Crossfire War – Iran Warns Lebanon – Ultimatum


Crossfire War – TEHRAN – RIYADH – DAMASCUS WATCH – West Asia Theatre: Tehran – Riyadh – Damascus – Nahr al-Bared – Ein el-Hilweh/Tripoli – Sidon – Beirut – Paris – Rome – Jerusalem – Cairo – Washington; Iran Charge d’Affaires in Beirut Delivers Threatening Message from Iran Foreign Minister Mottaki

Night Watch: BEIRUT – It has just been reported Tehran has had its Charge d’Affaires in Beirut, Mojtaba Ferdousipour, deliver a verbal message from Iran Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in a meeting with Lebanon Deputy Foreign Minister Heshan Damashiqiyeh.

Since Tehran/Beirut are on opposite ends of regional issues, with Iran leading the Islamic world against the West, while Beiurt, led by Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, is still working closely with Paris and the West. Then obviously, the message was not congratulatory, nor did it convey any conciliation concerning the death of Lebanese soldiers caused by the fighting at Nahr al-Bared near Tripoli. Nor is Tehran about to express any regret at causing the fighting, which is still going on, this new threat to Siniora. Therefore, I suspect what the message said was if Siniora does not announce new elections and an expanded cabinet, which would represent more of Lebanon’s diverse political parties, then violence will spread to other Palestinian refugee camp-cities all over the country, which would compel Hezbollah-Damascus-Tehran to fulfill their regional-spiritual obligations and support them more directly by intervening openly in the conflict. [IRNA]

This message actually amounts to an ultimatum with the express purpose of announcing to Siniora, if he didn’t know already, that Tehran – Damascus want to remove Lebanon from the West’s sphere of influence in the region. I cannot see Siniora ever agreeing to it, because he may be connected to Paris financially, so I expect violence to spread right after the current visit of Iran Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs, Mohammad-Reza Baqeri, in Damascus, where he is meeting with representatives of Palestinian militant groups based in Gaza-West Bank-Lebanon. Baqeri arrived in Damascus Friday night for a three-day visit.

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