Crossfire War – Turkey Continues Undeclared War With Armenia – Russia


Crossfire War – ANKARA – TBILISI – TEHRAN WATCH – South Caucasus Theatre: Ankara – Tehran – Tbilisi/Yerevan – Sukhumi – Tskhinvili – Baku – Moscow – Washington; Undeclared War – Turkey Denies Cargo Ship with Weapons for Armenia to Pass Through Straits

Night Watch: DARDANELLES – An undeclared war, conducted for more than a century, between Turkey and Armenia is still continuing. ANK-Turkish Daily News have reported Ankara has refused permission for an Albanian cargo ship to pass through the Turkish Straits of the Dardanelles and Bosporous into the Black Sea with its final destination being Armenia. The ship was loaded with weapons for the Armenian military and was forced to turn back. Most likely the weapons will have to shipped to Armenia through Russia, which earlier this year established a strategic – military alliance with Armenia as Moscow’s and the West’s effort to retain access to the energy resources of the Black Sea-Caucasus-Caspian region. [TURKISHDAILYNEWS]

Ankara has combined its regional policy with Tehran and the Georgian government in Tbilisi in their attempt to control the region and that is why this theatre is the decisive one in World War III. This is the only area Iran can be confronted so directly. Even though every NATO nation needs constant access to raw materials in this area, NATO refused to assist Moscow in any way during the first wars in the North Caucasus from 1994-96 in Chechnya, and in the second series of wars that began again in 1999 when Daghestan was invaded. NATO’s failure, due to its suspicious strategic scheming, has prolonged World War III and has enabled Tehran to produce more nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles. Brussels, headquarters of both NATO and the European Union, instead kept insisting and still insists on wars with Serbia.

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