Basic Training Mather Mud Run Event Saturday


Two Senior Drill Instructors, SDI Michael Nichols and SDI Rodney Carson will be at the 10th Annual Basic Training “Mather Mud Run” event in Hagan Community Park, Rancho Cordova, near Sacramento, California. The Mud Run event starts with registration at 7am.

SDI Nichols told NewsBlaze “SDIs for this event will be in black boots, black trousers, black logo shirt, black SDI duty belt and black campaign cover.”

SDI Carson and SDI Nichols will be causing some hate and discontent to those going through the course making it demanding, and keeping the motivation and morale up. The AirForce will also have their TIs there too, so it will be intense and you will not want to miss it.

More info can be found out about Rodney Carson and this event at the Drop and Give Me 20 website.

In the past, the Mud Run event was hosted and sponsored by the Marine Corps but this year it is hosted by the Air Force.

SDI Carson comes from a military and law enforcement background. His father, a Vietnam veteran, retired after twenty-five years of service in the United States Air Force. SDI Carson was a Peace Officer with the California Department of Youth Authority, as a Group Supervisor and Youth Counselor for twelve years.

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He was also a member of the Preston Tactical Team. During that time, he earned the title of Drill Instructor and T.A.C. Officer with the department’s youth offender – LEAD Boot Camp Program. His unique experience as a Drill Instructor and Master Fitness Trainer, included training at military bases such as Army National Guard – Camp San Luis Obispo, United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego and U.S.M.C. Camp Pendleton, Oceanside.

A strong believer in Health and Fitness, SDI Carson developed workouts with the same concept of most military “Basic Training” fitness programs – Get Fit Fast. All workouts are designed for males and females, regardless of fitness levels. Basic Training workouts are specifically patterned after the United States Marine Corps bootcamp program.

Semper Fi(t). OOH-RAH!!!

Saturday, September 05, 2009 @ 7:00 AM local time

Hagan Community Park (Next to Cordova High School)

2701 Chase Drive

Be there!

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