CaliforniaVolunteers Mobilizes Thousands in Response to Southern California Fire

344 connects volunteers to opportunities in affected areas

Responding to the need for volunteer assistance after the Fires in Southern California, CaliforniaVolunteers, in partnership with local volunteer centers and Citizen Corps programs, is mobilizing a volunteer force to help thousands of Californians affected by the disaster.

“The desire to help those affected by this tragedy has been remarkable,” noted Karen Baker, executive director of CaliforniaVolunteers. “The sheer numbers demonstrate the dedication of residents of our state to be there for fellow Californians.”

As announced by Governor Schwarzenegger, on Tuesday CaliforniaVolunteers launched a web portal connecting volunteers with opportunities to assist the disaster response efforts. More than 8,000 state residents have registered with local volunteer centers in the affected areas, and nearly 1,000 have deployed to affected locations to conduct donations drives, staff phone lines and other assistance activities.

More than 300 Community Emergency Response Teams members from throughout the state have responded and are providing evacuation and shelter assistance, donations management and emergency communications. More than 100 Medical Reserve Corps members are partnering with local public health authorities and the American Red Cross to provide shelter and medical assistance. The American Red Cross reports nearly 4,000 workers have responded to the disaster and nearly 3,800 volunteers have been trained and are deployed.

“Long after the fires are extinguished, volunteers will be crucial to the rebuilding of the lives of the victims,” noted Baker. “In the weeks and months ahead, I encourage Californians not affected by this disaster to find out how they can help.”

Interested volunteers should visit to find opportunities to assist the affected communities. Individuals or organizations looking to make cash or in-kind donations to the relief effort should call 1-800-750-2858.

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