MPs Stress Realization of Humanitarian Demands for Tranfer of Ashraf Residents


At a meeting that was held in European Parliament in Brussels on Camps Ashraf and Liberty on July 11, 2012, MPs raised their serious concerns about the necessary humanitarian demands by Ashraf residents for further move to camp Liberty.

MPs reiterated that the realization of the humanitarian 10-point-list is the requirement for transfer of the rest of Ashraf residents to camp Liberty. They added that the US State Department’s statements linking the delisting of PMOI to closure of Ashraf are unreasonable and unconstructive.

I would like to encourage you to see excerpts speeches by the MPs in a short video on YouTube:

Shahriar Kia is a political analyst and human rights activist who is a member of Iranian opposition, PMOI. He graduated from Texas State University, USA. Connect with him on Twitter.