US Crticizes UN Human Rights Council’s Unbalanced Criticism of Israel


The US State Department today stated that it will take part, as an observer, in the upcoming UN Human Rights Council session, that begins Monday.

The US stated its displeasure with the direction the council is going, particularly the continual unbalanced criticism of Israel. Even though the US sees major problems with the Council, it was decided to attend as an observer, because “it furthers our interests and will do more both to achieve these ends and advance human rights if we are part of the conversation and present at the Council’s proceedings.”

This will be the Council’s tenth regular session, held at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, in the new Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room.

In a statement, the State Department said “[W]e share the concerns of many that the Council’s trajectory is disturbing, that it needs fundamental change to do more to promote and protect the human rights of people around the world, and that it should end its repeated and unbalanced criticisms of Israel.”

“Our participation as an observer is a sign of the commitment of the Administration to advancing the cause of human rights in the multilateral arena. We look forward to the help and cooperation of our friends and allies to ensure the Human Rights Council focuses on the pressing human rights concerns of our time.”

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