Crossfire War – Turkey Announces Reasons to Invade N. Iraq in Spring


Crossfire War – Ankara – Turkey Watch – West Asia Theatre: Ankara – Tehran – Baghdad/Mosul – Kirkuk – Sulaymaniyah; Kurdistan – Newroz Offensive – Turkey Announces Readiness to Invade Northern Iraq Against PKK – Iran Now Prepared to Join

Night Watch: DIYARBAKIR – As Ankara-Tehran participate in the charade – conference in Baghad of pretending to help Iraq’s current government, still supported by London/Washington, Reuters reports Turkey is threatening again to invade northern Iraq to destroy bases and support for the nationalist group, Kurdish Workers Party (PKK). The head of Turkey’s land forces, General Ilker Basbug stated, “Turkey can always take measures against the terrorist organization in northern Iraq if our military needs require it…under international law.” [KURDMEDIA]

Ankara believes there are 3,800 Kurdish fighters in the mountains along the Turkey – Iraq border and that they are waiting for the spring to launch more attacks against military-civilian targets. The usual annual pattern is for violence to increase during the Kurdish Newroz festival. Ankara has stated its concerns and willingness to invade ever since Saddam Hussein’s removal four years ago. Washington-London have refused to take any action against the Kurds for obvious reasons, even though they both regard the PKK as a terrorist organization. The lost alliance of Washington-London have no desire for any more fighting, and they are preparing their reasons for leaving.

The vacuum created by the UK/US withdrawal will be filled by Ankara-Tehran. Iran was not ready four years ago but they are now and more importantly Tehran wants the Allies to be heavily engaged on several fronts simultaneously: the Balkans, West Asia (Middle East), Caucasus, India, Southeast Asia. On Jan. 18 reported Tehran was massing troops along Iraq’s Kurdistan border.

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