Crossfire War – Attacks Continue Along India-Myanmar (Burma) Border


3Crossfire War – BEIJING – TEHRAN – ISLAMABAD WATCH – South – Southeast Asia Theatre: Beijing – Tehran – Kabul – Islamabad – Dhaka – Nay Pyi Taw/Delhi – Tokyo – Moscow; Action Continues on India – Myanmar (Burma) Border – Nagaland – Maoists – Regional Support

Night Watch: NAGALAND – Violence against New Delhi in northeast India is continuing as the Press Trust of India (PTI) reports eight persons were killed in a large landmine explosion triggered by Maoists who have been based in the Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh. The explosion took place today in the Metaguda area of the district and killed four security personnel, two special police and the driver and helper of the truck they were traveling in to Errabore from Injeram. Delhi is sending more forces to the area and a combing operation is currently underway. [IRNA]

Attacks against Delhi’s authority in northeast India, in and around Assam state, have increased in the past year and even more so since Beijing’s Ambassador to Delhi announced in November northeast India, Arunachal Pradesh province, is Chinese territory, the same area China invaded India in 1962. Last week was the largest attack against Indian police units in Manipur province in five years and now this action in Nagaland, which is also on Myanmar’s (Burma) border. This is right after Beijing sent one of its South-Southeast Asia experts to Myanmar’s new capital Nay Pyi Taw.

The more forces India has to commit along its border with Myanmar the fewer units they will have to face China in Arunachal Pradesh. There are nearly 20 religious-nationalistic separatists groups India’s enemies can support just in this region alone on the Myanmar-Bangladesh border.

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