If You Hide Behind Anonymity When Taking a Political Stance, You’re a Coward!


On August 2, 1776, 56 brave men signed their own death warrant.

Had the Revolutionary War gone the other way, each of these men would have been tried and hanged for treason against the crown. But knowing this, they signed the document.

John Hancock, famous for his huge signature on the Declaration of Independence, said he signed it in such a large hand so the king would be able to read his name without having to put on his glasses.

(Yes, August 2, 1776 was the date of the actual signing, when a clear copy was produced.)

Today’s Republicans love to quote their love for the founding documents. The Declaration. The Constitution. The Bill of Rights. All signed by brave men.

So why do they insist on hiding their identities when offering opinions about controversial issues?

On this point, I will give Bill Looman credit. He used his name.

The cowards behind “Operation Burn Notice” can’t even be SHAMED into identifying themselves. Instead, they brag about burning legally obtained, signed petitions seeking the recall of Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin. They plot ways to intercept documents as they’re being delivered for certification. And they hide their names.

Real heroes use their real names when making a controversial political statement. Cowards hide behind pseudonyms. Guess which direction the bellycrawling slugs behind the Operation Burn Notice effort to destroy Wisconsin recall petitions are taking.

Your Latter Day Iconoclast has written extensively on this subject. We have mentioned three names that have been suggested to us as being involved in this OBN effort. We make no such assertions, other than to say every time we attempted to place a redacted version of a picture of these folks, their identities obscured, it was swiftly removed from their Facebook page.

Then one of the individuals, whose name had not yet been officially mentioned, popped onto the Facebook page threatening to sue me. We responded, “Why are you threatening me? I haven’t even mentioned your name.” His threat and subsequent comments quickly vanished. As did our redacted photos, time after time after time after time.

Now, the unnamed forces behind OBN are pretending they are going to sue us for our previous story. For one thing, they would have to have standing to sue us, meaning they would have to have been defamed by our publishing the photo, meaning they ARE WHO WE SAID THEY ARE and are not defamed!

The photo clearly states that we have no way of knowing for sure if they are involved in anything… other than being rich Republicans. Not a crime. Not a defamatory remark to be found.

For their part, the forces behind OBN have mocked us personally – our weight, the scars on our head (which come from an experimental surgery to see if deep brain stimulation done in early Parkinson’s disease will be a beneficial treatment in the long run – a surgery we volunteered for). They make fun of my disease. They have sport with my name.

But at least, they know my name. Our name is out there. So are the names of other people who stand against these freedom-hating slugs who, whether they are serious or not, are discussing a crime that could land them in jail for 3-1/2 years and cost them $10,000 each.

A stiff penalty, to be sure.

But not as stiff as the penalty facing the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence who faced death by hanging.

But they were brave enough to use their real names.

Why aren’t the OBN cowards using THEIR real names? What are they ashamed of? What are they hiding from?

Why are they such cowards?