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West Virginia

Lawsuit filed against Walmart over ... shopping baskets! It doesn't make sense because the cost of the lawsuit must be much more than the cost of baskets.
13:59 Sep 23, 2014
Research into the potential health effects of the recent coal-washing chemical spill in West Virginia.
16:25 Feb 26, 2014
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 'Your-Name-Goes-Here.' Who will the world embrace next? One thing is for certain, there's a very strong chance it's one of these social decision making apps: Thumb, Se
20:15 May 10, 2013
How one girl's selfless mission is helping a community in need, and how she touches their lives.
19:01 Apr 29, 2013
If you have your dog stolen in Huntington, WV, don't bother calling the police unless you paid your yearly dog tax
17:27 Mar 26, 2013
West Virginia-AFT spokesman Josh Sword told the Gazette that rumors of a change in the retirement age 'spread like wildfire' among teachers, and the union is encouraging them to demand the IRS exempt public school employees.
11:22 Jun 2, 2012
Multi-media artist Moira Cue is reviewing every Pulitzer Prize winning novel ever written. Here is her review of 'The Known World' by Edward P. Jones.
16:01 May 26, 2012
An armed clown breaks into a nursing home taking prescription drugs
19:28 May 2, 2012
Joe Manchin is as gifted a politician as I have ever seen. Just one week ago Joe was 5 points behind John Raese in the polls. Now a Public Policy Polling survey puts him ahead 48 to 45.
10:42 Oct 13, 2010
Man, WV as of 2009 reported a population of 697 people, but 1 high school senior has over 7000 followers on Facebook supporting him in a tragic situation.
06:34 May 1, 2010
Facebook members come together to offer condolences and prayers to those affected by this tragedy...
06:26 Apr 7, 2010
The answer is your voice. By combining local direct action with the voices of thousands upon thousands online we can take on the coal industry like never before.
08:07 Mar 14, 2009
It would take paragraphs to dissect the psychological and pathological disconnect that Bill Clinton exhibited in his amazing retreat from reality in the 'interview' with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.
18:29 Sep 26, 2006
Lurking behind a formation of eager Soldiers, helicopters shadowed 177 members of Task Force Wings who took their oath of reenlistment at a ceremony held for them Monday, Sept. 11th at Contingency Operating Base Speicher.
20:19 Sep 14, 2006

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