Crossfire War – Hezbollah Now Supplied with Anti-Aircraft Systems


Crossfire War – Tehran – Damascus – Gaza Watch – West Asia Theatre: Tehran – Damascus – Riyadh – Gaza/Beirut – Jerusalem – Paris – Rome – Cairo; Iran-Syria Have Supplied Hezbollah with New Advanced Anti-Aircraft Weapons and More Trained Missile Teams – Long Range Missile “Planning Unit” in North Lebanon

Night Watch: HERMEL – Debka reports Tehran-Damascus have equipped Hezbollah with, not only more missiles than before last year’s war, which Hezbollah entered exactly one year ago today, but also advanced anti-aircraft mobile missile systems like the Rapier 2.

Before last year’s war Hezbollah possessed 12,000 rockets of various types, now they have 18,000. Their longer range ones are the Zilzal-2, Zizal-3 and Fatah-110, with each of them having a range of 150 miles (250 km) capable of reaching nearly all of Israel.

Tehran has established Hezbollah’s long range rocket force, its “Planning Unit” stationed in northern Lebanon at Hermel near the Syrian border. Just across the border are depots containing more stores of rockets and I suspect when these are launched at Israel this will be the priority target of Israel’s airforce quite possibly equipped with nuclear bombs. Israel has every intention of surviving the war intact and they will not be universally condemned when they respond in this manner. [DEBKA]

The Hezbollah short range rocket (Katyusha) Nasr Unit is in the Tyre region in the south and its command center is in the village of Maarub. In the meantime Tehran has positioned other Shi’ite terrorists groups in Shi’ite villages in the south not far from Israel’s border.

It has been recently mentioned since Israel’s response with not that effective and somewhat hesitant last year they are retraining their army more seriously and aggressively. Jerusalem will probably have to occupy most of south Lebanon as they did in the 1980s and remained for nearly 20 years. This is why I suspect Lebanon may cease to exist as a country, which is exactly what Tehran-Damascus want. Jerusalem will control the south of the country and Damascus the rest, incorporated into Syria.

Since UNIFIL is using British bases on Cyprus I would not be surprised if Tehran sends to Syria Shahab missiles that can hit the bases. The Shahab missile may be in Syria already.

Paris-Rome would have withdrawn the European forces of UNIFIL that were under heavy attack assuming they can be withdrawn, because Hezbollah now has more anti-ship C-802 missiles than last year and their main target will not be the few Israeli patrol boats but the naval warships of Europe and the U. S. just off Lebanon’s coast. Hezbollah has triple the number it had last year.

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