Why Right Wingers are Rushing to Bill Looman’s Defense?


The initial reaction to the story that some clown in Waco, Ga., had placed magnetic signs on his pick-em-up truck saying “no hiring until Obama is gone” was fast and furious. Underscore furious.

Most of the initial commenters on Bill Looman’s Facebook page (which has since been scrubbed) were outraged that in these challenging economic times someone would make such a statement as “I’ll start hiring when there’s no Muslim in the White House.”

(Of course, he changed his story for the TV cameras when WXIA in Atlanta came out to do a fluff piece about a poor old misunderstood country boy trying to do business, but beaten down by Obama’s policies.)

Along with Americans Against the Tea Party, the Latter Day Iconoclast spent a good part of the past couple days digging up what he could about Looman, going through previously saved screencaps from his now-scrubbed Facebook page.

The picture that emerged was not pretty, as you can see in Part 1 of this story.

Yet, despite the fact that Looman wrote an anti-Obama, islamphobic, survivalist manifesto on August 8, 2011.

Despite proof that he was, at least, involved in a botched plan to raid and take over a Madisonville, Tenn., courthouse in April 2010, but fled when he saw the large numbers of police.

Despite the fact that he listed himself as administrator of the Northern Georgia Militia, an organization that has seen the arrest of four members in recent weeks, disrupting their alleged plans to kill many people in Georgia.

Despite the fact that he belongs to a whole bunch of right wing hate groups and is mentioned favorably on all of them.

Right wingers are rushing to his defense.Some little nutbar tells Looman that Obama oughta git executed. Looman agrees.[/caption]

Apparently, to these people, it’s OK to agree that the President needs to be executed, as Looman did on his Facebook page.

To these people, it’s just FINE that Looman was, at least, a lookout for the 12 Georgia militia men who crossed the border into Tennessee to raid a Madisonville courthouse, but chickened out when they saw the cops, leaving two of their number behind to face charges.

To these people, it’s not a problem that Looman told Americans Against the Tea Party one thing, then lied to an Atlanta TV station saying something entirely different.

The only thing that matters to these decent, patriotic, God-fearing, true Americans?

Bill Looman hates Obama and would like to see him dead. That makes Bill Looman a “Great American Hero” to these people.Why would anyone answer your questions,when all that comes out of you is ridicule,hate and vitriol for the person you are interviewing?Why would anyone in their right mind pay any attention to you?

CLynn Lopez (wife? alter-ego? drag name?) added:

Who is your actual ‘boss’? Do you have an office? Do you have colleagues? Were YOU ever in the military? What branch and when? So, you write for free? I highly doubt your writing career has placed you within the 1%, but how about a ball park figure for your writing ‘salary’. (From $10 to ??????? or do you write for free?) Name the largest, most impressive publication you’ve ever written for. Post link to the article. Why do you have in inexplicable hatred for anyone who holds different beliefs than yours? How do you feel, deep down inside, about being an asshole? What ARE the code of ethics for the BLE? What are your personal code of ethics? How can you possibly think you’re contributing to an exchange of ideas, when it seems apparent by your comments that your method of ‘writing’ is that of a complete imbecile? Final comment? Be proud, you’re a shining example of all that is so terribly wrong with the tactics of the left. And be proud, that you’re examples of ‘fine journalism’ have been the source of many laughs. Thanks for continuing to hold up the banner of idiocy, self centeredness, and basic stupidity, Mr. Professional Journalist!! Now, I’ll let you continue on, I’m sure you’ve got lots of important things on your schedule. Hope you don’t get lost finding that free turkey dinner that’s sure to be offered somewhere in Baltimore. Happy Thanksgiving, Buddy!!

Someone called “Coon Catcher” added this bit of whimsy:

Oh, sort of like the way you hide behind a cartoon picture? I can fly any flag I please, as can you. I’m sure you’d be happier if I flew an Islamic flag or perhaps a communist one but that’s not what I’m about. I can’t speak for you though and don’t want to… you do a good enough job of that without needing help from anyone to show what an ass you really are.

Lynne Casal was not at ALL happy with your LDI:

Why are you so upset about a man using free speech to express himself? Refrence “won’t hire until Obama gone.” He has the right. Is the only free speech you respect your own? I’m sure you have many worthwhile beliefs that should be expressed. But what you’re doing now seems meanspirited and small. Not worthy of you.

Karen Lewis is REALLY mad at your LDI! Here are several comments she posted after our second story about Looman.

Bill Schmalfeldt will pay in the end. He only has to answer to the Lord. What a sick person he is. Not even classed as a man. How sad is this poor soul. GOD BLESS BILL LOOMAN III AND HIS FAMILY. THANK YOU BILL FOR YOUR SERVICE TO AMERICANS TO KEEP US FREE!

One of the things I do have going for me mr small…is I have ethics in my life,…I represent millions of Realtors who do have and adhere to ETHICS in our PROFESSIONAL workplace and our clients, and the PUBLIC, AND THAT INCLUDES YOU! and not the terrible bad things that you send out to the public. Hopefully, the people who read your nonsense on here will know exactly what a bad person you are to send such SMUT out on the INTERNET.

by the way bill schmal (that is small field) how much does obama and staff pay you for these ignorant posts?

Let me address each of these. Pay? For telling the truth? The facts are out there, sweetie. When you and your “hee haw” family get electricity again, check the links we posted. Truth is SMUT? Goodness. And who pays the Latter Day Iconoclast? Actually, YOU do, Karen. Each time you read his stuff. Thanks! Tell your friends! (And full disclosure? “Schmalfeldt” means “narrow field.” “Schmal” means narrow. Not small. “Kleine” means small. Glad we could help.)

Our first story on the subject generated a fair amount of heat, although the vast majority of the comments were supportive.

Greg Geer at the Palmer College of Chiropractic (How’s things in Davenport, Greg? I was born 30 miles north of there) isn’t thrilled with our reporting.

It’s obvious the author has never been self employed or earned a dollar on his own accord! Without leadership (politics) why take the risk, especially when you’re supporting over 50% of the country who pay no taxes. I suggest the “Like” go to Fox News for the truth. FYI our country was founded on religious foundation. Remember “In God We Trust”!

Where to start with this guy. First of all, you know nothing about our background. You want to tax the poor and let the rich slide? You prefer being lied to by Fox News instead of getting the truth elsewhere, and you repeat the lie about our nation being created on a religious foundation when the written evidence shows our founding fathers wanted anything BUT a religious nation, And, “In God We Trust” has been our national motto for hundreds and hundreds of years… all the way back to 1956. Hell. The LDI is older than the “national motto.”

In our third story on the subject, “OlympiaGuy” had this to add:

how stupid can you be? Go back to your vandalism, rape, illicit drug use, violence, STD-spreading disease infested OWS rally you irrational left wing lunatic!

OK. As soon as you go back to your gun toting, black person hating, spitting on congressmen ranting about an America that never existed, you developmentally disabled right wing nut sack. (We feel better now. Don’t you?)

Now, if we may, some comments supporting Mr. Looman that still exist on his Facebook page (for some reason) starting with comments made AFTER we posted the link to Mr. Looman’s apparent terror links.

Ezeiquel Orneas Jr. writes (and there is nothing wrong with your computer screen… this is what he wrote):

Thank You Sir for Speaking Truth to our $ad Damn Hu$$ein’$ Power.

Our I$Lameic Marxist Delu$ional $elf-Proclaimed-“ME$$IAH,” $ixties Communi$t Radical Black Mo$lime Prezidente BIG FATz Zer0 In$ane $PENDIN AND TAXATION HU$$EIN and HI$ DemocRAT’$ “ILLEGAL Unconstitutional Wealth Confiscation and Redistribution 0BaaaMaNomics “POPULI$T JACK-A$$” He Rode In On, Have CRIPPLED the U$A Economy and $LAIN Countle$$ Amerikan JOB$!!

Thank You Once More for Your Bravery, Courage, and Willingness to use your First Amendment Rights to Halt 0BaaaMaNation’$ Conversion of OUR Former Late Great U$A into the Equivalent of HU$$EIN’$ Third World Evil-Corrupt Kenyan $hi’ite Hole Birthplace.

Ummm…. OK.

Jason Gaskins foresees doom!

The right should continue to storm and fight back. The end of the US is at hand if the current progressive mentality continues. Case in point Rome, Greece and every other great empire.

And you get the idea.

If anyone recognizes this nutbar, let us know how we can contact him to find out if he REALLY fired all his employees who supported Obama.

But our favorite response is one I found on the WXIA site. It comes from a guy named Rick Thompson who give no clue whatsoever as to where he lives, who he is, where he works or if he’s a real person. But if what he says is true, The LDI is wondering if some laws would be broken. We would like to ask him some questions to see if he’s telling the truth or just bullshitting to show what a big, bad Obama-hater he is.

That has been our company policy since 2010. In early 2009 we had to do layoffs because of the obama economy and every known obama voter on the floor was either laid off or fired. Now we only hire known conservatives who are recommended by other employees. Why? because when we fired all the libs it made a huge impact on the companies bottom line. It is hard to believe that it was not noticed before the lay offs but afterwards we realized, they included every problem child in the organization. Some were habitually tardy and absent, others were insurance abusers and some were just plain lazy but now that they are gone, our company runs much more efficiently. if you own a business, take a look at your least valuable employees and I bet you will find they are mostly all democrats!

I can’t help it that every loser in the organization happened to be an obama supporter, we didn’t even realize the connection until they were gone. The least productive employees are always the first to go and personally, I was not real surprised to see that they were all libs.

Most business owners did not have to wait for the downturn, they knew what was coming before the “let’s redistribute the wealth” clown obama was even in office. A Marxist is a Marxist, we did not have to see the results of his hatred of productive Americans to know what they were going to be.Like many companies, we started slimming down long before the stimulus (democrat slush fund) was proven a failure or obamacare was passed into law.

The Marxist obama represents the parasite class, the ones who take from producers and provide no value society.

Man, would we like to talk to this guy.

Anywhoo… what this whole story tells us about our right wing in America is this.

They will support a coward.

They will support someone who was apparently involved in a plot to take over a Tennessee courthouse, but who cut and ran when he saw some flashing blue lights.

They will support someone who was drummed out of Oath Keepers for being a lying, cowardly little pussy.

They will support someone who lies to the media after saying that he won’t hire anyone while there is a Muslim in the White House.

They will support someone who posts an Islamophobic manifesto.

They will support someone who is apparently organizing a plot to steal land, if what I’m reading here is accurate.

They will support someone who claims to be a big, bad militia dude, who scrubs his militia page after being poked by the Secret Service.

They will support someone who hides by disconnecting his phones and refusing to answer anything but softball questions.

They will support any sort of dirtbag, belly-crawling, filth-covered coward…

As long as he has a sufficient hatred for President Obama and Muslims and black folks and democrats and liberals and everyone else the right wing teabagging idiots in this country choose to hate at the moment.

They are the unwitting tools of the corporate industrialists who ship their jobs overseas, rut the middle class, ensure the poor (and that’s most of these people) stay poor while the rich stay rich.

They have been duped by people who have taken a dog turd, wrapped it in gold foil, slapped a picture of Ronald Reagan and an American Flag on it, and called it a candy bar.

They are lied to on a daily basis by Rush and Hannity and O’Reilly and Fox News and they LIKE the lies. The lies make them COMFORTABLE. The lies JUSTIFY their fear, their suspicion, their hatred of “the other”. The lies keep them from realizing that they are acting and voting against their own best interest.

But you can’t tell them that, because YOU are part of the conspiracy that Rush and Hannity and O’Reilly and Fox News WARN them about.

You want to give their hard earned tax money to BLACK people and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

Never mind that taxes are at a historic low. Never mind that the wealthiest one percent in this country control 40% of the total wealth. Never mind the TRUTH!

Bill Looman HATES Obama. He HATES Muslims. Therefore, he MUST be a hero. He MUST be.

Or else our belief system is phony and we must admit we’ve been ignorant dupes who have harmed this nation, perhaps beyond repair.

And isn’t that a sad, sad, sad thing about the Right Wing in this country? Isn’t that reason enough to ensure that they are never, NEVER given the reins of power in America again?