Thousands Visit Tea Party Express Rally to See Congressman Joe Wilson


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There was a major traffic jam in Beaufort, SC today, as thousands of people flooded to see Congressman Joe Wilson at the tea party express rally.

Beaufort, a beautiful city in southern South Carolina, has a population of around 13,000 and it seemed as though most of them were at the rally. Without a doubt, Congressman Wilson was a big drawcard, but previous rallies have also been well attended.

The Tea Party Express II caravan, with two 44-foot coaches and a group of support vehicles, has been hosting rallies across the USA, since leaving San Diego, California 17 days ago. Conservative speakers and singers spoke to, and entertained the crowds showing their support for the grassroots organization and voicing their displeasure with elected officials.

The national tour is almost at an end, stopping in 40 cities, and covering over 7,000 miles.

The cross-country tour, billed as “Tea Party Express II: Countdown to Judgment Day” marks the one-year point from the 2010 elections, when members of Congress, in both parties, will be targeted for defeat as a result of their support of higher deficits, growth and intrusiveness of government, higher taxes and corporate bailouts.

The Tea Party Express just completed it’s tour through Texas, Louisianna, Alabama, and Georgia. Now in South Carolina, there are two stops scheduled in Florida, Jacksonville and Orlando.

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