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Fighters Continue to Face Traumatic Brain Injuries. Concussions have become a hot topic in hockey and football, as evidence mounts of their potentially debilitating long-term impact, but received relatively little attention in MMA.
11:04 Jul 24, 2014
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. Reports that new legislation submitted Tuesday by Rep. Marc Roberts ay shutter the NSA, according to a nonpartisan think-tank's announcement on that day.
17:53 Feb 17, 2014
Moira Cue of The Hollywood Sentinel reports here on how Utah is solving the homeless problem, and how Los Angeles should do the same.
17:53 Feb 17, 2014
My lifelong friend David and I wrenched our bicycles together in Dinosaur, Colorado on Route 40, located on the northwest corner of the Rocky Mountain State.
14:38 Oct 26, 2013
Building heat, drought and the risk of wildfires could result in a fireworks ban in some communities as Independence Day activities increase.
12:57 Jun 28, 2013
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 'Your-Name-Goes-Here.' Who will the world embrace next? One thing is for certain, there's a very strong chance it's one of these social decision making apps: Thumb, Se
20:15 May 10, 2013
Snow has already covered the landscape around Boise and will continue on to Pocatello, Idaho, in the Snake River Basin into Thursday night.
09:52 Jan 11, 2013
It is no longer a question of struggle. Now the journey evolves into the spiritual realm - where the pedaling becomes instinctive and a flight of fancy.
14:32 Nov 9, 2012
Mr. Warren Tetz, the Senior Vice President of Glendale Adventist Medical Center, stated that he wanted a faith-based sculpture at the center of the hospital's campus.
10:38 Jul 31, 2012
At 11:30 AM on Monday a motorcyclist is trying to make a scheduled lab at Utah State University. A BMW pulls out of a school parking lot, apparently not seeing the approaching motorcycle.
09:08 Sep 14, 2011
UFO Reports Possibly A Hollywood Hoax for Indie Queen Inge Jaklin film 'Visitor From Planet Omicron.'
08:34 Aug 1, 2011
A subsidiary of Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple of Utah, ICCU claims to have taken up a leadership role towards preserving the classical music and dance forms of India. Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert recently inaugurated it.
16:47 May 7, 2011
Moira Cue is reading and reviewing every Pulitzer Prize winning work ever written. In this issue of The Hollywood Sentinel for News Blaze, she reviews His Family by Pulitzer Winning Author Ernest Poole.
07:56 Apr 15, 2011
The 'Utah Solution' to illegal immigration promises enforcement but then destroys any immigration enforcement credibility by allowing most existing illegal aliens a pass and pathway to voting rights. If illegal aliens become voters in American ele
18:35 Mar 7, 2011
Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel reports on the blockbuster Twlight Saga, Eclipse, and reveals his firms research why the film franchise is so hugely popular.
08:33 Aug 2, 2010
Joshua Powell stood solemnly in a downpour, under an umbrella. He was with his supporters and his four year son, Charlie, at the candlelight vigil for Susan Powell, his missing wife.
08:09 Dec 23, 2009
The best evidence that I have found so far is the brief interview with Joshua Powell that was given on 7th of December, after he returned from the mysterious camping trip.
07:51 Dec 20, 2009
For the second consecutive year, a Freedom Alliance supporter and Air Force Academy football fan is donating $1,000 for each touchdown the Falcons score this season.
10:39 Aug 28, 2008
A move toward commercial leasing could lead to the imprudent transfer of millions of acres of public lands to international oil companies and oil shale speculators.'
14:30 Apr 21, 2008
Utah created a religious milestone on February 13 when its State Senate opened with a Hindu prayer containing Sanskrit mantras for the first time.
08:14 Feb 14, 2008

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