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Adil Akhzer - South Asian Correspondent

Adil Akhzer is a young Journalist, based in Srinagar India. Adil writes stories about items of interest in New Delhi and Kashmir.

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New Delhi Opens World's Largest Free Literary Festival
William Dalrymple, author and co-Director said that this year's programme will achieve this better than ever and it looks like a particularly vintage year.
14:07 Dec 20, 2014 PST
Indian-Kashmir: Health care needs Check-up
After the recent incidents at the G.B. Pant hospital, the local media took up the issue proactively. Continuous reportage by Kashmir's leading newspapers, played an important role which forced the State government to act.
21:54 May 27, 2012 PST
Manu Joseph Announced Verdict: Kashmir is Happy?
No one would and can deny that the development is the foremost mantra for any state or any nation and same is the case with Kashmir. I can assure this that no one in the Valley will say that they don't need KFC or McDonalds or glitzy shopping malls
11:41 Apr 26, 2012 PST
Indo-Pak Relations and Zardari's Visit: Implications for Kashmir issue
Kashmiris would be eagerly watching this visit, given the recent talk of both countries relegating the Kashmir issue to the backburner.
17:38 Apr 7, 2012 PST
Is Media Safe From Interference In India?
The arrest of eminent Indian journalist, Syed Kazmi and a midnight police raid of Frontline magazine Delhi Bureau chief begs the question, is media safe?
17:25 Apr 1, 2012 PST
Israeli Embassy Vehicle Targeted in India, 4 Injured
New Delhi: At least four people were injured including the wife of a senior Israeli diplomat when a car belonging to the Israeli Embassy exploded in the VVIP area of Indian capital-Delhi on Monday.
09:44 Feb 13, 2012 PST
Indian Parliament Strongly Condemns Assault on Minister
New Delhi: Indian Parliament today strongly condemned the assault on ICC president and Indian Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar at a public function in New Delhi.
09:38 Nov 25, 2011 PST
Angry With Inflation, Corruption 'Youth' Slapped Indian Union Minister
New Delhi: Indian Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar was slapped today by a youth at a public function. The assailant was identified as Harwinder Singh. He claimed that he was angry and dissatisfied with corruption and inflation issues.
07:24 Nov 24, 2011 PST
Amid Clashes in Indian Kashmir, Muslims Across India Celebrate 'Eid-ul-Adha'
Indian Administrated Kashmir: Eid-ul-Adha, the festival of sacrifice, is being celebrated across the India with full fervor.
11:02 Nov 7, 2011 PST
Diwali, The Festival of Lights, Celebrated Across India, A Sign Of Renewal
Diwali, the Festival of lights, was celebrated across India today, with full zeal and enthusiasm.
18:06 Oct 26, 2011 PST
Top Kashmiri Separatist Leader Ready to Hold Talks
The latest stance of the top Hurriyat leader came just days after the centre appointed interlocutors for Kashmir submitted their report to the Indian Home Ministry.
10:14 Oct 19, 2011 PST
Another Team Anna Member Attacked in India
Newsblaze, New Delhi: Just a week after Prashant Bhushan was attacked in the Supreme Court, another team Anna member, Arvind Kejriwal was attacked in a public meeting in Jhulelal Park in Lucknow on Tuesday evening.
10:45 Oct 18, 2011 PST
'Kashmir' Issue Complex: Removal of Prashant Bhushan Denied
Speaking to the media, the noted RTI Kejriwal activist said, 'There is no question of removing Prashant Bhushan from Anna Hazare's team for airing his personal views on the Kashmir issue. We stand united and what ever happens will happen.'
16:03 Oct 14, 2011 PST
India's Major Cities on Terror Alert
Following the recovery of an explosive laden car in the Indian city of Ambala on Wednesday, the center government on Friday issued a terror alert for the national capital of Delhi, Mumbai and other major metropolitan cities.
10:18 Oct 14, 2011 PST
Terrorist Attack Foiled: Delhi Police
Police last evening seized a car, full of explosives after some inputs provided by central intelligence agencies that a car was headed to Delhi through Ambala with explosives and detonators.
10:07 Oct 13, 2011 PST
Senior Indian Lawyer Beaten Inside Supreme Court, Over Kashmir Remark
Senior Indian lawyer Prashant Bhushan, and close aide of anti corruption activist of Anna Hazare, was beaten up by two men on Wednesday, in his chamber inside the Supreme Court
05:37 Oct 12, 2011 PST
Top Indian Opposition Leader Begins Yatra
The top opposition leader said there is growing anger and resentment among people against leaders coming into power.
14:55 Oct 11, 2011 PST
Breaking: Indian Court Stays Execution of Pak Terrorist Ajmal Kasab
The Indian Supreme Court on Monday stayed the execution of Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab, who was convicted for the 26/11 Mumbai terror blasts.
06:43 Oct 10, 2011 PST
Famous Indian Singer Passes Away
Singh was admitted to the Lilavati hospital, Mumbai on September 23 following a brain hemorrhage and had undergone dual life saving surgeries.
06:10 Oct 10, 2011 PST
India: Recordings of Jan Lokpal Meetings to Go Public
In a major development, the Indian government on Sunday has agreed to make the audio recordings public of the proceedings of the Joint Drafting Committee constituted to draft the Lokpal Bill.
12:28 Oct 9, 2011 PST
Radars and Fighter Jets to Be Deployed in Capital: Indian Air Force
The IAF chief further said the 'present environment in our neighborhood is a serious cause of concern and warrants close monitoring and eternal vigilance.'
06:17 Oct 8, 2011 PST
Delhi Blast: Kashmiri Medical Student Held for Questioning
New Delhi: The Indian Security Agency (NIA) has arrested a Kashmiri medical student in connection to the conspiracy behind the Delhi high court blast in September which killed 15 people and injured over 70.
06:41 Oct 7, 2011 PST
Breaking News: Earthquake Jolts India
Strong Tremors were felt in the North and eastern India today at 6.18 pm.
06:50 Sep 18, 2011 PST
Low Intensity Blast in Indian Hospital, 15 Injured
New-Delhi: At least 15 people have been injured in a low intensity blast, which ripped through the reception area of a private hospital in Agra on Saturday evening.
13:12 Sep 17, 2011 PST
Breaking News: Earthquake Shakes Delhi
The strong quake lasts for several seconds. Initial reports suggested the tremor was recorded at 6.6 before it was downgraded to a 4.2.
12:17 Sep 7, 2011 PST
Bomb Blast Rocks Indian Capital, 11 Dead 65 Injured
New Delhi: At least 11 people were killed and 65 others injured in a blast explosion outside New Delhi's High Court Gate number 5 at 10:15AM in the Indian capital.
05:22 Sep 7, 2011 PST
Indian Muslims Celebrated Eid, Prayed for Peace
New Delhi: Muslims' in India prayed for peace on Eid as tens of thousands of people offered congregational prayers. Eid was celebrated with full religious fervor and zeal as Muslims greeted each other by distributing sweets.
11:58 Aug 31, 2011 PST
Half-Victory for India: Anna Hazare Ends Fast, Parliament Accepts 3 Key Demands
Anna Hazare ended his fast in New Delhi today, as the Indian parliament accepted three key demands in the Jan Lokpal bill. This is only a Half-Victory for India
06:48 Aug 28, 2011 PST
Photos of Indian Anti Corruption Movement
Photojournalist Punneet Sharma captured the essence of what is going on during the Night of the Anna Hazare protest.
21:03 Aug 26, 2011 PST
India: Opposition Demands PM Resign as Anti-Corruption Activist's Health Fades
India's government has started back channel talks with Team Anna to reach some consensus. Indian News channel NDTV reported that the Government has roped in spiritual guru Bhayyu Maharaj and top Maharashtra bureaucrat UC Sarangi...
06:10 Aug 22, 2011 PST
Photos Of Muddy Lokpal Bill Demonstration Supporting Anna Hazare
Another day, more corruption, another government delay, another protest. Anna Hazare and his supporters are not giving up. The pressure on the government is mounting.
08:00 Aug 20, 2011 PST
Indian Activist Anna Hazare Begins Indefinite Fast Amid Huge Support
Anna, who has brought the government to its knees, is demanding a strong Lokpal Bill. This evening, while threatening to intensify the movement, Anna Hazare says Indian people should not lose the sprit
04:04 Aug 20, 2011 PST
Anti Corruption Protest in Pictures
Surprisingly, the politicians think they can just put off the activists as they have done many times before, but now things are different. The activists are serious and they cannot be paid off.
04:24 Aug 18, 2011 PST
Thousands of People on Roads in India Support Anti Corruption Movement
The Support for prominent social activist Anna Hazare and his team grew wider and louder on Wednesday as thousands of people came out on Indian roads to support Hazare in his anti-corruption movement.
22:27 Aug 17, 2011 PST
India Celebrates 65 Years of Independence With Zeal and Enthusiasm
Through out the country security was already beefed up .In the national capital New Delhi Heavily armed Security forces backed by sniper commandoes kept a close vigil to prevent any possible terrorist attack on the occasion.
13:31 Aug 15, 2011 PST
Corruption: Eminent Activist to go on Indefinite Fast In India
US State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, on Saturday advised India's External Affairs ministry on how India should exercise 'democratic restraint' in dealing with the Anna Hazare anti-corruption campaign.
08:39 Aug 14, 2011 PST
Holy Month Ramadan Begins Tuesday in India
'The new moon was observed last night and followers of the Muslim faith across India will begin fasting on Tuesday,' Mufti Mukarram, Shahi Imam of Delhi's Fatehpuri Mosque told NewsBlaze.
18:14 Aug 1, 2011 PST
Ready to Face Any Question in Parliament: Indian PM
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says his government is ready to face any question from the opposition, in the monsoon session of the parliament, which began today.
05:20 Aug 1, 2011 PST

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