Inspiring Alliance Launches Because We Care Veterans Tour, With Free Groceries


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The “Because We Care Journey Across America For Veterans” free groceries offer launched today to support a Customer Loyalty program that Inspiring Alliance is participating in.

The group is offering up to $500 in free groceries as a way of thanking anyone who supports the “Because We Care Journey Across America For Veterans” event that begins Memorial Day. Details about the tour and their Customer Loyalty program are on the web site at

The free groceries program is simple – you earn gift cards to use at your favorite grocery store equal to TWICE the VALUE of a contribution to the Because We Care event, and 100% of your sponsor dollars will be used to support our veterans during this tour.

You are free to choose the supermarket you want to shop at, so you won’t be directed away from your current grocer.

inspiring alliance
inspiring alliance

Ruth Adkins, Executive Director of Inspiring Alliance said “This is truly a win-win for everyone, and is our way of saying Thank You for your continued support that allows us to supply the needs of wounded soldiers and military service members in general through collaborative efforts between Inspiring Alliance and the 500+ programs we act as ambassadors for at our web portal.”

“Thanks for your continued support of our military service members. Without them, we would not have the freedom and privileges we do today!”


Ruth Adkins

Executive Director – “Inspiring Alliance”

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Scottsdale, AZ 85258

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