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Bob Calvert

Bob Calvert is the host of the Talking With Heroes radio talk show, that supports our troops, veterans, their families, the wounded, blue star families, gold star families and support groups. Bob has been to Iraq three times and once to Afghanistan, interviewing troops and locals. Contact Bob through NewsBlaze or at his website Also see the videos at Talking With Heroes Video.

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Talking With Heroes From Eastern Kentucky and North Carolina
While in Afghanistan last month, I spoke to SPC Forester from Eastern Kentucky and SPC Harris from North Carolina. SPC Forester served as a Police Officer for six years before he enlisted in the Army...
18:11 Jul 15, 2010 PST
Views of Kalagush, Afghanistan, From a Helicopter
I had the opportunity to film from inside a helicopter with Lt Col Michael Forsyth, Commander of the 2-77 with 4BCT 4ID, as we flew from one Forward Operating Base to the next, in Afghanistan.
07:34 Jul 11, 2010 PST

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