TalkingWithHeroes.Com Announces April 15, 2007 Program Guests


Colorado Springs, Colorado – Bob Calvert, Host of the Talking with Heroes Program recently returned from their second tour in Iraq interviewing military personnel from the Air Force, Marines, Minnesota National Guard and Iraqis all talking about training, reconstruction and progress in Iraq.

Talking with Heroes is not about politics. It is about offering our military personnel an opportunity to share their stories and helping to support our men and women in the military while they are deployed and after they come back. Talking with Heroes announces the following guests for their April 15, 2007 program which will air that Sunday evening at 5pm PST.

U.S. Navy submarine officer Nader Elguindi and Author of My Decision to Live: Nader Elguindi, an American Hero Gives Back to the Men and Women Recovering at Walter Reed. After miraculously surviving a horrific accident that severed both of his legs, causing him to permanently lose his right foot, U.S. Navy submarine officer Nader Elguindi could have decided to sign the retirement papers offered to him. In fact, the nuclear engineering program that Nader was a part of is so restrictive, many thought it would impossible for him to stay on active duty. But, as Nader reveals in his inspirational new release, My Decision to Live, he defied the odds – by continuing his quest to earn his submarine qualifications (the coveted Dolphins) and becoming the first officer with a prosthetic to do so.

Tina LePage: To launch the ‘Month of the Military Child’ Arts & Crafts and Scrap Booking Extravaganza, Connect And Join needed a great location and people who love being creative. Cord Camera was a perfect fit to launch the month long project. Tina is currently the Scrapbook Manager at the Cord Scrapbook Studio in Plainfield, IN, which is located about 15 minutes west of downtown Indianapolis on US 40.

Linda Dennis, Founder of Connect And Join: With a 20- year career background in product development for arts & crafts, scrap booking and the technology education market, Linda has combined her expertise to create three Web sites,,, Each site is serving an important need for the military family, especially the children of the deployed.

April 2007 marks the launch of Connect and Join’s most recent project, ‘The Month of the Military Child’ Arts & Crafts and Scrap booking Extravaganza. Linda developed the month long project to show support for military children and to recognize all the sacrifices they make on a daily basis. The project invites crafting and scrap booking retailers from across the country to house crafting events for military children and their friends and families during the month of April.

Lucia Anderson, Public Relations Manager and Associate Editor at the American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters: Lucia has been an employee of the American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters since June of 2003. The American Legion Auxiliary got involved with Connect and Join in 2006 to join forces in support of the Military Child. Lucia was able to use her public relations expertise to inform the more than 900,000 members of the American Legion Auxiliary about ‘The Month of the Military Child Arts & Crafts and Scrap booking Extravaganza’ project.

Americans can now hear the positive stories of what our men and women have been doing – and continue to do to help people in the areas of the world in which they serve. Talking with Heroes also brings to the American people stories of what many Americans are doing to support our troops and their families. All Talking with Heroes programs can be listened to online through the website.

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