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Hundreds of Tibetans living in northeast India assembled in Guwahati on the international human rights day to raise their voices against the rampant violation of rights in Tibet by Chinese authority.
11:58 Dec 12, 2012
Hollywood star John Savage of the film 'The Deer Hunter' launches here yet another powerful performance concerning social justice- this time, in South Africa with his new film titled 'A Small Town Called Descent.'
08:06 Mar 24, 2012
What is the UN doing? In 2008, Louise Harbour, UN High Commissioner for Human rights voiced concerns about tensions in Tibet but what is happening now? Can we not do anything to protect a population against torture, repression and violence?
19:24 Feb 11, 2012
The United States also urged the Chinese leaders to address counterproductive policies in Tibetan areas that have created tensions; and to protect Tibet's unique religious, cultural, and linguistic identity.
19:18 Oct 20, 2011
She stressed that Dalai Lama's views are widely reflected within Tibetan society, and command the respect of the vast majority of Tibetans. She said the U.S. government believes that the Dalai Lama can be a constructive partner for China, particula
06:54 Jul 15, 2011
According to Mr. Baer, discriminatory religious policies exacerbated tensions between Han Chinese and Tibetan Buddhists and triggered the 2008 riots that claimed the lives of Han and Tibetan civilians and police officers.
13:54 Jun 4, 2011
The quantum increase of Chinese aid to Nepal has raised a series of questions in the public of Nepal. Nepalese public fear China's influence in the government of Nepal can be a means of violating Human Rights of the Tibetan refugees.
19:05 Mar 2, 2011
The International Campaign for Tibet joined nine other human rights and China-specialist groups to call for US President Barack Obama to use the state visit by Chinese President Hu Jintao as an opportunity...
10:33 Jan 14, 2011
The accusation against Karma Samdrup related to an incident in 1998, when he acquired, as an art collector, cultural artifacts that later turned out to have been stolen by grave-robbers.
13:13 Jun 24, 2010
Wednesday is the first of three anniversaries that Tibetans outside their homeland will celebrate this month. Tibetans in Nepal will mark them carefully, however.
05:18 Mar 11, 2010
It is a cold winter morning and Lakhpa Tsering is a few minutes late for work. Greeting waiting visitors with folded hands and a disarming smile, he offers them an apology and Indian style 'chai' (tea).
06:43 Jun 9, 2009
A Tibetan former nun in her thirties has given a harrowing account of her rape by Chinese Peoples Armed Police (PAP) officers after she was caught attempting to escape from Tibet near the border with Nepal.
13:09 Jun 5, 2009
Lodi Gyari, Special Envoy of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, has issued a call for Tibetans, in Tibet and around the world to record their experiences of suffering over the past 50 years.
12:05 Apr 1, 2009
The Host Committee of the Olympics used his painting, 'Voice of the East,' as the emblem on every VIP certificate given to athletes and visitors.
11:23 Dec 12, 2008
Nepal's culture, history and the world's greatest mountains are amazing and one of the best tourism values on the planet. And Nepal's warm, hospitable people truly make it Shangri-La, the timeless land of tranquility, wisdom, and peace.
20:28 Jun 23, 2008
The parliament on May 28 resolved and declared the Himalayan nation as a federal democratic republic. The main palace is now turned into a museum.
16:49 Jun 18, 2008
In the same manner the Dalai Lama's positive response to the invitation and sending his two representatives to Beijing for the purpose is also a welcoming step.
03:34 May 4, 2008
China needs to look into its heart, and forgive American debt. What's 900 billion dollars among strategic allies? You can't even fight a good war and against a backwater country for that anymore.
05:27 May 3, 2008
But then some of them saw TV images of protesters holding the emblem and they alerted the authorities, according to Hong Kong's Ming Pao newspaper.
14:33 Apr 30, 2008
Is there anybody out there who seriously thinks the Chinese will sit down and talk to the spiritual leader they have called 'evil', and who THEY are trying to demonise in international opinion?
17:03 Apr 13, 2008

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