Katie Krimitsos Wins Three Awards at 2014 Tampa Bay Regional Talkie Awards


This year was an extra special one for Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer of the Tampa Bay Business Owners, Katie Krimitsos. Katie is an established business women and Founder of the Business Women Rock! podcast, who has dedicated her craft to highlighting amazing stories from accomplished business women all over the world. The Business Women Rock! Podcast is comprised of intimate interviews with these women who open up about their business journeys. There are stories of successes and failures and lessons learned.


Katie’s passion for broadcasting these phenomenal stories earned her huge accolades, as she was recognized as winner in 3 separate categories:

  • Best Business Talk Show
  • Best Podcast
  • Best Female Host

    All the hard work and perseverance is paying off and the rewards are coming in. The role of a successful business owner is to master their craft, own their stake, and give back to help others be successful. Katie Krimitsos does just that and is a complete class act while doing it. This is a fine story for a beloved owner, employer, entrepreneur, business woman, and most of all a good person.

    Katie is the Founder and Host of the Business Women Rock! Podcast and the Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer of the Tampa Bay Business Owners, a very special community of business owners who come together to provide support, education and connections for one another.