Miss Teen Folsom and Miss Citrus Heights help out at Thursday Night Marketplace


It was a beautiful night at the Folsom Thursday Night Marketplace, last night, a little warm to begin with, but nice and cool as the sun started to go down.

Again, there was plenty of entertainment and food, 90 vendors with varied and interesting booths, good friends, good food, fun and excitement – a great night.

Miss Teen Folsom and Miss Citrus Heights helped merchants on Sutter Street, including the Grocery Outlet, which was a great success, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Cimorelli Band did a great job, up in the 600 block, on the main stage, a local group made up of six siblings – check out the video and see them on MySpace, and Twitter.

The Aloha Balloon Company put on an amazing display in the Folsom Lake Bank building in the 900 block. Outside, there were dinosaur rides, a climbing wall, a huge bounce house, and motorized animal rides.

Look for more videos later today (there are several more coming).

A Stroll Along Sutter Street

Forget Me Not on Sutter Street

Cimorelli Band

Cimorelli “Singing My Song”

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