Crossfire War – Kosovo Controlled by Albanian Islamic Mafia – Capital Influence


Crossfire War – Tehran -Pristina Watch – Southeast Europe Theatre: Tehran – Islamabad – Kabul – Pristina – Brussels – Vienna/Belgrade – Athens – Ankara – Tehran – Moscow; Marko Nicovic – Chief of Belgrade Police States Independent Kosovo Will be Controlled by Albanian – Islamic Drug Cartel with Influential Connections in the West

Night Watch: PRISTINA – The former Chief of Belgrade Police, Marko Nicovic, states that if Kosovo does become independent it will be under the complete control of the Albanian Islamic mafia, one of the centers of drug trafficking in Western Europe. He also mentioned the entire Kosovo Albanian military and police are already under criminal control from the top to the underground, and that he first became aware of their influence when he became Chief of Belgrade Police in 1983. Nicovic mentioned the Kosovo connection with Western and Central Asia drug suppliers is maintained through a series of arranged marriages between families in Kosovo and their contacts in Iran-Pakistan-Afghanistan, the area he called the Golden Crescent. This tight, structured family network makes it virtually impossible for outsiders to penetrate. [SERBIANNA]

Of course this is not unlike private business interests in the industrialized world arranging marriages for the same business-financial reasons. That has been the case with established society throughout history, but what Nicovic said that is even more disturbing is this Kosovo Albanian criminal network has purchased influence in government decision making circles in the West by financing lobbyists promoting Kosovo independence. “That lobby would organize the structure that would include, for example, some congressman, some journalist, some analyst, institutes, foundations…for the project of an independent Kosovo. Albania mafia knows where the money is in the western countries. The main damage will be in western countries because they make money in the West not in Kosovo.”

I suspect the reason the influential think-tank in Brussels, which has advocated Kosovo independence for more than a year, may have been persuaded by some strategic contributions. Insitutions are controlled by people who own them and new massive amounts of money would be eagerly welcomed as a new owner, unless when the arrangements fall apart as it will when fighting resumes again this year.

The linked article from Serbianna is an example of near future fallout. It has a photo taken about three years ago of a New York fundraiser for U. S. Senator John Kerry. Kerry was not in the picture but it shows former U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations His Excellency Richard C. Holbrooke and former NATO Commander U. S. General Wesley Clark, the leading dark horse candidate for President in next year’s election, the war will elect him. However between the two is Albanian weapons dealer, Florin Krasniqi, based in New York. All three are smiling, but again, that was three years ago, before the debacle in Iraq became more obvious and Kosovo independence was still in the future that has now become an extremely threatening and ominous present.

The UN and the West will be forced to impose Kosovo independence on Serbia since working, cooperative relations with Russia are over. Moscow supports Serbia and recently received a military delegation from Greece, which signed a security agreement with Serbia, as did Iran in January last year. As has stated repeatedly, Tehran dosen’t care how fighting resumes as long as it can be used to silence Vienna and blow Brussels-NATO’s policies off the face of the earth.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.