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With the coming of spring, the warnings from the Washington state health department have increased about the dangers of Hantavirus exposure.
06:26 Mar 23, 2015
But is that the real truth? Many economists taking a closer look at the dubious figures see serious problems in the job market remain. A presidential address will not change what is the true reality in the statistics they have gathered.
12:58 Dec 19, 2014
It has been called a shift in the 'bandwagon' effect enjoyed by the winning party. It should be noted that the GOP have benefited after the 1994 and 2002 midterm elections. The Democrats benefited after the 2006 election.
15:43 Dec 7, 2014
The use of Social Media is on a major upswing across the globe. Many people use sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to keep in touch, self promote and to be 'social'.
05:07 Apr 28, 2014
Matthews waffled about the Conservative Political Action Conference, calling it a 'whole tapestry of weirdness' attended by a 'crazy car' filled with Sens. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio.
08:16 Mar 15, 2014
Over the past 20 years our world has evolved to a point where nearly everyone in developed countries are connected to the web.
17:03 Mar 14, 2014
It's a fact that Californians voted to legalize medical marijuana in 1996. However, Brown, the consummate politician in his third term as governor and working on a fourth, said he is watching Colorado and Washington handle their new laws that go a
10:00 Mar 11, 2014
The GMO vs. Non-GMO battle is continuing to heat up as evidenced by multiple measures on state ballots this past fall to label GMO foods. Millions of dollars have been spent for and against labeling - but why?
15:08 Mar 5, 2014
What is not a well-known fact to many recipients is that some states, in rare cases, can recoup their losses brought on by medical costs - that includes seizing the assets of the deceased.
09:58 Feb 20, 2014
As Republican House Speaker John Boehner said, 'We're not going down that path. It's about time to deal with America's problems. How can you raise the debt limit and do nothing about the underlying problem?'
05:13 Oct 14, 2013
It can't be too many since the screen 'visitors' see locks up when it comes to selecting 'possible plans.' Website technicians will work all weekend to refine this section and upgrade its capabilities.
16:46 Oct 7, 2013
1,004 adults were polled. Fifty-two percent adamantly oppose the Affordable Care Act, and 55 percent disapprove of Obama's methods of implementing the law.
18:30 Sep 23, 2013
Thus far there has been no sighting of either the Reverend Jesse Jackson or Reverend Al Shaprton in the senseless killing of an 88-year-old WWII veteran in Spokane, WA Wednesday night by two black youths.
09:59 Aug 25, 2013
Author Nick Valentino, out of Gig Harbor, Wash., announced that his latest novel comes out later in June.
05:09 Jun 21, 2013
Moira Cue of The Hollywood Sentinel is reviewing every Pulitzer Prize winning novel ever written. Here, she discusses Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout.
13:40 Feb 28, 2013
On the heels of being heard live in Washington, DC, the Steve Deace Show is now going to be heard live in New York City. The Steve Deace show has just entered its second year of syndication and now wi
23:09 Jan 10, 2013
Judge Rotenberg Educational Center Busted for Abusing Children, as detailed in this report by Bruce Edwin, a human rights investigator for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.
09:05 Dec 31, 2012
As Harry sees it, 'Governor Romney is showing us what he does when the public is looking. The true test of his character would be to show what he did when everyone was not looking at his taxes.'
10:47 Sep 24, 2012
Most American homeowners are unaware of the financial quagmire they face with the new health care law (Obamacare) and the contents of this 2700 page monstrosity, aka 'Affordable Health Care Act of 2010.'
15:45 Jul 9, 2012
The free entertainment website has released its new holiday issue, featuring an exclusive interview with the voice of Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright among more.
08:37 Dec 29, 2010

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