Terrorism Germinated In An Isolated Corner


Terrorists are mass murderers and drug dealers. Where we find terrorists, we find drugs. They would buy and sell drugs to finance their travels and lodging. Because terrorists are far too valuable to die. They finance trillions of dollars of mostly unnecessary military and intelligence spending, cow whole populations into buying into the Fear Agenda set forth by the FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) Spin Doctors of the Mad and Tyrannical Administration and provide a convenient bogeyman for all of us to be afraid of.

In any event, terrorist groups in the world and as well as in Nepal appear to be very well-financed and supported by very powerful and shadowy people. Are there drugs and drug money involved? We think yes, but who knows? One famous terrorist dictum says: Power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

That is certainly a timeless truth in that military power has always established and supported, states and commercial enterprises of all types. However, in modern times, true power seems to grow out of the power of a spreadsheet or arcane financial manipulations.

It seems the world is taking the terrorists much more seriously. It is no substitute for fact or evidence. However, facts and evidence have been known to have been either manufactured or manipulated for human purposes. It is undeniable that something mighty is now occurring. It could very well be that the world is close to achieving its stated goal. What to make of all this?

Well, for starters, we must find terrorists’ arguments and convincing. The terrorists lies or talks nonsense. Talking tough (as they should) and macho-ing it up (perhaps not as wise). The genius of the terrorists is their very banality. Terrorists share selected information and use this to make even more money. The terrorists and criminals do know Evil. If there is something new out there, they will have twigged to it, even if they cannot give it a name or completely identify it.

Much has been written about those who defied the entire world and started a Revolution. Meanwhile, the genuine cause of the people and country is shunted far below in the dark abyss of messy terror groups.

Nepal And Terrorists Threat

It is true, Nepal can experience peace if it does not have to fight with terrorism. The seeds of terrorism that germinated in an isolated corner have now spread around the world including in Nepal. So because of this Nepal faced a challenge to secure her role in the changing global scenario. It is true, there is quite a bit of geopolitical jockeying going on between India, China, Pakistan, the USA and the UK, not to mention Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iran, all of whom have power and interest considerations in play depending on what happens in Nepal. Thus, the Great Game is getting quite complicated. It just so happens that the helpless people of Nepal, particularly the poor women and children are smack dab in the middle of all this Master of the Universe stuff.

But it was a good thing recently US ambassador James F. Moriarty said “The United States, for one, would look eagerly for ways to assist a new government that respects and supports democracy, human rights, and freedom. This also could include renewing assistance for the Royal Nepalese Army. I am confident that other nations, friends of Nepal, would do the same. He condemned the 12-point agreement between Maoists and seven parties signed in New Delhi last November. Moriarty asked the opposition to “consider issuing a strong public statement unequivocally warning their Maoist partners about the unacceptability of violence.”

He asked the King “to devise some effective gesture to make absolutely clear its [the palace’s] willingness to enter formal concrete talks with major political parties to restore democratic government in Nepal and address the Maoist threat. The United States views the uneasy partnership between the parties and Maoists as wrongheaded. Maoists are not committed to peace and democracy. And certainly not if you read the recent statements of a senior Maoist, Baburam Bhattarai.

Actually, a close reading of the understanding [12-point] reveals that the insurgents seek to bring parties further into their sphere, and to the Maoists’ advantage. The answer is particularly worrisome: The Maoists would be armed; the parties should be unarmed. If the parties and Maoists were ever able to topple monarchy, what then? We don’t encourage a parallel government. Moriarty said the Maoists are not committed to joining the political mainstream. We do consider them terrorists. They are on our terrorist list.

Two legitimate actors who should be on the same side are divided, with one of them aligned with a separate violent force that has long sought a totalitarian state. He said.

There is no other alternative than completion of the election for re-installation of a full fledged democratic government. The people are not inclined to be influenced by the selfish tantalization. What is most demanding is a democracy that has the quality of being moulded to suit the needs of the soil and aspiration of the people.

Democratic polity must be made capable of contributing towards fortification of national solidarity. It must be able to effectively deliver in keeping with people’s expectation for improvement in quality of life. What has become most essential today is national unity of the people, consensus of understanding, cooperation, far sightedness and far reaching clear vision to resolve the crisis, hovering endlessly over the nation’s horizon.

Nepali journalist and Story Writer Kamala Sarup is an editor for mediaforfreedom.com. She specialises in in-depth reporting and writing on Peace, Anti War, Women, Terrorism, Democracy, and Development.