FC Ports Beats Badbaado in Somali Football League


The FC Ports, one of the oldest football clubs in Somalia, but less powerful in recent years have on Wednesday humiliated the Badbaado FC by 5-1 to qualify in the 6th position of the ongoing Somali division A league.

High profile Somali football dignitaries including president Ali Said Guuleed and SFF secretary General Abdi Aqani Said Arab were watching the Wednesday’s clash.


In the early minutes of the match Abdulkader Ali Nur scored the opening goal for his team. A little while after the Badbaado FC lost a golden chance, they were unable to score from a penalty kick award.

The penalty kick loss disappointed the club’s fans of whom some started to leave from the stadium as soon as Badbaado were unable to benefit from the penalty kick.


However the FC ports stepped up attacks on the opposite goal and scored two goals that made the match 3-0 and the first half ended there with FC Ports in the lead.

In the second half the FC ports got its 4th and 5th goals, but they were unsuccessful in their attempts of winning Wednesday’s match with no goal against them, when Badbaado scored the single goal in the last minutes of the match which finally ended in 5-1 in favour of FC ports.

Meanwhile on Tuesday the LLPP Jeenyo boys have downgraded the defending champions Elman FC when they defeated it by 2-1 in what was described as the hottest match since the Somali league started.

“Tuesday’s match was the match of the year. It was the most competitive match we viewed since the start of the season,” said football writer Mohamed Shuriye who was making live coverage of the game.

However the LLPP Boys compelled the Elman FC to lose its ambitions of ending the season unbeaten.

As shown in the schedules of the league Horseed will take on Sahafi FC on Thursday, while Banadir Sports club will encounter Heegan on Friday.

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