Our Final Story at Examiner.com: The One That Got Us Fired


Gentle reader, this is the story that got me fired. But before we begin, let’s join the celebrating over on the Operation Burn Notice Facebook page since the stooges who work for Philip Anschultz (see previous story) temporarily saved their hash by firing us for getting too close to identifying the folks behind their smarmy little scheme.

Our final story for Philip Anschutz’s Examiner.com begins here.

(AGAIN, THE STANDARD DISCLAIMER: By inclusion in this series of stories, your correspondent is in no way suggesting that anyone mentioned is involved in any law-breaking. We assume that since they posted their opinions in a public way, that they are proud of those opinions and will be grateful to have them shared with a national audience.)


See, these idiots think getting me fired from Examiner.com was a victory. They shall learn differently. And they still think my Parkinson’s disease is funny.
Screencap from Operation Burn Notice Facebook Page

William Jenkins. Self identified as a “Union Slave” working for “The Kenosha Unified School District.”

Your correspondent wanted to verify whether Mr. Jenkins was, in fact, an employee of the KUSD. On Dec. 2, we sent the following e-mail to the contact address listed on the KUSD webpage.

Hi there.

I’m a reporter working on a story about the Operation Burn Notice group that claims they are gathering and burning recall petitions. One of the individuals listed in the group is William Jenkins, who identifies himself as a Union Slave with the Kenosha Unified School District.

Is there a William Jenkins on the staff directory of the Kenosha Unified School District, what is his job title, how long has he worked for you, and do you have any contact info you could share?

Thanks in advance!

Bill Schmalfeldt


On Dec. 5, we received the following response:


No, there is no William Jenkins who has or currently works for Kenosha Unified School District.

Gary D. Vaillancourt

Chief Communications Officer

“Every Child Matters”

Email: [email protected]

Office: 262-xxx-xxxx

Web: www.kusd.edu

Twitter: twitter.com/kusd

Television: KUSD Channel 20

Well that sure raised our eyebrows. But we sighed a sigh of relief as well. Mr. Jenkins, from his comments, seems like an angry man (assuming he is a “he”) a person who one might prefer have no contact with school children.

This is the event that William Jenkins of the Kenosha Unified School District is organizing.

Mr. Jenkins lists himself as the event coordinator for the event shown in the slideshow. He invites all comers to the “Operation Notice Recall Petition Burn” scheduled for Saturday January 14, three days before the January 17 deadline for turning in signed petitions in the Wisconsin effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

“At 5:00 we will have a large bonfire roaring and a few admins from OBN will make some comments before we conduct a very large burn of recall petitions that will be shredded the day before at an undisclosed location. After the burn, we will take questions form the media about our efforts over the past months and discuss how we obtained so many signatures.”

The event is scheduled to take place at the Point Detour Campground, Point Detour Road, Bayfield, Wisconsin.

This event, if conducted, would be an optimal location for law enforcement officials to round up all the players, as the destruction of legally signed petitions is a Class 1 Felony in Wisconsin, punishable by a $10,000 fine and up to 3-1/2 years in jail.

Mr. Jenkins also makes a comment on the event page.

What a tough guy! Not tough enough to identify himself, however.

“A liberal incited me to bash in their face before but they weren’t charged with a crime. All they got for incitement was a free ride to the hospital.”


None of this seems to concern the people who post on the Operation Burn Notice Facebook page. In addition to the OBN page, Jenkins is also listed as a member of the “Knot My Wisconsin” Facebook page, allegedly formed when a group of trolls was excommunicated from the legitimate “Not My Wisconsin” pro-recall Facebook page.

Mr. Jenkins has cleared his Facebook page of all but two comments. In these comments, he is quite disturbed over comments written by Jeremy Ryan in a blog called “Addicting Info.”

We will clean up the language a bit.

Jeremy Ryan is a raging narcissist whose only accomplishment in life is being a cyber hobo. 

F**k you, lazy m****r f**king pr**k. You are a burden on the taxpayers and anyone you are around. Go beg Satan for a smoke in Hell, pr**k.

But wait, there’s more!

And Hitler was avidly against smoking, was reportedly a vegetarian, thought everyone should be able to afford a car so he made “the people’s car” affordable for all, and was an animal rights activist. 

So f**king what, jackass?

And we’re not done yet! (This time, he cleaned up his own language!)

Pathological liar Jeremy Ryan is at it again. 

Your rationalization of Nancy’s hateful comments is disgusting and if she said that about some nutty lefty you would be crying all day long about how hateful she is. You’re a f’n hypocrite!

I don’t know a bigger loser and worthless piece of garbage who robs oxygen from the air that is as bad as Jeremy Ryan.

Cyber mooching piece of garbage. Get a job, punk.

Nancy ****** is a scumbag and a lousy mother. You don’t have a moral compass if you don’t understand why she was charged with a crime for “buying condoms”.

 Pedophile family members, putting her kids in harms way, etc. Now she has burdened society with children who are essentially wackjobs as much as she is.

So please, STFU with your bullshit “moral compass” garbage. You are defending a criminal.

She deserves anything coming her way since she is the one who opened her mouth and wished rape on Scott Walker’s family members. You seem to be ignoring this and whitewashing it with a heavy dose of leftist-styled rationalization.

Also claiming that I am a “paid troll” is libel considering this is inaccurate because it isn’t true. If someone disagrees with moron lefties they must be “paid”, right?

I bet you ignore Scot Ross’s band of losers who are actually paid to troll on the Internet and spread propaganda. 

You are dumb. The fact that you can’t see Jeremy Ryan is a cyber mooching narcissist dirtbag is an easy tell though. I’d like to help you, but one can’t fix stupid.

Parkinson’s disease. These morons think it’s funny. Know what else is funny? Karma.

Jenkins left a number of similar posts in the comments sections of some of our stories on this subject, but as the author, we found the comments egregious and overly offensive, deleted them and reported them.

But we do have screencaps, as you can see for yourself in the slide show.

In one, Mr. Jenkins says…

Highly respected? Mole?

“That is fine. I am a highly trusted member of a recall group who nobody would expect to do such a thing. I’m trying to make a plan to centralize collections of the petitions because then I’ll have access to more of them. “We need to protect the collection of petitions!” 🙂 And they all come right to me. Awesome.”

In another one…

I have a map of registered sex offenders and drop off a special form telling them what to expect if they are approached by a recall petitioner. I inform them that a young woman is most likely to appear at their house asking them to sign a petition to recall Scott Walker. This woman is very likely to be alone, so do not make her feel uncomfortable in that situation.

And this.

“I am canvassing an area that is very liberal. I will be taking all those petitions and shredding them once I am done. Kiss my f**king ass, Helvete. There won’t be a damn thing you can do about it. Whine all you want, bitch all you want, the petitions are going bye-bye. The best part is that I am entrusted with the petitions of several other people. When the time comes to turn them in, I’m sure it will be obvious that I don’t have them. From my estimation, I’ll be able to destroy 15-20K signatures unless the guy above me gives me access to where he stores his own signatures so I can place mine in there. If that happens, I’ll be able to destroy upwards of 15-20% of the entire collected ballots in the state of Wisconsin. I will prevail.”

What a nice boy. Mom must be SO proud!

Sharp reader that you are, you will notice that the person who wrote these posts identifies himself as “Will R Jenkins.” But he uses the same avatar as “William Jenkins.” And the person currently identified on Facebook as “Will R. Jenkins” lists no information about himself. And that person has a period after his middle initial, where there is no record of a Facebook presence for anyone identified as “Will R Jenkins”.

Scrubbed? Name changed?

In fact, it seems as if a lot of the regulars from the Operation Burn Notice group are busy scrubbing their pages. Even “Aaron Burr,” who identified himself as a “hired gun” for the Operation Burn Notice group has scrubbed his Facebook presence and has seemingly eliminated all references to himself on the Operation Burn Notice page.

How very clever. A clever lad this is!

We’ll check that for sure, if and when the OBN page emerges again. They’re still offline at 10:30 a.m. ET.


And those were the last words your Latter Day Iconoclast wrote or will ever write for the Examiner.com. As you can see from the top of the story, they were waiting until someone “in high places” got in touch with the Examiner’s legal office in Denver” to “swat” this pesky fly.

But like flies, you’d better make sure they’re really good and swatted before you dismiss them. We’re still buzzin’, cousin!