Time Now for Israel to Take Charge and Make Change!


Among many of his brilliant statements and annotations, during Israel’s Second War in Lebanon, in 2006, Nobel Laureate Professor Yisrael Aumann of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem said: “Change will only come from within.”

Kabbalah [Kabala], Judaism’s mystical school of thought, teaches that unless a Jew – and for that matter any person – comes out of where he or she is bounded, he or she cannot make the changes in his or her life.

Aumann’s words keep resonating because, since the expulsion of all the Jews from the Gaza strip, making this piece of land totally Judenrein-cleansed of all Jews, and the Second War in Lebanon and Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, Israel has not made much of an internal progress.

Israel is still chasing and begging its enemy to sit and talk to her about “peace,” refusing to admit that this enemy is not ready, in word and deed, to deliver real peace. And the term “two state solution”, is still used and too often heard. A term clearly indicating of Israel’s readiness to cede a notable chunk of the Land of Israel to its worst enemy, make this land Judenrein – ethnically cleansed of Jews – and allow the enemy to make that land, one other Arab state, which is at war with Israel from the outset and perhaps forever.

Too many Israelis simply do not understand why they are in Israel and too many Jews, wherever they live, do not understand the meaning of a sovereign, Jewish State, in the Land of Israel. Either Israelis, or Jews, simply do not understand that the Land of Israel is not Europe or America, that Israel is not just a place where people live. In our world, there is only one Jewish state and only one Land of Israel and we must not fight this fact, rather embrace and enhance it.

The current president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, ran for the White House on the mantra, “change.” That change has cost the American people ample. Their economy went tumbling down, their trust in government is running at zero exhilaration level, and the nation’s frustration about the entire state of the union situation is at its highest altitude. Israel, on the other hand, is on an economic ascend. However, on its political stance – internal and foreign – Israel is still rather wobbling.

The Obama’s Administration has been proven to be hostile towards Israel. But, neither America, nor the members of the European Union (EU), the U.N., Iran and its satellites, Lebanon Hezbollah Gaza Hamas and Syria, or Israel’s enemies, the proverbial Arabs, who named themselves “Palestinians” pose as great threat to Israel’s continued existence as ISRAEL ITSELF.

The ‘CHANGE’ Professor Aumann often talks about must indeed come from within the Nation of Israel, from within those who live in the land and all Jews who support the Jewish State. It is a change in attitude, perception and basic understanding of Judaism and the role of Israel and Jews in this upside down world.

For two thousand years the Jewish People have survived, while empires rose and then crumbled and disappeared. But now, after 63 years of existence, as a modern and sovereign Jewish state, Israelis have become slightly detached. Israel’s unbelievable success, unexpected by so many, has made her stray from the true way, the path it should be walking through without a wobble.

It appears that in order for Jews, who make up the State of Israel population, to follow God’s word, ‘Thy shall be the Light Unto the Nations,” they have to go through darkness and that darkness is ‘change’ and change is painful.

By nature Jews are obstinate and do not like and want to change. But we, Jews, have a Covenant with our [Jewish] God and a change is the only path to the desirous light.

I say the time is short to act. To survive as the Jewish People, as the Jewish Nation and bestow Light Unto the Nations, Israelis and Jews, alike, must stand still and re-evaluate their entire existence and then take the necessary steps. And there is no other way, there is not escape way, there is no other choice. Our habits must change, so do our thinking and our expectations. We must prepare for the worse before we can bring about a brighter future for the Jewish generations to come.

What does it all mean? The answer is simple, yet translates into difficult and painful actions.

Let us take the heroic story of Israeli IDF officer Maj. Ro’i Klein z”l (May his soul be remembered and blessed) who volunteered to lead his Golani Brigade Battalion 51 into battle, and was killed in the line of duty on July 26, 2006.

While yelling ” Shma Yisrael” (“Hear, O’ Israel, the Lord is our God, God is One”) Ro’i jumped on a hand grenade that was thrown at his soldiers by Hezbollah forces in Bint Jbeil, Lebanon-the Hezbollah stronghold near the country’s southern border.

With his body, he absorbed the brunt of the explosion and thus saved the lives of his soldiers who stood around him.

A True Jewish Hero- Roi Klein – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrAtif91gI8&feature=related

War Hero Maj. Roi Klein’s Home is on the Chopping Block – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAuSGKwpngk

IDF Major Roi Klein’s Home in the Samaria Town of Eli be Torn Down – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv-F-_I6Uus

Ro’i was a member of the Jewish community of Eli, nestled in the Samaria Hills few hundred feet away from where the Holy Tabernacle once stood for six hundred years.

Ro’i sacrificed his life for the entire Nation of Israel. Yet, to the bureaucrats in Israel that did not matter. Ro’i home in Eli was built on state land, thus was fully legal in the eyes of the Israeli authorities. It was only a question of permits and constant change in administrations and bureaucracy that turned matters into an awful upheaval.

In a move that did not receive wide enough publicity, the Israeli High Court ruled in favor of the far-left organizations, Peace Now and Yesh Din, and ordered that 11 homes in the Samaria town of Eli be torn down. One of the homes in question belongs to Ro’I, z”l.

At the end, the demolishing did not take place but, why does the Government of Israel and judicial system take the side of organizations their entire goal is to subvert Israel and shoot poisonous arrows into the hearts of all Israelis? Haven’t they learned that ‘All Jews are responsible for one another’? And all this is taking place while there are thousands of, really illegal, Arab construction erected everywhere on the land of Israel to remain untouched.

Another frustrating example is the kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit. He has been imprisoned in Gaza, in the hands of Hamas, for five years, one thousand eight hundred twenty days, and the clock goes on ticking. Until today, Gilad was not even seen by the International Red Cross and no one knows under what conditions he is incarcerated. In the past, the Israeli army used to drop, from the air, leaflets that stated that if the soldier is not returned, at once, “there will be a price to pay,” and they meant it. What happened to that and the action to follow?

There should be a great and painful price to pay, that will force the enemy to change the way it acts. The price should not be on paper alone. It must be extracted from the enemy, by force. The life of one soldier equals to all our lives. This is not a game, this is our God’s command.

One other example to boot are Jewish organizations. They have drifted from their originality and they hardly represent the interests of the Jewish People, the Jewish State of Israel and world Jewry. So what is it that they are good for?

Human Rights and Leftist organizations, the Israeli High Court and veteran Jewish organizations have embedded themselves in our society’s veins to the point where they almost choke us. If we are successful in dismantling them, we will soon find out the damage they have already caused, mainly dividing the nation.

Jews and Israelis, hello! Wherever are you? We must wake up and understand what is taking place right in front of our eyes. Though the aspiration for peace is embedded in all of us and even unites us all, at present, we cannot talk about peace.

We clearly do not have a partner to sign a peace agreement with us and they will stick to it. We must be ready to defend ourselves and prepare for it now. Salvation and support will not come from Jewish organizations that participated in meetings with President Obama. They are the very same ones who did nothing during WWII. Continuing in the same path they are on, will repeat the same mistakes, mistakes we cannot afford and must never allow.

Let us look at some Israeli realities. Who makes up the IDF elite units if not the more observant men? And who avoids military service if not the Tel-Avivians and the Leftists? Why does the Israeli flag proudly waves in every classroom at Ariel University, in Samaria, but not on the rooftops of the Israeli universities in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Be’er Sheva? Whom do the anarchist Leftist organizations truly help if not the Arabs, the enemies of Israel? None are truly concerned with the betterment of the Arabs living conditions but in the subversion and destruction of the Jewish State.

Therefore, why does Israel see it its duty to tear down the home of an Israeli dead hero where his widow and young orphans live with fear of losing their home by demolishing when there are thousands of homes that were built, without permit and code, all over Judea and Samaria by none others than Arab-squatters-Arabs settlers?

Israel and Israelis, no one but you can and must help yourselves before you want others to help you. How can Jews in the Diaspora fight for Israel when most of the damage is caused in Israel and the venom drips from within?

The “CHANGE,” Professor Yisrael Aumann points to is not with the politicians, who are pulling the ropes and holding the reign, rather it will come from the concept and understanding of every Israeli and Jew.

The day when we understand that rhetoric, we hear and read, will not return Gilad Shalit home, and that murderers must be punished, even by the death penalty, the change will come. When we understand that Israelis right to defend themselves, no matter what the world has to say, comes way before anyone else’s right, that day all those forces, now hesitant to stand up or are still swaying on the fence, will join together to become a mighty army. On that day, the Biblical Dry Bones prophecy will begin to materialize.

The emotionally dead are sitting in cafes in Tel Aviv, vacationing on weekends overseas, shopping in duty-free stores and enjoying themselves here, there and everywhere. For them the meaning of the State of Israel is just a place to live. But their time is limited. If they do not wake up fast, the disaster ahead will be as large as the Fall of the Walls of Jerusalem and the Destruction of the Temple three weeks later.

Jews have not achieved totally independence in their Homeland. They are not yet fully awarded to be in Israel.

The delegitimization of the Jewish State is in full force. The enemy of Israel wants her destruction and they are using all tools to achieve their goal, from political and media terrorism to wars and jihad. Sadly, Israel is an abused state and Israeli are abused people and that has to end. There are layers of truth Israel must peel in order for her to reach her full potential to be what we all want her to be.

Remember, it took the Israelites forty years to go through the Sinai desert to have the faith in their newly found God and take the Ten Commandments to heart. Jews are strong individuals; unless we are ready to compromise, really compromise, we will never unite but we will continue to fall apart until we arrive at the point of no return, of total demise. Each of us is the government in charge of our will to make the change. And with will and guts, the right change will come. We have the opportunity to remove all the curtains and peel off all the layers that cover the truth, accept admonishment and criticism and arrive at, as close to perfection, as possible.

The Jewish nation has gone through 2000 years of yearning to return to the Land of Israel. Finally, in 1948, against all odds, the new Jewish State has emerged, a democracy and an equal among the family of nations, built in the cradle of Judaism, on over three thousand years old Jewish heritage.

The time is really now to take charge and make the changes needed so the Nation of Israel does not end up losing what all Jews have yearned for these past 2000 years: to be a free nation, in our homeland, the land of Zion and Jerusalem. This was only 63 years ago, not even a century ago. It was only 65 year ago when we sat down trembling and added up the Jewish Nation’s losses in WWII, 6Million Jews perished, evaporated, as if there have never been.

Perhaps it is time for the dry bones prophecy to begin shaping up. We are all somewhat dry bones. We must now invigorate our eternal Jewish spirit, so it engulfs all of us, inspires us and brings about the hopes of greater renewal.

Tisha Be’Av is soon to come. On the 9th day of the Jewish month of Av, God allowed the enemy of the Jewish people to destroy His home-the Temple in Jerusalem. He allowed the enemy of the Nation of Israel to exile His children to the four corners of the world and allowed them to go through the most excruciating suffering known to mankind. For 2000 years Jews wailed, lamented and commemorated the catastrophic destruction of both their Temples, one on the 9th day of the month of Av 586 BC and the other on the 9th day of the month of Av 70 AD.

By returning to the Land of Israel, 63 years ago, Jews were given the ultimate chance [the final chance?] to formalize their ancient history and, once again, be destined for a glorious future!

My suggestion to the Nation of Israel, listen and follow the wisdom of your fellow Jews ,like Yisrael Aumann – “Change will only come from within” and Moshe Sharon – ‘How to negotiate in Middle Eastern bazaar diplomacy’ – after all they come for free. Take charge and make the necessity changes!

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.