Moral Decay Keeps Freedom From Developing and Growing


On this Thanksgiving Eve let us all be grateful for our blessings. Take time just this once and count them.

I watch TV just like every crazy American does. I see the world events and the dissensions in the world and all the craziness around the globe. What affects me the most is not the world problems because even in Plato’s day the world was screwed up, much like it is today. Oh I agree we are more screwed up than in Plato’s day but there are more of us to screw it up than existed then. I read the news stories and see problems that are well beyond my ability to solve or straighten out.

What I see that truly bothers me is the moral decay of our nation’s people. Crime in every major city and in rural America it’s on the rise. Drunken drivers, drug addicts’, STD’s and other major health crises’ in the country are what bother me more than Iraq, Iran, North Korea or any other countries’ problems.

I’m old fashion I guess because I see not a Nation of free people but a Nation where people, without proper order are begging for help. We fought a civil war to free those American’s who were slaves to others. Now we are fighting ourselves because we have become slaves to a way of life. I see alcoholism, drug addicts, tobacco addiction, moral decay, gambling addictions, broken homes and families and addicts to money, clothing, cars, and sexual perversion.

Have you watched Dr. Phil lately? What is going on in this country? I’m not sure we haven’t gone too far to reverse the trend of our nation’s demise. I’m reminded of what one of our nation’s leaders said. “A religion that does not demand sacrifice of its people is failing to help people realize freedom demands sacrifice, to keep out moral erosion that will result into eventual tyranny. When moral decay abounds, freedom is lost and will destroy its self.” Bondage of any kind keeps freedom from developing and growing. Bondage destroys hope and when hope is gone our faith is lost in the values that uphold freedom. We become a ship without a rudder subject to the wind and the currents. When this happens we develop a need for a leader who will rule not lead but will want to rule, telling his children what they can do and when they will do it. There will be an increase of police and strong arm tactics but the children will still rebel.

This nation does not need a father figure as president who wants to rule and reign as presidential father. What this nation needs is a man who knows right from wrong and helps this nation back on the track of greatness. What the people need is to move toward a more religious way of living and conducting our lives. What religion needs to do is preach repentance and demand a change of their people to live worthy of the name of Him who they worship. When we finally understand what we need and how to live, it might be too late for the majority of our citizens. What will happen when we come to this state? Heaven knows my friend but it will come and we better be prepared for whatever comes.

What we need is to restore our faith in God. We need a rudder and not a new captain of our ship. If we don’t ship wreck before we return to our faith we might have a shot, otherwise we are lost and freedom is destroyed by our own hands. We will have no one but ourselves to blame for the sinking of our ship “Freedom Rings.”

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.