:17 Jan 17, 2011 PST
Our Obsession With Being Right Leads Us Nowhere Except to War
Schools must teach us how much we don't now, not to revel in what we do know. They must teach us how to learn, not to beat each other over the head with what little we have learned.
06:47 Jan 11, 2011 PST
Filmmakers and Advertisers Persist in Cultivating Nativism
The persistent image in our filmmaking and advertising is of Americans of white Anglo-Saxon origin, and it encourages an increasingly unjust society emerging since the Korean War.
06:31 Jan 10, 2011 PST
This American Novel Takes on The Big Issues
'Daring to Eat a Peach' is a novel about moving on, glancing off each other-and finally in the process becoming magi bearing gifts. It is published by Atticus Books of Maryland, a maverick and ambitious small press with a big agenda.
07:38 Jan 6, 2011 PST
Bad Government Begins At Home-And New York State is About to Show Us Why
They have gotten away with scape-goating Washington for a long time, as the last elections showed, but New York State, which has the highest property taxes in the country.
05:10 Jan 4, 2011 PST
A Good Long War Distracts Us From Misrule and Injustice
Osama bin Laden, far from being a war lord and religious reformer, is a creepy suck-up to the ruling elite, a slave of War Inc. He is the best thing that ever happened to the free-market freebooters who have swallowed our middle class whole.
08:58 Jan 2, 2011 PST
Poet Asks, Why Does Christmas Belong to The Moneylenders?
Prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook here offers a prayer for invisibility on the eve of an approaching East Coast blizzard. In his prayer the poet asks if invisibility would help us pay more attention to others and less to ourselves.
05:09 Dec 28, 2010 PST
Can a Relentlessly Commercial Society Uphold Literary Values?
The Internet and print-on-demand have enabled small presses to rattle the contention that merit and sales go hand in glove. It's a radical idea-not a new one but one that has been given new life by the Internet.
08:20 Dec 27, 2010 PST
'Brushstrokes and Glances,' Poems About Art, Win High Praise
'My work is my prayer,' the poet says, 'and that is as true of the cabinetmaker as it is of me.' Tom Holmes, writing in 'The Line Break,' says Marbrook's poems in 'Brushstrokes and Glances' ought to be hung in museums next to the paintings
08:17 Dec 21, 2010 PST
Banks Screw Taxpayers Coming and Going
There has always been a consensus that Madison's and Jefferson's fears that Madison's and Jefferson's fears that to make bankers rich at the expense of an agricultural and tradesman majority were tinged with paranoia.
12:34 Dec 17, 2010 PST
Poems That Have a Viking Energy Combined With Great Emotional Intelligence
Poetry often tells us more about ourselves and the world we live in than the news, and it is a failing of our educational system that we are not aware of this.
05:28 Dec 15, 2010 PST
Can Assange Be a Bigger Threat Than Bin Laden?
The real issue isn't WikiLeaks or its founder, Julian P. Assange-it's how governments use national security as an excuse for limiting the freedoms of their people and lining the pockets of their oligarchs.
06:15 Dec 14, 2010 PST
Why We Prefer Herbicides and Lies: The Testimony of The Lowly Dandelion
The dandelion is lovely, cheerful and good for us and for nature, but we prefer the lie that it is a nasty weed to be killed at all cost. That is how we view the truth, too. It's hard to find and harder to swallow.
07:58 Dec 11, 2010 PST
What would Jesus say to war profiteers?
Would that humble Jewish carpenter not look at our Native Americans, our Hispanics, our African-Americans, each of our diverse and creative minorities, and say, 'Why are you pretending you are Anglo-Saxon?
06:57 Dec 9, 2010 PST
Is News An Orchestrated Scare Tactic Or a Sincere Effort to Educate Us?
An exhibition of screenprints by the late Robert Rauschenberg at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City raises more questions about the news industry and the nature of news than the media think tanks do.
11:28 Dec 7, 2010 PST
New Abu Dhabi Museum Should Write The Arabs Back Into Seafaring History
Prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook tells the tale of how his years of research into Arab seafaring prowess became an obsession, almost derailing the novel he was working on.
08:55 Dec 5, 2010 PST
A Navy Wife's Poems Show Us How War Seeps Into Our Marrow
It testifies to the fact that war is not there, it is everywhere, and everyone is affected, because we are all in it together. These memorable poems tell us more about war than the news.
07:43 Dec 4, 2010 PST
The War in Afghanistan is Bleeding us Taxpayers, But Who is Getting Richer?
Nine years and billions of taxpayer dollars later we are no closer to nabbing Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, so why are we really there?
07:47 Dec 2, 2010 PST
Afghan Imposter Shows Us The Danger of Hubris in Our Brass
Now it turns out that while Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal was mocking the President in Paris for being the dupe of bad advisors, he was himself being hornswoggled by an Afghan shopkeeper masquerading as a Taliban leader. Poetic justice.
10:37 Nov 30, 2010 PST
Why are We Whitewashing a GOP Conspiracy to Ruin a Presidency?
Since World War II the government has persecuted quite a few people for doing and saying much less to bring down the government than the Republican Party is now doing to ruin the presidency of Barack Obama.
09:01 Nov 28, 2010 PST
Wall Street is Doing Fine While The Rest of Us Drown in Debt
Look at the Wall Street indexes. Wall Street is doing just fine while the rest of us are sinking in debt.
07:28 Nov 26, 2010 PST
An Aging Poet Writes An Homage to a Memorable Classmate Set to Music
'Adeline Compton,' a moving poem set to music, is prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook's homage to a memorable English girl who used to serve him air tea in painted tin cups in a gazebo in their boarding school many years ago.
06:36 Nov 24, 2010 PST
When Criticism Means Getting Over on Someone It Serves No One
The poet argues that the criticism of put-down or getting over on someone reflects a society that reduces everything to winning and losing, a gaming society, and therefore an inherently immature society.
10:58 Nov 21, 2010 PST
If Politicians Had Anne of Green Gables' Compulsion They'd Be Undertakers
Like Anne of Green Gables, I have always had an exquisite compulsion to say the one thing nobody wants to hear at the very moment they least want to hear it. It has complicated my life to no end, but it has also produced immeasurable riches.
08:50 Nov 15, 2010 PST
The German Experience is Alive and Well in America
A hornswoggling press has helped elect hornswoggling politicians who blame Washington for everything when they know damned well they could have reduced our taxes by giving us honest and efficient government at home.
08:43 Nov 13, 2010 PST
How Our Notions and Beliefs Hold Us Back and Divinity Beckons Us Up Ahead
The philosopher-homeopath-musician Andrew Franck shows us how to develop a super-consciousness in his remarkable book, 'The Transparent Bride.'
10:23 Nov 10, 2010 PST
We Should Elect Politicians to Smarten Up, Not to Dumb Politics Down
Our schools have the mistaken idea they are about learning. They should be about learning how to learn. Government should be a humble place of learning, not a pulpit for half-baked notions.
04:38 Nov 8, 2010 PST
Isn't a Zero-Carbon City Worth as Much Attention as The Next Terrorist Threat?
In the Dark Ages the most modern city in the West was the Arab city of Cordoba. In many ways it foreshadowed today's great cities. Today Arabs and Westerners are building a new Cordoba, called Masdar, in the Abu Dhabi desert.
07:24 Nov 6, 2010 PST
Politics: Our Fastest-Growing Industry, Just Look At Wall Street
Is politics our fastest-growing industry? Politicians are in the pipeline construction business-piping wealth from 99 percent of us to one percent of us. That's what all the clamor is about.
06:54 Nov 4, 2010 PST
The Web is a Godsend, So Don't Vote for Those Who Would Bag It
The press gives us not what we want but what press lords want. As A.J. Liebling said, freedom of the press is for those who own it. We don't watch the news, we watch manipulators.
09:39 Nov 2, 2010 PST
You Think The Bank Bailout Was a Swindle? You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
You think you're about to vote out rascals? Think again. You may be about to vote for people who will sell the Internet you have already paid for to corporations that will price you out and censor your free access to it.
10:49 Oct 31, 2010 PST
Schools Should Open Minds to New Ideas, Not Teach to Tests
Teaching to the test reveals an abject failure to open children's minds to all they don't know, which is the true purpose of education. And the flip-flop issue reveals our tendency to make heroes of boobs.
06:47 Oct 29, 2010 PST
A Vision of Poetry as Streaming Wi-Fi in Parks, Buses, Trains, Planes, Libraries
To arms, to the barricades, poetry presses of America! We need a collaboration between our many publishers of poetry and local government and business.
07:10 Oct 27, 2010 PST
Apophis or Apep? This is The Sort of Things Editors Must Decide
After a long career in the newspaper industry prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook reflects on the nature of editing and proofreading as his second book of poems, 'Brushstrokes and Glances,' makes its way to market.
06:24 Oct 18, 2010 PST
We Need to Reconsider The Role of Television News in Our Society
The media do not reflect our culture, they reflect themselves. Try this experiment. Pretend all your television news channels are off the air for three days. Afterwards ask yourself if you feel more peaceful, a bit less anxious.
05:59 Oct 17, 2010 PST
Washington is Being Made a Scapegoat for Bad Local Government
Ignore that Tea Party baloney about taking back Washington and cutting taxes-the action is in Florida where taxpayers are trying take back their state from corrupt local politicians, banks and developers.
07:51 Oct 14, 2010 PST
An Elegant Book of Poems Leads to a Swamp of Nostalgia for The Nazis
As the prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook wrote about Guzlowski's book he encountered on the web fond elegies for the Nazis and promises of their resurgence.
05:36 Oct 11, 2010 PST
Handsome, Deadly Billy Salviati Just Wants to Serve His Don, But Fate Intervenes
'Saraceno,' a short novel by prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook, is a hypnotically authentic story of redemption at the very heart of the New York Mafia in the 1950s.
07:30 Oct 10, 2010 PST
News as Defined By Media is Toxic Waste
If we practiced holistic medicine on an institutional basis we would prohibit the news as we know it. It is not designed to edify, enlighten, uplift, remedy or enable; it is designed to disturb and divide us.
07:18 Oct 8, 2010 PST
The Flip-Flop Issue-one Measure of How The Press Polarizes Society
Remember the press yakking nightly about flip-floppers, equating flip-flopping with moral turpitude? Such silliness is hard to believe in retrospect. We send our children to school to learn how to learn.
07:43 Oct 5, 2010 PST
TV Attack Ads: It All Boils Down to Local Corruption That Trickles Up
Politicians on the left and the right are getting away with an enormous scam. They're scapegoating Washington to distract voters from pervasive corruption in local, county and state government.
12:04 Oct 1, 2010 PST
Public's Confusion About Health Care is Press's Disgrace
The press finds time to make sure we understand that Pris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are inclined to get in trouble, but found no time to make sure the public understood legislation that vitally affects our lives.
12:16 Sep 30, 2010 PST
Language: Not Just Words, But Respect for Others and Ourselves
The way we use the language is a measure of our respect for each other. Language Log, originating from the University of Pennsylvania, tries to guard the language against abuse.
12:32 Sep 28, 2010 PST
Poetry Goes Where No Politician Or Ideologue Dares to Follow
A society that defines danger as violent criminals within and ideological enemies without is an essentially adolescent society. The real danger to us comes from our artists and writers, and it is as heaven-sent as angels.
15:07 Sep 24, 2010 PST
Prize-Winning Poet Calls Art and Poetry Divine Criminality
Someone living in a cardboard box with frostbite and hunger may already have done something more memorable than our greatest writers and certainly more than the most famous politicians.
10:27 Sep 21, 2010 PST
Politics is About Silencing The Authentic Voice of Poetry and Art
What is the voice that makes our hair stand up in a poem? Prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook calls it the Delphic voice, the child's voice that is heard above the din of adolescence and maturity, the voice of authentic innocence.
15:45 Sep 18, 2010 PST
We Shouldn't Discuss National Security Without Discussing Profiteering
Dwight Eisenhower's parting words to his fellow Americans when he left the White House were, Watch out for the military-industrial complex. We haven't listened.
10:30 Sep 17, 2010 PST
Party Conflict Only Distracts Us: We Should Look At The Records
The media keep trying to convince us that American life is about conflict, about winning and losing. But a democracy is not about conflict, it's about conflict resolution, and we don't have the kind of media to show us the way to consensus.
05:59 Sep 16, 2010 PST
Mid-East Peace Talks More Complicated Than The West Bank Issue
The Palestinian-Israeli peace talks are far more complicated than news reports suggest. Here former military intelligence analyst Craig A. Perkins offers a guide to understanding the issues and the challenges facing Israeli.
17:54 Sep 11, 2010 PST
Russian Poet Explores The Way Politics Corrupts Culture
The work of the Russian poet Elena Fanailova is a case in point. This physician-journalist-poet is telling us things far more important than the blatherings of our politicians and pundits.
16:55 Sep 9, 2010 PST
Can The Pet-Dumpers' Kids Ever Trust Their Parents Again?
How must their children feel to see such betrayals? Will they ever trust their parents again? How very like they are to corporate bottom-liners who feel no responsibility to wage earners while they themselves are paid handsome salaries and bonuses.
15:07 Sep 6, 2010 PST
Wall Street Feeling Betrayed By Obama?
It seems some Wall Street muckety-mucks who once supported Barack Obama have turned on him because they feel betrayed. Here's how I spell their behavior: c-h-u-t-z-p-a-h.
15:58 Sep 3, 2010 PST
American Gives Us Clear-Eyed Portrait of French Legend
Albert Camus was 46 when he died in 1960. Elizabeth Hawes was 19. She was in love with him and had never met him. Or was it the idea of him? She would find out. And her determination to find out has given us an exemplary literary adventure.
05:23 Sep 2, 2010 PST
The Nature of The Human Gaze is An Obsession of Filmmakers
Do we change what we look at? Are we only dimly aware of the powers of our gaze? A poet muses about the people, situations and places that impact his writing and change it: many people or few or none, loud or quiet, indoors or out.
13:17 Aug 30, 2010 PST
Can We Fondle e-Books, Like Paper Books? We Fondle Cars, Don't We?
I've been sniffing e-readers, upsetting clerks and amusing fellow browsers. They sure don't smell like books. And have no silverfish-carpet sharks-either.
07:01 Aug 27, 2010 PST
Media Persist in Portraying An America That Does Not Reflect Our Diversity
More than 18 percent of Americans polled by Pew researchers believe Barack Obama is a Muslim in spite of conclusive proof he is a witnessing Christian.
05:48 Aug 26, 2010 PST
How Bigots Use Southern Speech Patterns as Code
One of a poet's jobs is to tune into how speech is used, to its sounds and purposes. I think I hear an upswing in non-Southerners sending a bigoted message by using southern speech mannerisms.
17:17 Aug 21, 2010 PST
The e-Book Poses a Challenge to Traditional Critics
The e-book, pooh-poohed by critics, is finally gaining popularity in publishing. The question now is how will the critical establishment, which has till now shunned the e-book as a fad, respond to numbers showing e-books are here to stay?
19:08 Aug 20, 2010 PST
The Military Must Stay Out of Politics, and We Must Support The Military
David Petraeus was all over the media all weekend. He shouldn't be. A general making an end run in the media on his commander-in-chief sets a dangerous precedent. Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower wouldn't have tolerated it.
11:59 Aug 18, 2010 PST
The News Picture of America Does Not Agree With What We All See
Our country would grind to a halt if we emulated the behavior of our politicians. They act like children. We are the adults. Every day the press gives us a picture of American society that does not match what we see. We work hard and get along.
17:15 Aug 16, 2010 PST
Our Elites Should Be Emulating Alexander The Great, Not The Sun King
The rich guys who run the private and public sectors in this country have a lot to learn from Alexander, George Washington, Lawrence of Arabia and Che Guevara, but they're imitating Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Louis XVI.
18:54 Aug 11, 2010 PST
Poetry Takes The Risks The Mainstream Media are Sorely Lacking
Anyone who thinks the pundits and scholars have cornered the market on describing our culture to us should take a look at Bruce Weber's poetry. His book of poems, The Breakup of My First Marriage, is a diary of mayhem, merriment and danger.
11:26 Aug 10, 2010 PST
Politicians Ignore Our Country's Problems With Constant Wars
Politicians on the right and some conservative Democrats are trying to force a phony choice on Americans-they say we must be either a welfare or a warfare state. That's a crock and they know it.
10:46 Aug 6, 2010 PST
How Special Interests Get People Talking At Instead of to Each Other
The trouble with religion is those who interpret it to suit their biases and ambitions. Religion can become an industry with lobbyists, corruption and hypocrisy.
09:52 Aug 4, 2010 PST
Facebook Shows People Don't Want to Communicate Like The Media
The starting disparity between the tone and demeanor of social networks like Facebook and MySpace and the mainstream media, particularly cable news, reveals a disconnect between the way people want to communicate with each other
18:57 Aug 2, 2010 PST
The Arizona Immigration Law is a Step Towards Nativism and Ethnic Cleansing
This isn't the first time we have witnessed ethnic cleansing in America. The push West towards our so-called manifest destiny involved ethnic cleansing, as did the slaughter of the buffalo herds that devastated the Plains tribes.
18:27 Jul 30, 2010 PST
How Television Seeks to Distract Us From The Wikileaks Story
The immense gap between TV's idea of news and the print industry's is on full display in the controversy over the leak of 90,000 documents about the Afghan war. TV would have us believe the story is about the leaks.
16:29 Jul 27, 2010 PST
Television as a Form of Waterboarding
Americans know a lot more about waterboarding than Big Media thinks they know. After all, they're subjected to a form of it every day on television.
10:17 Jul 26, 2010 PST
Conquerors Come and Go Or Stay, But Algeria Possesses Them All
These are the concluding words of Deserted Memory on the back cover of an extraordinary collaboration of father and daughter portraying a colonial Algeria that refuses historical segmentation.
15:22 Jul 24, 2010 PST
Missing From The Counter-Terrorism Strategy-A New Look At The Arab-Israeli Confl
In spite of all our forefathers' warnings, we have become the United States of War, blaming it on one threat after another but never on failed diplomacy or policies driven by lobbyists and corporations instead of the best interests of the people.
12:45 Jul 22, 2010 PST
All Bad Government Starts Locally and Spreads From There, Like Contagion
A call to arms: Retirees should band together to delve into local government across America. All government is local. Bad government starts in your home town. Stop giving local government a free pass.
20:08 Jul 18, 2010 PST
An Exciting Young French Poet Shows Us Why Poetry Matters
Very little foreign literature is translated and published in the United States-an intellectual disgrace-but all the more reason to rejoice in the translation by Susan Wicks of 'Cold Spring In Winter' by the young French poet Valerie Rouzeau.
14:08 Jul 16, 2010 PST
The Museum of Modern Art Throws a Public Tantrum
New York City's Museum of Modern Art in a dismaying display of adolescent exhibitionism has reprised Yoko Ono's wretched 1961 Voice Piece for Soprano which invites visitors to scream and screech into an amplified microphone.
03:58 Jul 13, 2010 PST
Faceless Emailer of Old War Posters Makes Bogus Claims About Patriotism
A lot of inarticulate, blind anger is bouncing around in cyberspace. I'm pleased my email program dumps garbage a lot more efficiently than my twice weekly trips to the dump. But as a veteran, one email last week got my goat.
07:32 Jul 8, 2010 PST
The Business of Iran is to Preserve Its Culture in a Sea of Historic Enemies
Iran Shi'ism and the preservation of its culture go hand in glove Do misunderstand Middle East history or don't want to understand it? Do we misunderstand Middle East history or just ignore it?
07:18 Jul 7, 2010 PST
A Neglected National Resource-Our Fabulous Wealth in Literature
Our small presses and literary periodicals are a neglected national treasure. No culture has ever produced so many. Here are voices that count, not the politicians and pundits.
08:47 Jul 4, 2010 PST
Consider How TV Reports The Weather-As a Threat, Like An Enemy
TV reports weather as a threat, not unlike pharmaceuticals-good for you unless they happen to kill you. Television news operates to keep us in a perpetual state of jitters, suggesting a culture suffering from post-traumatic stress.
13:15 Jul 2, 2010 PST
What Fundamentalists Have in Common: Fear of Women
United States, Israel and Iran share one thing in common: Their policies are driven to an alarming extent by messianism-and therefore their policies are largely immune to reason, to changing developments, and to compromise.
06:08 Jul 1, 2010 PST
Soldiers Have a Right to Assume They Obey Grownups
Television news is a snooze even Dr. Frankenstein couldn't revive, not even with lightning. Its pervasive cameras and spoon-fed questions have encouraged our politicians to strut and posture instead of doing their jobs.
06:30 Jun 28, 2010 PST
A Theatrical Reading of a Poem Dictates to Audiences
At poetry readings and slams, many poets read from memory. I don't remember poems I've written. Just as well-I believe reading poetry aloud is a kind of marine archaeological adventure, a search for hidden treasures.
18:08 Jun 24, 2010 PST
Even If He's Right, a General Who Mocks His Boss Deserves Firing
Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal crossed a line. It should have been no surprise to the White House that he was mocking his civilian bosses because he telegraphed his intention in a London speech several months ago.
05:51 Jun 24, 2010 PST
Nativism is Resurgent, But Who are The Natives?
Djelloul Marbrook sounds like no one else. If I had to compare him to someone, I would say Emily Dickinson, oddly-because no one sounds like Dickinson, either.
06:13 Jun 22, 2010 PST
Is Truth So Inedible We Feed on Fast-Food Lies and Prejudices?
Marbrook writes, The brilliant misanthropic Frenchman Céline said, Truth is inedible. The Apostle John said, Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Contemporary America seems to be proving Céline right and John wrong.
05:09 Jun 21, 2010 PST
A Leak-Hating Administration Leaks a Whopper About Afghanistan
So that's why we're in Afghanistan-huge deposits of lithium, copper, gold, emeralds, sapphires and other minerals. And here we thought it was about democracy and depriving terrorists of a base.
06:25 Jun 16, 2010 PST
All Government, All News is Local: You Can Report It
Joining a new party, putting money in a new candidate's pocket, complaining about rotten government, protesting-none of these things, however satisfying, will do you as much good as finding out what's really going on.
04:39 Jun 14, 2010 PST
The Homeless as Prophets and Heroines
Why do homeless men often look like Old Testament prophets? Perhaps they both ventured into the same land and never fully returned.
09:21 Jun 12, 2010 PST
The Myth of a Democratic Republic and a Free Press
The 2001 German film 'Das Experiment' is an eerie foreshadowing of what would happen six months later when terrorists attacked the United States.
09:53 Jun 10, 2010 PST
The Human Brain is Being Rewired While Other Stories Grab Our Attention
While oil spills, wars and Wall Street grab our attention, our obsession with electronic gadgetry may be rewiring our brains in unpredictable ways.
10:14 Jun 9, 2010 PST
Gulf Oil Spill Much Like Effects of Child Abuse
Every child betrayed and abused by an adult understands the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico instinctively, because the results of both will reverberate for many years and can never be completely reversed or remediated.
17:51 Jun 6, 2010 PST
Media Hits Obama But Afraid to Probe Cheney Energy Deals
If we had a drama queen like Sarah Palin in the White House some members of the press would be deploring the lack of sound judgment, the emotionalism in responding to the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.
10:23 Jun 6, 2010 PST
A Nation That Sells Out Its Students Will Sell The Web to Profiteers
Professors who need emotional support from their students and exhibitionistic students make a perfect marriage with awful consequences for others.
08:07 Jun 3, 2010 PST
Do We Need to Keep on Dumbing Down The News?
Hey, big heads, this is an Internet society-that means we dig being smart, we dig researching, but we call it searching. The coffee is being brewed in cyberspace. Wake up!
10:26 May 31, 2010 PST
The Press Doesn't Want Answers, It Wants Controversy
Whose interests does our trash-'em, bash-'em TV journalism serve? The public? Or corporate America marketing so-called infotainment every bit as hazardous to our health as junk food?
16:34 May 28, 2010 PST
The Press Must Rise to The Challenge of The 21st Century
Our media culture keeps us on edge, polarizes our politics, destabilizes such institutions as the financial markets, and convinces us we are divided into winners and losers and should despise the losers.
05:58 May 26, 2010 PST
Cuomo Plans for Al Gore Raise Serious Questions of Judgment
Instead of carrying out their missions federal agencies spent years trying to respond to his demands that they justify themselves or be privatized.
07:36 May 24, 2010 PST
Maybe We Need to Redefine Just What Government Is
Could the incredible popularity of the Internet and all its gadgetry bespeak a loneliness and alienation in us, a growing distrust of a culture that seems to be trying to turn us into consumer bots?
17:02 May 20, 2010 PST
Broken Syntax in Cyberspace: The Future of Language?
Do I see a breakdown in language? I find texting both exhibitionistic and inane, much as children show off and test their independence, trying to find themselves.
06:53 May 16, 2010 PST
Here's to The Sheer Joy of Being Wrong Some of The Time!
To break out of our current political impasse, which is characterized by hardening of the arteries, we must discover the sheer joy of being wrong, of discovering ideas infinitely better than our own.
07:03 May 15, 2010 PST
We Must Begin to Redefine The Nature of News
I believe the news is a national health problem. The way it is presented afflicts us with post-traumatic stress disorder and impairs our reasoning.
07:10 May 13, 2010 PST
Ho-hum regulation caused banking crisis and oil spill
The banks weren't required to prove they had capital to manage the huge risks they were taking-and the oil industry wasn't required to prove it could handle the kind of environmental catastrophe that is unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico.
13:10 May 10, 2010 PST
Blaming taxes and big government for our ills? Get real
A society drugged by trivia and corn syrup is unlikely to take the time to consider the facts. Such a society prefers sound bites, prefabricated lies, simple-minded baloney to complex truths.
20:20 May 8, 2010 PST
Islamic Terrorism is Much More Complicated Than Washington Says It Is
War is big business. Instead of covering wars the press should be covering the business of war. Patriotism is war's cover story. The real story is money.
11:43 May 7, 2010 PST
Don't Be Seduced By Lesser Issues, The Internet is Paramount
Never mind the size of government, taxes, health care or immigration. Don't be distracted from the biggest issue of them all, the future of the Internet.
05:32 May 3, 2010 PST
What's Going on With Our Terminally Adolescent Politicians?
Why can't politicians ply their trade with the graciousness and commitment to fair play of baseball players? Baseball is the great American game, which means we subscribe to its ethos. Why don't politicians get this?
12:39 Apr 30, 2010 PST
A Rare Poet Recalls His Youth and The Pacific War
Paul Elisha is a Northeast Public Radio commentator, composer and poet. His excellent book, 'Swash,' recalls his youth and how the Pacific War engulfed and forever changed his life. The poems are restrained and deeply moving.
18:42 Apr 28, 2010 PST
How to Enrich Life By Listening to Each Other
The more I heard her pronounce the word rose the more I realized that the different ways we speak the same language could enrich my writing beyond measure. This is a rubric in my writer's gospel.
18:16 Apr 26, 2010 PST
A Trip Down Memory Lane With Djelloul Marbrook
I was gratified that some of my new poems were well received, and I also read from Far From Algiers, my first book of poems. Will Nixon, the author of Love in the City of Grudges, read with me.
07:42 Apr 21, 2010 PST
Cell Phones as The Weapon of The Great I Am
One of the most interesting aspects of the cell phone phenomenon is their use as exhibitionistic devices. How many times have you seen self-absorbed people mow down people on the street as they yak at the top of their voices into their phones?
17:22 Apr 19, 2010 PST
A Wry, Humorous Poet Writes of Floozies, Alcoholism and Redemption
'Love In the City of Grudges,' poet Will Nixon's second book of poems, seems to tell of 80s life in Hoboken, NJ, as the broken city puts itself together. But it is really a memoir of hard times, harrowing relationships and finally redemption.
18:12 Apr 18, 2010 PST
Society Looks to The Next Controversy Instead of The Next Solution
Our society is continually brought to a boil by the media, lobbyists and self-seeking politicians, so we look to the next controversy, not the next solution, the next angry tirade, not the next song or poem.
16:34 Apr 11, 2010 PST
Algerian Sketches Savage Beauty of Tribal Dancer Inspires a Poem
The savage beauty of an Algerian tribal dancer from his father's tribe inspired a poem by Djelloul Marbrook just published by CELAAN, the Skidmore College Review of its Center for the Studies of the Literatures and Arts of North Africa.
16:49 Apr 7, 2010 PST
We're Surrounded By Oh-So-Friendly Bloodsuckers
Oh yeah, they're as familiar as pajamas. And so seductive. They want to make us healthy, wealthy, wise, respected, loved. We know they don't mean a word of it, but we want to believe.
18:59 Apr 1, 2010 PST
A Window on The Growing Clash Between Rich and Poor
Apartment dwellers and the people who make their buildings run reflect society in general. In New York City these unionized workers may strike April 20 if management insists that they pay for more of their own benefits.
10:42 Mar 30, 2010 PST
In WWII Film Heroic Algerians Encounter Bigotry Among French Officers
In the 2006 film 'Indigenes, Days of Glory,' an Algerian rifle unit heroically battles its way up the Italian boot and into France to liberate the French 'homeland' only to encounter bigotry and even cowardice in its French officers.
17:34 Mar 29, 2010 PST
Sexuality in War Swept Under Carpet By Society
The human race, especially those of us to whom the flag is dear, can't claim to have outgrown adolescence until we admit war's sexual trauma to both civilians and military women and our neglect of veterans' health.
17:36 Mar 27, 2010 PST
War is Too Big a Responsibility for Filmmakers and Historians Alone
It cannot be left to soldiers, politicians and preachers. Poets and artists must be called on to grasp all the dimensions of its horror and folly.
12:14 Mar 25, 2010 PST
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