Evolution … Are We Evolving … ?


Are we really evolving? this is the Question that I ask.

Time and again we hear this word, “evolution” and the following conclusion that we are indeed evolving. If evolution means modernization, technology and adapting to the our “new world standards” then yes – we may be evolving.

I have been playing around with a realization for some time now, and simply put, I feel we are de-evolving, yes – you read this right – DE-EVOLVING..!

The premise of evolution is that we are growing in various ways with time by letting go of what isn’t of use to us and by making stronger of all that Is …

My premise of De-Evolution is that we are a fully Evolved Being that has lost its way in this dimension by being hypnotized into believing that we are indeed limited in nature, in form and in existence.

And now we are re-discovering our way back to our true nature – Unlimited Potential. I coined a word (neologism) for this way back a few years and called it ‘Ompossible’- The State of Anything Is Possible … The word ompossible arises out of the Hindu Maha Mantra ‘OM’ and the word ‘Possible’ providing us a new word full of possibility, magic and vigor.

I will write a series of small articles based on this realization which should answer many questions that have plaguing us for centuries.

Raj Sukheja is UltaGuru, a guru who thinks from a different direction. He writes thought-provoking articles on various subjects, mainly around personal and spiritual development.